Yeh Hain Mohabatien-Dil ka rishta-epi 18


Hii friends
so sorry yesterday’ s episode was 17 n not 16 by mistake I had written episode 17 as 16 sorry
and today’s epi is 18
sorry for yesterday’ s delayed n small episode
will compensate with today’s epi

I wanted to wish our Ishita I mean divyanka and vivek a very happy n blissful married life
many many congratulations to them.may their love increase with every passing day 🙂

so lets get started

epi starts with Raman making ruhi have medicines
Ishita is shown writing something
ruhi says she wants something
Raman tells her tell me princess
ruhi says a family photo with my mummy, papa
Raman n Ishita eye each other
ruhi request nurse to click their family pic on cell
ruhi asks Raman to lift her in lap he happily does
Ishita n Raman stand
nurse ask them to get closer
ruhi puts Raman’s hand on Ishita’ s shoulder they eye each other
photo is clicked
Raman apologizes to Ishita she smiles n says its fine
ruhi thanks Raman n asks him to get photo framed
Raman smiles n agrees

Toshi makes ruhi eats fruits
Amma is shown making ruhi drink milk
Appa tells stories to ruhi
Mr Bhalla is shown playing games with ruhi

Raman comes to Ishita
Ishita tells him it appears he wants to say something
Raman says yes n then says no nothing
Ishita says its ok we are friends right please share
Raman says he is feeling strange but the thing is that medical council every year organizes a felicitation ceremony to give tribute to docs
n this year they want to give to him so they have Ishita also
Ishita congratulates him n says y was he thinking so much before saying
she says she will accompany him
he smiles

ruhi excitedly tells Ishita to enjoy her date with Raman
Ishita asks her to stop watching serials

Ishita n Raman enter together photographers click their photos
Different ppl greet Raman, he introduces Ishita

Host says that it is their privilege to honour a next to god doctor a very expert surgeon Dr Raman Bhalla
An AV is shown
Ishita watches it with interest
it shows how hardworking Raman is
many patients are shown thanking Raman for saving life of their near n dear ones
it shows different charity activities Raman has done
it shows manner in which Raman has decorated the children ward of hospital

Raman is called on stage
they make him wear shawl
they give him trophy

All clap Ishita also claps happily
Raman thanks everyone he says
“i have got everything in life but god has been little unfair to me, thanks for ur love, respect but I need something ur prayers for my little child my daughter Ruhi she is suffering from blood cancer please please pray for her speedy not god, i have saved lives i just hope my child gets all the blessings which ppl have given me”
He gets tear eyed
Ishita cries too
ppl are shown praying

Interviewers ask Ishita about her reaction on Raman’s success he tries to avoid media
but Ishita says she is proud of him, n he deserves it all
Raman eyes her

Raman is driving car Ishita is looking at him she is admiring him Raman asks her what happened she says she never thought somebody could love ruhi more than her

Ruhi hugs n congratulates Raman
Raman kisses her

Raman n Ishita are shown turn by turn sleeping near ruhi they are shown taking care of her
she is given injections
she is shown studying

Ishita and Raman are shown praying in gurudwara
Raman asks Ishita not to worry n assures her that Ruhi’s reports will be good

Dr mehra checks Ruhi
he goes through some files
everybody is looking at him
he says there is significant improvement in Ruhi’s health
her platelet count improved too she can get discharged soon
excited Raman Ishita hug each other
all are happy
ruhi says she will go home after three months
Ishita n Raman hug her

precap-simmi is hugging Ishita n crying Ishita pacifies her

Credit to: Rushi

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