Yeh hain mohabatien Dil ka rishta epi 21



Aaj ka epi is going to be romantic n fun filled aaj thodsa emotions ko break

epi starts with Raman n Ishita coming to simmi’s room they bring some papers Raman asks her to sign on divorce pprs
simmi is sobbing
Ishita hugs her n explains her ”when something gives pain we cannot bear it life-long
I know its difficult for u but you have tolerated enough dear u r not alone we are with u please be strong n sign”
simmi signs
Toshi looks on emotionally
Mr Bhalla pacifies her he says thanks to Ishita we could save simmi from cruel param n more sorrow n pain
Toshi nods

Ruhi notices all are sad
she observes simmi sitting quietly
she thinks that she needs to cheer up everybody
ruhi goes to toshi n says she is bored its raining outside
Toshi asks her to watch tv
she says she is bored of tv
ruhi says dadi, bhua, dada lets play some game
Toshi says she isn’t in mood
ruhi keeps saying please
mr Bhalla asks her to agree for ruhi
ruhi brings simmi too
Raman tells Ishita that he thinks ruhi is doing this to cheer everybody Ishita smiles
All sit
ruhi explains them that they have to pass pillows
n when music stops n whose hand pillow is there will have to do whatever ruhi demands all agree
game starts
pillow is passed ruhi stops music its mr Bhalla
ruhi says dadu please dance with dadi
Toshi feels shy
simmi n Raman Ishita cheer
mr Bhalla n Toshi dance on
”gulaabii ankein joh dekhi teri sarabi yeh dil ho gaya”
Toshi is blushing all enjoy
simmi happily claps
next is Ishita
ruhi tells her to say something in punjabi to Raman
Ishita says
”Ramanjii tenu bahut cange ho, tenu hamare vaste khup khindaa dhanyavaad”(U r very good u have done lots for us thanks)
Raman laughs loudly he says its mixture of punjabi n hindi
Ishita feels bad
Raman says sorry n tells her that he would teach her
next is simmi
ruhi says bhua will u please make chocolate icecream for me
simmi nods happily
next is Raman
ruhi says papa sing something for mummy
Raman gets thinking
he sings
”joo tu mera humdaard hain suhaana har dard hain”
fb shows Ishita hugging Raman n pacifing him when he is crying
Ishita eyes Raman lovingly

simmi is happily making icecream in kitchen
Toshi says Ishita ruhi is charm of this house
she makes us forget all sorrow

Six months latter
Doc mehra congratulates Raman n Ishita n says Ruhi’s condition is
improved lot so they will reduce her medicines
Ishita n Raman feel happy
doc says but they should still be careful
the disease should not relapse
Raman nods

Ishita n Raman go to gurudwara they thank lord

Ruhi says now that she is fine she wants to go to picnic with everybody
Toshi says its great idea but where to go
Raman says he is occupied ruhi says please papa
please Raman says they can go to alibaug
ruhi thanks him n kisses him

everybody is making preparation for picnic
Amma, appa come to Bhalla house
simmi packs food
excited ruhi is seen looking out for suitable clothes

Raman talks to dr mehra on phone he asks if it is safe to take ruhi out
he asks for precautions n is seen noting something
Ishita looks on

Family is shown singing n enjoying in bus
they reach an island
ruhi finds it beautiful
Raman holds her hand
all click photos
Toshi n simmi enjoy camel ride
ruhi says she wants to do camel ride with mummy papa
Ishita says she is scared Raman n ruhi laugh
Raman says he is there
its enjoyable lets try
ruhi sits in front n Raman Ishita behind her
camel starts Ishita shouts she holds Raman tightly n closes her eyes Raman admires her beauty

family is shown eating n talking
they are shown boating
Ishita goes to fill water
she collides with stone n slips
Raman rushes to her
her feet is bleeding she is unable to move all panic
Ruhi is crying
Raman lifts Ishita in lap she eyes him he takes her to bus he makes her sit
he pulls her leggings up ncleans blood he applies oinment she finds it painful he too feels pain he puts dressing around
Ishita eyes him n smiles

precap-Raman n Ishita walk hand in hand n enter big auditorium

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. Radhikaji

    Oh….so beautiful. ..even ore impatient for the next one…awesome precap

  2. Very cute precap

  3. Soooooo lovely dr…..Loved Ruhi’s part??
    Raman’s care for Ishu is Beautiful??Totally it was awesome??

  4. Very nice

  5. Woww nice dear

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Soooooo lovely♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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