Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 8

Hi guys……7th update. ..Thnq for all your support and comments.Luv u all.
At Rv’s house,
Karthik enters, Ishi and Raman become happy and hug eachother. Suddenly Ishi moves.Raman feel embarrassed.
Ishi(shyly) : Lets go and….execute our plan?
Raman nods.

Karthik is talking with Rv Manik and all. Romi and Ritika move aside.
In Ritika’s room,
Romi see her childhood photo and says: woah. You look so hot.
Ritika:oh plzz dnt try to flatter me.Btw I know I am beautiful.
Romi: God! I told that you are so HOT . H-hungry, O-ostrich, T-Tweetu(Ritika’s pet name in my ff. Everybody tease her like this ) (winks).
Ritika beats him. Romi holds her hand and comes close. Ritika asks him to leave her. But he doesnt. He comes more closer and says in her ear: Luv you Tweetu. (kiss her on lips)
Ritika is shocked.Romi smiles and leaves.Ishi and Raman come from terrace (gone to terrace for executing). They see Ritika standing in her room like a statue, Raman gets in and waves his hand. She is still in shock.
Raman:Tweetu what happnd??
Ritika:Kiss……..I mean nothing
Ritika leaves. Ishra smile.

Same time in hall,
Cavya are talking with relatives. Rv Manik and all are talking with Karthik. Ishi and Nandu are not intrested. Rv notice this in Ishu’s face he feel something wrong. Manik also feels the same.
Karthik: guys. long time na?
Manik and Rv:haan yaar
Both stare at eachother.
Karthik: Btw where are the others?
Ishi comes:kaun? (who?)
Di: Aapika tho intezaar tha. (I was waiting for you only?)
Ishi:acha. Now I am here.
Ishu :Hi di! Everythng set?
Ranik confused: what set.
Nandu:Guys music.
Nandu takes Maniks hand and dance with him. Rv and Ishu dance. Raman in SRK style ask for Ishi’s hand:Senorita……Bade bade deshon mein aise choti choti dances karna padtha hai. (You will have to do small dance in big big countries like this (I know the conversion is so stupid)
Karthik wait for Ritika. She was on the other side waiting for Romi. Romi comes from behind and turns her and they dance. Karthik turns and see them dancing and gets furious. But he keeps himself cool and bites his teeth. Ishra looks on.
Karthik moves up to terrace.Ishra follow him,
Karthik gets in terrace and see a phone. It is Romi’s (Romika have also joined them). He opens it and find wallpaper of Ritika and him. Romi kissing on her cheek and Ritika pouting. Karthik gets more angry. He throws the phone. (duplicate phone)
Ishra smile and give hi-fi.

In the hall, Ishra reach there and finds that Karthik is nit there. They ask cabir. He say that Karthik left.
Music has stopped but Manan and Ishveer are still dancing.
Raman:Kids! Stop your Romace-showmance (khatam karo apna romance-showmance.
Cavya Ishra and Romika laugh. Ishveer and Manan feel embarrassed. Ishani try to leave but Romi holds her hand and say: Bachi! dont go. He just you bff right??(winks)
Ishu : dont call me bachi. Yah he is my bff.But can I just go to drink some water?? Bhai.!
Manan:Yah…I also want water. *they leave
Rv: I am also coming.
Rv run behind them
Cabir:Kitna paani peena hai peelo bhaiyom . Hum chodne wale nahin. (You can drink how much ever water you want. We are not gonna leave you people.
All laugh
precap: All the couples talk about their funny childhood scenes and all. Rv and Manik get upset (part of their plan)
Hope you guys like this. Tmw no romance and all. Only fun talks abt friendship, caring etc.
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#love you all

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