Yeh hain mohabatien-Dil ka rishta-epi 16


Epi starts with Raman taking ruhi to her room
it is a pink painted room with Barbie stickers all around
there are many toys kept
ruhi’s adorable photo is painted on wall
ruhi is extremely happy to see her room
she says thanks papa n hugs Raman
she says but I will have to stay in hospital
RAman says but very soon she will return home completely fit n fine
Ruhi smiles

Raman n Ishita enter their room
Ishita is shocked to see bed decorated with flowers
Raman gets angry
he scolds simmi
he says u have hurt Ishita jii by doing all this u know this marriage is for ruhi
simmi tries to say something
Raman doesn’t let her say
ruhi says papa I did all this I have seen in serial
simmi gets annoyed n leaves
Ishita n Raman eye each other awkwardly
Raman says ruhi then she should come in the room
Ishita smiles

Ishita goes to fresh up
Raman makes ruhi sleep
Ruhi says she isn’t sleepy she is missing nana, nani
Raman calls up appa
he makes ruhi speak to them
he tells ruhi story
Ishita comes n says wow ruhi slept without me good
Raman smiles
he asks Ishita to sleep on bed with ruhi n he will sleep in ruhi’s room

Ishita refuses and says she will sleep in Ruhi’s room
Raman sternly asks her to obey him
he takes away his pillow
n goes Ishita eyes him n caresses Ruhi’s hair

Toshi brings tea for Ishita
she comes to room n sees Ishita doing yoga
Ishita sees Toshi n seeks her blessings
Toshi says Ishita now she knows suspense of her beauty n fitness is yoga
Ishita smiles
she tells Ishita to teach her too
Ishita happily nods
ruhi wakes up n hugs Toshi n says good morning dadi
Toshi says she prepared idly Sambhar for them
Toshi asks ruhi to freshen up fast

At break fast table Raman feeds ruhi idly
ruhi makes him eat
Toshi tells Ishita that Ruhi has done miracle
Raman is eating breakfast like this with family after many years

Raman, Ishita n ruhi leave for hospital
Toshi n mr bhalla hug ruhi n ask her to get well soon n come back home
they hug her

ruhi excitedly tells everybody at hospital about wedding
Raman asks her to rest now

Raman sees Ishita sleeping at night in Ruhi’s room in hospital
he asks her to go home
he says he is now Ruhi’s dad and has right to stay with her
Ishita says he will get tired
Raman says she is tired n needs rest
he asks her to come in morning
Ishita is not ready to go
he says please go take rest
driver will leave u please
Ishita gets up
he asks her to msg on reaching home safely
Ishita looks back Raman says u trust me Right I will take care of my princess please go
Ishita says he is stubborn
Raman says she is stubborn

Toshi asks Ishita to have dinner
she makes her sit
n says”I know u r tensed about ruhi ur heart n mind is with her but putaar u need to take care of urself first to be able to take care of ruhi”
she makes Ishita eat
tears fall from Ishita’ s eyes
she says I must have done some great deeds to get mother in law like u
Toshi says u gave life to lifeless son u gave him purpose to live

Raman is shown kissing sleeping ruhi

precap-Raman helps Ishita to cook roti on big tawa in gurudwara he helps her in serving food.

Credit to: Rushi

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