Yeh hain mohabatien-Dil ka rishta-epi 13


Hii friends lets enjoy our dear Ruhi’s bday

epi starts with Raman greeting ruhi good morning he tells all the staff that today is Ruhi’s bday so today no medicine, no injection, good food
ruhi says really
she gets extremely happy
Raman says his staff but they should keep check on ruhi n nobody should scold her

Ishita says good good Dr Raman
pamper ruhi
he says yes I will please let me
Ishita smiles

Raman brings pizza
he says he has made it
he makes ruhi eat
ruhi enjoys pizza
Ruhi’s friends come
she gets excited
all are wearing bday cap
toshi, mr Bhalla also come
Toshi brings frock for ruhi
she request Ishita to make her wear
ruhi looks like a barbie in that frock
she enjoys with her friends
they are playing games

Raman brings cake
ruhi cuts it by holding both Raman n Ishita’ s hand
Raman n Ishita awkwardly eye each other
ruhi is shown dancing with her frnds
Raman brings other children patients to room
ruhi happily mixes with everybody
Ishita feels good
she thanks Raman

suddenly lights go off
children panic
a voice is heard
a man is singing hangover ruhi ki baatoon ka hangover ruhi kii mastiyoon ka hangover dilse kabhie na utare hangover
ruhi ka
lights get switched on
ruhi is stunned
it is salman khan
ruhi hugs him
salman wishes her a very happy birthday
all children click photos n happily take salman’s autographs
salman shows them promo of his upcoming movie sultan on laptop
everybody enjoy it
Amma n Toshi quarrel to get pic clicked with salman
he says he will get it clicked with both
Salman gifts ruhi a poster of sultan
Salman says he should leave
Ishita thanks him for coming
Salman says he could not refuse Dr Raman
Raman smiles

Ruhi says she is very tired
Amma asks her to rest
ruhi says”thanks friend u fulfilled my so many wishes
it was my best birthday
u made me meet Salman
can u please fulfill my one more wish”
Raman says Ofcourse
Ruhi says will u please become my papa n stay with mummy n me always
Raman is taken aback
all r stunned
Ishita gets furious
she asks ruhi if she is gone mad
ruhi says I have everything, but not papa, my papa cannot come back u told me, but after I met friend I always felt my papa is back
Ishita gets annoyed
she is about to slap ruhi but controls herself
she asks ruhi to be in her limits she says” u r a child behave like that dnt try to become dadi amma nobody can replace ur papa”Ishita rushes out of room
ruhi is crying Raman hugs her

Amma goes to Ishita
amma says”ishu ruhi is child please dnt take her talks to heart we all will explain her”

Raman tells ruhi she did wrong
Ishita loves her so much Ishita is hurt because of her
he ask her to say sorry to Ishita n never talk such things he says he is always there with her as a friend n god has special role for everybody
ur mumma is having role of mummy n papa both
ruhi hugs him.

precap-Raman is extremely paniced
Dr mehra asks him to calm down
nurse says patient isn’t responding

Credit to: Rushi

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