Yeh hain mohabatien-Dil ka rishta-epi 11


Flashback showing Raman’s past life continues

Baby is crying in midnight
Annoyed shagun wakes up
she asks baby to shut up
Raman is shocked he asks her whats wrong with her how she could scold pari
she says”sorry
but pari is not letting me sleep since so many nights n because of family I need to get up early
I cannot manage all this, am sleep deprived”
Raman asks her to sleep he says I will manage pari
he is shown lifting n walking in balcony
he pats her n sings lullaby
baby sleeps

Baby is crying
Toshi asks shagun to feed her
an annoyed shagun says god knows how many times she needs feeding
Toshi feels strange hearing that

Raman happily tells everybody that he is made assistant surgeon at hospital
all r happy
Raman says pari is his luckycharm
he kisses baby, baby smiles

Shagun is irritated she is tearing some certificates
Raman comes he is shocked
he asks her whats wrong with her she says whats use if studing so hard acquiring degree
all I have got to do is sit at home n take care of baby
am career is destroyed

Raman is upset
Toshi tells him not to worry n give space n time to shagun
these are mood swings n maybe she needs rest
motherhood is new to her n she would take time in adjusting
Raman nods

shagun is excited
she tells Raman that Nidhi (their college friend) is getting married in Kashmir
Raman says woowww
shagun says book tickets it would be fun
Raman says how can we go its cold there n pari is small
shagun gets annoyed n says pari can be at home with dada n dadi n they can go for few days
Raman says pari is small n needs parents
shagun says but
Raman shouts enough its final we are not going anywhere

Annoyed shagun is changing baby diaper n says thanks for making me a maid

shagun request Toshi to take care of pari for sometime as she needs to visit her friend who is in hospital
Toshi asks her to go n not wry about pari

shagun is shown enjoying movie with group of ladies
they are playing cards in club n enjoying drinks
shagun thanks them
she says after many days I felt so good

pari is crying
Toshi says shagun’s phone is switched off
Raman gets a msg on his cell that atm card has been used to make payment at inox multiplex
he gets angry

shagun comes back
Raman takes her to room
he says u lied
ur drank too
how could u be so careless
u have a baby a family
shagun says what family
what happy u all have ruined my life
Raman is abt to slap her but controls himself

Toshi, mr bhalla n simmi feel bad
toshi tells shagun that Raman will not remain angry more time she asks her to make pari sleep

shagun is angry she takes out her duppata puts it around baby’s neck n pulls nsa ys pari I hate u y did u come my career is finished my life is finished all because of u I have no freedom
baby is unable to breathe shagun panics
she writes something
n runs
she is shown jumping from terrace

Raman reads note
it says I killed pari because she killed my dreams but I cannot live now

Raman breaks down

Flashback ends

Toshi says from that day Raman never smiled never slept properly didn’t spk to any one but now ruhi has changed he smiles a lil he cares he speaks

precap-Ishita calls Raman

Credit to: Rushi

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  1. As usual top of the world ????????????

  2. it is very nice. plz continue

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    superbb rushi

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  5. Wow i long lve ur ff im a silent reader and I’ve become addicted to ur ff:D:O

  6. Iam ur silent reader.I hv read all ur episodes. U r a very creative writer. Iam ur craziest fan pl update fast.God bless u.

  7. Sarayumane

    I don’t have any words to describe your story, it is simply SUPERB and wonderful

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