Yeh hain mohabatien-Dil ka rishta-epi 14

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Epi starts with Ishita coming back to room
Appa asks her to be calm n not scold ruhi
ruhi eyes Ishita
Ishita gives ruhi medicines
ruhi asks her for kiss
Ishita says she isn’t in mood
ruhi has tears in eyes
she says sorry mumma
Ishita looks at her
n hugs her
they cry
ruhi says promise I will never say such things
friend has explained me

Its night
Ishita is sleeping
ruhi is looking and mani’s pic
she is thinking something
she remembers how Ishita scolded her
ruhi is sad

Ishita wakes up in morning
she finds ruhi sleeping with mani’s photo
she gets sad
Ishita kisses ruhi’s forehead
she feels its warm
she calls nurse
they try to wake ruhi
ruhi doesn’t respond
Ishita gets tensed
she rushes to Raman’s cabin
Raman is on rounds
she finds him n says ruhi is not waking up
Raman is stunned
he comes in room
he checks ruhi
he says she has high fever
he calls Dr mehra
he tries talking but ruhi doesn’t respond
Ishita is sobbing she says all this happened because of me I scolded ruhi alot yesterday
Raman asks her to have faith he says Ruhi’s medical condition has deteriorated, he says she should not blame herself

Amma, appa, Toshi, mr bhalla all come to hospital
Toshi pacifies Amma
Dr mehra arrives
he request Ishita to wait outside

He checks ruhi
he says her platelet count has decreased rapidly
seems she was stressed about something
we should focus on reducing her fever
n anyhow try to get her in senses
Ishita overhears

Raman nods
He tries talking to ruhi
she doesn’t respond
he tells ruhi that he is going away
ruhi doesn’t react
Toshi says she has got aloo paratha
Amma sings song for ruhi
ruhi doesn’t respond
Amma gets emotional

Dr mehra says that they should keep trying Ruhi isn’t responding since past 24hours if it continues
ruhi will go in coma

All r shocked
Amma is about to faint
toshi holds her
Raman brings laptop near ruhi
her teacher asks her to answer question
10+ 5 is how much ruhi answer quickly answer fast

teacher gets sentimental
Raman panics
he says absolutely nothing is working
he holds ruhi’s hand n says god knows what will make Ruhi fine he says he can do anything to her in senses

Ishita says she knows what to do
what can make Ruhi fine
All look at her
Ishita sits besides her n holds her hand
” Ruhi beta u r missing ur dad alot right u always want him to be with us u want ur papa back
u will get ur papa
ur friend bachaa wake up mumma will marry ur friend”
tears fall from Ishita’ s eyes on ruhi’s hand
all r shocked
ruhi utters papa
Raman smiles he rushes to call Dr

Dr mehra says its miracle
he asks ruhi to open her eyes
ruhi slowly opens
all r relieved

Raman hugs ruhi
ruhi says papa
tere dil ka mere dilse rishta purna hain

Ishita tells Raman she is sorry for what she said to Ruhi without even asking him
raman says he can do anything for ruhi
he doesn’t want to lose her
Ishita eyes raman awkwardly

Toshi makes ruhi drink soup
ruhi happily says dadi u will become my real dadi now
Toshi happily nods
they hug eachother Amma eyes them.

precap-ishita n Raman r shown getting married in temple
ruhi does their gatbandhan

Credit to: Rushi


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    I dint get reply from you…So I thought, u r not reading comments…So only I dint comment?
    Episode was awesome…I really don’t expect that….Lovely friend…From today surely I will comment???

    • Rushi

      heyy please dnt be sorry friend
      I didn’t want u to say sorry
      I read all comments
      am so so sorry cdnt respond sorry .ur comments are always good n give me nice feedback, thanks alot take care n please dnt say sorry

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