Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui-intro

Hi guyz this is my 1st ff and its the first time i am writting something. Its jst an intro now I will be updating it regularly only in march….sry
The main chars are:


I will give equal importance to everyone dont worry.I will also introduce characters in the middle.

So here are the chars:

Ishita Malhotra- just joined doctor(pediatritian)

Karan Arora(Raman’s real name)- just joined doctor(cardiologist).

Manik malhotra- 11th std. student computer Maths. Bro of Ishita

Nandini Murty-11th std. student computer maths.
Radhika Murty (Ishani’s real name) -Twin of Nandini 11th std. student commerce IP

Ranveer Arora -11th std. student commerce IP

Ishita and Raman are good friends so as Nandini -Ranveer and Radhika-Manik.
But Ranveer and Manik are not in goood terms. Manik and Nandini are neighbours and know each other from childhood.

This is my ff. plzz comment if I have to continue. I will be updating 1st episode on next sunday. Sorry making you wait till march for regular update. These exams just kills me

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  1. Nice.keep my ishveer together happy.

  2. Wowew some what diff yaar

  3. nice but sabko equally importance dena ha…. love ishveer

  4. Keep going….

  5. Nice…new…unique…
    Dats ALL I have to say!!!

  6. Nice but don’t forget about manan ok

  7. Gud introduction

  8. Nice intro… Aww MaNan r neighbours… But twin sisters! :0
    all d best for ur exams dear 🙂

  9. Thnq guys for all your support and sorry that I will not be able to update it regularly till march

  10. Nice divanshi but one req yaar,pps give more scenes of ishveer for ishveerians becoz our show gonna off air soon ,so its my req yr

    1. sure dude. I will not let you down

  11. Awesome. All the best…..

  12. Ishveer together always

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