Yeh hain Mohabatien- Dil ka rishta-epi 12


Toshi is sobbing
Ishita pacifies her
Ishita hugs her
she says”am sorry very sorry because of me u remembered ur painful past
I promise I will with help of ruhi make Dr Raman like before”
Toshi feels good

Ishita sees ruhi sleeping
she kisses her
she thinks how can any mother hate her own child

Ishita calls Raman
he hesitatly picks up
he says yes Ishita jii
ishita says Dr I wanted to say something imp
Raman panics n asks her about ruhi
he asks her if ruhi is fine
is there any prob
Ishita says” everything is fine
she says I called up to apologize for my behavior
I overreacted n said what not am sorry”
Raman says its fine
Ishita says if he has really forgiven her he should return back Raman gets thinking
Ishita again apologizes n says ruhi needs u n misses u alot please come back
Raman doesn’t say anything
Ishita says I hope to see u tom
good night
she disconnects call

she thinks she was really stupid to doubt Raman he genuinely cares for Ruhi n smiles

Ruhi says she willnot eat medicines its bitter
Raman says what if he makes her eat
ruhi gets extremely happy to see Raman
she gets down from bed n rushes to meet him
they hug
tere dil ka mere dilse rishta purna hain plays
Ishita n appa look on

Ruhi says she missed him alot
he says he too missed her

Ishita thanks Raman for coming
she once again apologizes to him
she says I shouldn’t have been so judgemental
but u could have made me quite by telling me about pari
Raman is stunned
Ishita says auntie told me everything
Raman says he didn’t wanted anybody’s sympathy
Ishita says its not about sympathy but fact is by sharing pain reduces though such pains cannot heal
Raman gets thinking
Ishita says please please be with ruhi it will decrease ur pain as well as her sufferings please
Raman happily nods

Ruhi is shown sleeping
Appa tells Ishita they should make ruhi happy tom its her day
Raman comes there n excitedly says its Ruhi’s bday
appa n Ishita ask him to be quiet as they wish to surprise ruhi
Raman says perfect I will plan I mean we will plan tom entire day Ruhi will smile
they shake hands
Raman is shown talking to amma, appa n Ishita they are planning something
ruhi wakes up
she says what is going on
Raman says they were discussing about medicines

ruhi is sleeping
a joker kisses her n says happy bday princess in her ears
she opens her eyes n is happy to see her room decorated with balloons
Ishita Amma appa n Nurses wish her
a small cake is brought
ruhi cuts it
she makes Ishita eat n calls the joker she says I know its my friend
I can recognize his voice
Raman takes off his mask n smiles she makes him eat cake.

Precap-Ruhi says thanks friend for fulfilling my so many wishes but will u fulfill my one more wish please

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. Radhikaji

    What will ruhi ask for? ???

  2. Radhikaji

    Nice one. …what will ruhi ask for? ??

  3. I think she will ask him to become her father. Anyway nice story

  4. Awesome episode.I think ruhi will ask raman to be her father.Nice story don’t end it soon pl continue writing.

  5. Nivika

    think so ruhi will ask him to marry ishu

  6. Ruksy

    very good original story

  7. nice story plz continue.

  8. Reshma Pradeep


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