Yeh hain mohabatien-Dil ka rishta-epi 16


Hii friends sorry for late update

Episode starts with Ishita entering Ruhi’s room in morning
she notices Raman sleeping by keeping his head on Ruhi’s bed n holding her hand by sitting besides her bed
n she notices ruhi sleeping peacefully
Ishita smiles seeing them

Ishita sits on sofa
Raman notices her n wakes up
he smiles at her he looks at watch n says its just 6 am n u r here
did u rest?
Ishita says yes I slept properly
u look so tired
Raman says he is fine he will fresh up

Raman says Ishita he will go on rounds Ishita asks him to first have Breakfast n tea
Raman says he will have latter
Ishita says in order to take care of ruhi he should first take care of himself
Raman says this mummy might have told u
they both look at each other n smile
Raman n Ishita have break fast together
Ruhi wakes up n smiles seeing them together
she prays lord to always keep her mummy, papa happy together

Toshi comes to meet ruhi
she tells Ishita that tommorow is auspicious day for Punjabi’s its guru arjun dev’s bday if Ishita can keep fast for one whole day n then make langar (food)for 100 ppl n severe them her prayers would be answered
Toshi says she would have done for Ruhi’s good health but her health willnot permit
Ishita says she will definitely do

Toshi asks Ishita to wear Punjabi dress
Ishita smiles
Toshi tells Raman about Ishita’ s fast n ask him to help her at gurudwara for ruhi’s sake Raman nods
in mind he says I hope Ishita jii would be able to manage all this

In gurudwara
ishita is preparing roti on big tawas she starts feeling hot
she is shown serving food
Raman notices
Ishita is cooking something she starts feeling giddy
Raman holds her hand
they eye each other
tere dil ka mere dilse rishta plays
he tells Ishita that he is Ruhi’s father n they will do together
Toshi smiles she tells simmi my son is in gurudwara doing langar service after 6 years
they smile
Raman helps Ishita in making rotis
they serve together
a old lady blesses them

Ishita n Raman bow together n pray to guru
Ishita prays for Ruhi n Raman’s good health
Raman prays for Ruhi n Ishita’s good health n happiness

Raman tells Ishita now she should eat
Toshi tells him they should eat
she tells Ishita even Raman was fasting
Ishita smiles n thanks him
Raman says he can fast whole life for Ruhi’s good health
they eat together

precap-Doc says ruhi’s health has improved significant ly soon she will be discharged.

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. Superb episode… I was searching for ur Ff from mrg…At last I got it now???
    Today is very short episode???
    Preacap is Fabulous.., Waiting for 2mrw’s Episode…Plz,post it early….I can’t wait for ur lovely Ff?????

  2. And dear this episode is 17…U have already posted 16☺☺

  3. Kumud

    Really nice love it

  4. Just loved it

  5. Radhikaji

    Was longing for your ff since morning. …finally got it. …and felt happy reading it….

  6. Opppss yes kv right this is episode no 17 sorry
    n sorry dear readers
    for keeping u all waiting
    n thanks for ur support 🙂 n lovely comments thanks

  7. Reshma Pradeep

    Its AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE !!!!!! Loved it sooooo muchhhh ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  8. Wow…. so nice

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