Yeh hain mohabatien Dil ka rishta epi 20


Hii friends
today’s will be a emotionally charged epi I hope u all will like it.

Epi starts with Ishita making simmi sleep
she comes to room n notices ruhi sleeping
she sees Raman working on files
she says she wants to talk to him
Raman closes files n asks her to say
she is shown telling him something
n flashback shows param hitting her

Raman hits his fist on table in anger
he asks Ishita about simmi
she tells him she got her home n made her sleep in her room
Raman says he will see her once

Raman notices simmi sleeping
he looks at her hand there are several marks
he gets tear eyed
he goes to balcony n cries
Ishita comes n places her hand on his back
he wipes his tears
Ishita tells him to be strong
he says
”Ishita jii Iam a big failure what sort of bro am I I kept criticizing simmi for always being here but never bothered to try n find reason my sister was suffering n I kept taunting her I could sense her pain, I have became so emotionless, I couldn’t fulfill any role properly she ties me rakhi every year n I couldn’t do her raksha
she had love marriage with param but that time I was so involved in myself n my life I didn’t bother to ensure that my lil sis married right man
I just gave her away
I just know to give pain to others
I actually have no right to live”
Ishita places her hand over his mouth
she hugs him
he cries
he hugs her back
tere dil ka mere dilse rishta purana hain plays

they realize that they are hugging each other n separate they eye eachother awkwardly

she says he should stop blaming himself
what happened was past he cannot change he should secure simmi’s future
Raman nods

Raman apologizes to simmi
he says”Simmi I have worst brother I have always hurt u never tried to understand u sorry”
simmi hugs him n cries
Ishita looks on
Raman tells her param has crossed all limits n he should get punished he says they will file police complaint against param

Ishita Raman n simmi go to police station
simmi is telling police
she is sobbing
Ishita n Raman keep their hand on her hand

police enters param’s house
he is shown drinking
police arrest him am angry
Raman tries to beat him police stop him

simmi thanks Ishita
Ishita says simmi is her lil sis too

Ruhi is happily getting ready to go to school she says after 4 months she will go to school
Raman makes her wear tie
simmi puts her Tiffin
Ishita is shown packing her bag
Raman asks Ishita if she kept ruhi’s all medicines
Ishita says u r asking me this for fourth time all laugh
Toshi makes her eat dahi sakar
mr Bhalla asks her to be careful n not exert

Raman n Ishita are taking Ruhi
Raman tells ruhi if she has any problem she should tell teacher he asks her to have her tiffin n take medicine on time
he keeps giving instructions
Ruhi n Ishita smile

Raman kisses ruhi n asks her to be careful
he shown explaining teacher something
Ishita looks on

Ishita thanks raman for his concern n care
Raman thanks Ishita for caring so much about simmi n finding out truth

Precap-Raman lifts Ishita in lap they eye each other .

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. Wow wow cute Ishra

  2. Superbbbbb…..waiting for next

  3. Wow…. Very lovely episode dear….
    Care for Ruhi in bhalla house is very emotional… Preacap too superb?… Can’t wait for next one?

  4. Superrrrrrrrr se bhi uparrrrrrrrr

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Its soooooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee……..Loved it…………

  6. Really awesome ishra…eagerly waiting for next epi

  7. Radhikaji

    Wo….waiting for the next one. ..lovely precap. ..

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