Yeh hain Mohabatien-Dil ka rishta-epi 10


Dear friends
will not make u wait more
today we will see what had happened in Raman’s past

Epi starts with Toshi coming to meet Ruhi
Ruhi gets glad seeing her
she hugs her
ruhi asks her for Raman
Toshi says he has gone to Mumbai as he as some cases to there
ruhi says he should have met me once before going
toshi says it was urgent but Raman has send something for her
she gives her colouring bks n story bks
ruhi gets very happy
appa n Ishita look on
Ishita thanks Toshi for coming
she says after many days ruhi is smiling
Toshi request Ishita to help her in removing her car from parking

Ishita goes with toshi
ruhi says bye dadi please come soon
toshi smiles n gives her flying kiss

Toshi tells Ishita that when Ishita was talking to Raman that day
she had overheard their talks
Ishita feels guilty
Toshi tells her putaar dnt worry i can understand ur situation but Raman will never say anything so I just wanted to answer ur questions

They sit on a bench
Toshi says a incident came as a storm n changed my son



Raman is shown in cool avtaar in denims n t-shirt with top buttons open
his friend tells him today is last day of college n he needs to do it today anyhow orelse he will never be able to meet her again

A young lady dressed in one piece black dress is shown entering a room
the room is decorated with heart shaped balloons there are rose flowers everywhere
somebody sings joo tum mera humdaard ho
she is stunned
Raman comes in front of her singing song
he sits on his knees n says

”shagun will u please grow old with me, n tolerate me for ur whole life
will u marry me”
she blushes n nods
everybody clap

Raman n Shagun hug each other

Shagun is upset
Raman asks her to tell him the matter she says she is scared he has such huge family how will she adjust after marriage she is used to lots of freedom as she is been born n brought in Australia
Raman asks her not to worry as she is his queen n he will pamper her n his family is very cool

Raman shagun get married

shagun tells Toshi she doesn’t know to cook Toshi asks her not to worry n she will teach her
simmi says bhai ne bhi ekdhuum sample wife laaii hain

Raman n Shagun’s honeymoon is shown
Raman gifts her beautiful necklace
they dance romantically
in morning shagun receives a gift with note saying for my dream queen
she is happy to find beautiful dress
they are shown spending time together
they walk hand in hand on beach side
they are having candle light dinner Raman makes her eat n she makes him eat
Raman lifts her in lap
they are shown watching movie together

Raman happily tells everybody that he n shagun will be joining internship at city hospital
family members r happy

shagun is unwell
she vomits Raman gets tensed
doc says she is pregnant
all r happy

Raman thanks shagun for this beautiful gift shagun says but isn’t it soon
she says her career
Raman says but baby will make life beautiful

All are shown taking care of shagun
she isn’t happy

Doc tells shagun that its six months pregnancy n abortion is impossible

Its Diwali
all r brusting crackers shagun is silently watching
she suddenly gets pain
she is rushed to hospital

Doc says worried Raman congratulations
baby girl is born
Raman is too happy
he hugs everybody

he lifts child n looks in her eyes says she is angel

baby is named pari
Raman thanks shagun for giving us pari.

Raaz continues :p
pakka will be revealed in tom epi stay tuned thanks………….

Credit to: Rushi

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