Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- A small promo


After 5 days,
Romi(shouts):Ritika….what the hell do you think?U can betray me…….
Ritika:It was all fate Romi…..
Romi:Fate my foot! U had done a big mistake by doing this drama
Ritika laughs……Romi looks on….
Ishi:Raman!I cant imagine what happened yday….was tht all fate’s game?
Raman:I dont know what made ManiK and Ranveer take tht decision…..
Ishi:I know the reason
Ishi:My father….he is the reason for all this…..
In Manik’s room,
Manik:Ishani!Just stay away alright….
Ishu:Manik we hav to explain them!
Manik:Abt my marriage which took place yday?
Ishu:Yes….we hav to explain our parents.
In RV’s room,
RV:Nandu what do you mean by i hav to explain?
Nandu:This sindoor and Mangalsutra are true……we hav to explain all what happened orelse…….what will the people outside think abt me,u & ishu and Manik!
Rv Nods.
Nandu looks on
I know guys the promo is confusing.But dont worry i wont split the pairs…..And sorry for not being able to update on Sunday and Monday….My sisters marriage destination booking.I also hav to travel to tht place. I am on the way will be back soon…Tuesday i will try to update guys……

Credit to: Divanshi

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  1. Thank u for promo .waiting for ur next update.

  2. Ya a little confusing promo

  3. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Ninte updatinuvendi nannayitund.thanks..

  4. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    ohh sissy wat a confusionis this..i think..the real pair can married only..but they disscuss wid their bff the marrag was finished for ishveer and manan too..i’m really confused..plzz post nxt epi soon

  5. I am excited for this episode!! But I am also super confused.. Did Manan and Ishveer get married??

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