Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 9

8th update here……..
Thnks once again to all those ppl who comment and encourage me. Love all
The episode starts with Romika, Ishra, Cavya, Ishveer and Manan sitting in RV’s room. Manik thinks:The room looks the same. Rvne kuch nahi badla (Rv didnt change anything)
Ishu:Guyzz so boring lets play something.
Nandu: what yaa? Suggest a game idiot.
Rv and Manik: Crazy dares. (stare)
Rv:Manik you explain.
Manik: ok. The game is very simple. You just have to ask any personal or funny question to any1 sitting here.for eg. R…..Ranveer. Lets do a demo.
RV: Your first crush.
Ishu and Ishi laugh.

Manik: noooo.
Ishi:I loved this game. right Ishu?
Ishu nods
Manik(embarrassed) : Sulekha miss.
Rv, Ritika, Romi, Ishi, Ishu, Nandu laugh. But Raman and Cavya dont understand.
Raman and Cavya:whose that?
Ishi:It was his maths teacher in 7th std.
Rv:Bhai! You should see her. She is a fatty with specks. she looks like a ghost. They way she used to come to class. Oh god! Dnt remind me.
Ishu laugh:Manik always used to get scolding from her.
Nandu: GOD! that fatty??? Manik u hav a baaad taste in choosing a girl. I mean ur 1st crush was that Aunty. GOD! cant believe.
Manik feels embarrassed. Rv taps his shoulder and says:lets continue.
Manik:I will ask to Rv,…hmm……yah…Your love?
Rv:Ish……Ritika and Raman.
Manik winks. Ishu widens her eyes.others laugh.
Cabir sings Gadbad hogayi bhagwaan……..aan…aaan….Ish…..Gadbad hay hay Gadbad (he made that song just to irritate Rv)
Rv looks at him in anger.
Raman and cabir give hifi others laugh.
Ishi:God! I laughed a lot today.

Navya:Ok next.
Romi:me. (everybody nods)Tweetu. Y does everybody call you HOT.
Raman Rv and Cabir laughs and Romi winks.
Ritika:Because I am soo hot.
Romi: I meant other HOT
Ritika:ok fine. I will tell.I was in 6th when my friend Akash(imaginary char) gave this name.I was soo hungry and I ate 3 orange together during class time. I tool 2 periods to finish that. Akash always used to call me ostrich because of my height. Then he got a very WONDERFUL name Hungry Ostrr Tweetu.
Others laugh.Ritika looks at Romi angrily.
Navya:ok next me. (cabir gets tensed)
Cabir: Madhubala I dont want your question
Navya: Bichara darr gaya (poor guy! Got scared)
Cabir: Mein tumse darra nahin hoin (I am not scared of you).
Navya:ok the question is….hmmm….ahh…..whom do you love the most? Except me ur relatives and parents
Cabir:Tumse kaun pyaar kartha hai-neva mind. I love Nandu(who loves you)
Nandu:Jiju sach mat batayiye (dont say the truth)
Navya stares at bath in anger. Others laugh.
Ritika:My chance to ask Romi, not Romi…..Raman bhai, Your recent gf or if you have present one also you can say?
Rv laughs. Ishi tensed

Ishi in mind: God! Ishita y are you getting tensed.What if Raman say my name. Mein toh marjaawa (I will be soo happy)
Raman:I dnt hav any gf.
Ritika:Dont say lie now
Raman:U just want a gf right? ok Ishita.
Ishita:Whaat. my foot. I am not ur gf.
Raman:your my friend and a girl right?
others laugh. and pull their leg.
Ishu:Guyss. Does anybody remember our first prank.
Rv and Manik: Yahh…..With Dia right?
Nandu and Others:Tell na.
Navya:After marriage I will be busy at cabir’s house I will not get time for all these tell abt tht.
Cabir hugs her, she gets teary eyed.
Ishu:Arre oh drama queen.Rula diya na (made me cry right)
After their game,
Manik:Can I talk to you Rv. just 5mins
Rv gets surprised:Ya….yah.
They move to terrace. Ishra and Nanisha follow them.
In terrace,
Manik:I am sorry. I should hav trusted you. But something made me think that U are wrong.I am sorry Rv. My life was so lonely without my bff. (he breaks down)
Rv:I am soo happy today.I have got my bro back.

Manik-Rv hug.Nandu and Ishu run and hug them They share a group hug.
Ishra are puzzled.

Precap:Karthik confession


How did Manik understand that Rv is not the reason? You will get the answer in my next update. till then wait.
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