Yeh hain mohabatien-Dil ka rishta-epi 19

Hellooooooooooo everybody, lets get started without doing tp

Epi starts with nurses taking selfie with ruhi they say they will miss her n also pray for her speedy recovery
Ishita thanks them

Ruhi gives thank u card to doc mehra
he wishes her good luck n tells her that she would have to visit him for check ups regularly
ruhi nods
Dr mehra explains medicines to Raman he attentively listens dr mehra asks him to give lot of attention to ruhi, give her nutritive food, lots love and consult him in case of any trouble
Raman nods

Ishita, Raman n Ruhi enter Bhalla house
ruhi is excited to see house decorated for her welcome.
Amma, Appa n her friends are waiting for her
Toshi does her arti
simmi hugs her
Ishita n Raman smile
her friends sing song for her
Toshi makes ruhi have juice
Hum saath saath haim song plays simmi n simmi’s husband (param ) are shown dancing, Toshi n mr Bhalla join followed by amma appa
Ruhi happily dances she ask Raman n Ishita to join dance
they eye each other while dancing

Toshi tells everybody that she n mr Bhalla will visit golden temple in Amritsar n do langar service to thank guru for return of ruhi n also pray for her speedy recovery
Ruhi says she will miss them
Toshi says they will come back in two days

Toshi n Mr Bhalla leave.

Its morning simmi is shocked to see idli sambhar in Breakfast
Ishita is shown doing arti she gives Prasad to simmi, Raman n ruhi

Raman makes Ruhi eat
Ishita asks simmi to have break fast
simmi says she Isnt hungry
Ishita asks her if she doesn’t like idly she would make something else for her
simmi says its good to see her typical punjabi family turning south Indian she says Ishita has changed everyone with her magic
Raman gets annoyed
he says”simmi dnt taunt, Ishita jii is ready to make something else for u why are u always taunting? we like idly stop interfering u are full time here dnt u think u should be in ur sasural”
simmi feels humiliated n leaves
Ishita makes face
Raman says he cannot bear such taunts against her

Simmi is In her room she packs her bags she say ” Raman bhai feels burdened because of me am burden on everybody, bhai doesn’t understand me I Amnot staying here by choice who cares but I will have to adjust life long ”

Ishita overhears
she tries to stop simmi
she tells her Raman loves her she asks her to wait back
simmi refuses n asks her to mind her business
Ishita feels something is wrong with simmi n she should find out
she leaves behind simmi

Simmi is shown entering a flat
Ishita goes behind
param is shown drinking he asks simmi y did she come back did she get money simmi says
this is her house too
angry param slaps her
he pushes her
she shouts
Ishita tries to open door
she is shocked to see param beating simmi with belt
param looks at Ishita n leaves
Ishita rushes to simmi n hugs her
simmi is sobbing
Ishita pacifies her

An emotional simmi tells Ishita that param has changed he just wants her to keep getting money orelse he ill treats her so she stays maximum time in bhalla house
but Raman feels burdened
Ishita explains her that Raman loves her alot he doesn’t burdened he doesn’t know to express
she tells simmi to come along with her she assures her that param will get punishment for his doings

precap-Raman is crying he says he could never fulfill any role properly Ishita is shown pacifing him.

Credit to: Rushi


  1. varshini

    hi rushi , ur ff is really wonderful , I don’t comment regularly but I read it everyday . u were the one who posted yeh rishta kya kehlata hain -new plot no . I really liked it . was it just ur thought or u r going to write an ff on it . if it was just a thought pls make it as an ff because the story was really good

    • Rushi

      Hii varshini
      dear thanks alot for ur comment Truely means alot
      yes it was written by me
      it was actually just a thought
      I tried sending the same to makers of yrkkh but email got failed
      actually I like that serial alot but eagerly waiting for Naksh’s love story
      dear I wd love to write a ff on Same but currently am occupied with my studies willnot be able to give time to two ffs will try taking up after this ff gets over
      thanks a lot..:) 🙂

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