Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 7

Hi guys so my 6th epi is here……….Enjoy this.
Its morning
In Malhotra house,
Ishi is in Kitchen making bf for Romi and Manik. Both are sleeping. Manik and Rv are taking leave today.
Ishi to herself: I wish I get a husband who knows to make food. Atleast I will not have to cook. Does Raman know to cook? Ishita! what the hell are you thinking. Raman is your best friend nothing else.

She doesn’t see the milk boiling.Suddenly some milk fall on her leg and she says ouch. she turns herself lifting her leg in pain and hits a plate and glasa holder in her kitchen. A vase which was kept on the top falls and hits on her head. Ishi screams.But Romi and Manik doesnt hear. Ishi in her mind: acha hua those ppl didn’t hear. They must have teased me.
She looks her injury in the mirror. She puts a band-aid on her wound.And covers her wound with her hair. she goes to make bf.

In Rv’s house:
Raman , Ritika and Rv went for jogging and came back and sees Cabir sleeping.
Ritika: Dont wake him up guys. he may think think that its Navya Bhabi
Cabir wakes up hearing Ritika:Oh plzz yaar. dont pull my leg now.
1hr back,
Raman woke up and wakes Rv.
Raman: Cabir…arre cabir come for jogging.
Cabir: Navya baby…shaadi ho jaane tho phir hum jogg karthe hai. (lets jogg after marriage)
RV: Cabir bhai….dont kiss. Its not Navya bhabi. Its Raman bhai.
Raman and Rv laugh. Cabir wakes up realising what he said.Cabir wakes up and goes down and sleeps n the sofa.

In Murty house,
Ishu and Nandu are getting ready for school. Nandu doesnt see Manik and calls in his home. Ishi takes the call.
Nandu: Dhi is Manik coming today?
Ishi: No yaar. He is tired.
Nandu (in sad tone): ok. byee
Ishu to nandu: Baby Manik is not coming? ?
Nandu: No. Actually Rv is also not coming. I will get bored.
Ishu(angrily):so u mean I am boring?
Nandu:No baba. I was just kidding.
Ishu smiles. Navya is still sleeping. Ishu and Nandu goes to wake her up.
Together: Navya baby….

Navya: cabir………
Ishu: Arre ohh. Its not jiju. Its me and Nandu.
Navya: God! I thought it was cabir and I was getting excited. Tum logo ne toh mera dream mein pani fekh di na (you people spoiled my dream)
Ishu and Nandu winks.Navya goes to drop them and to meet cabir.On returning she finds Cabir and talk with him about marriage preparations. Cabir sees Karthik there going to his school and he invites him. Karthik smiles

In Malhotra house again,
Manik and Romi get up.Romi goes inside washroom. Manik comes to Ishi and asks for coffee. Ishi hides her wound, Manik feels that Ishi is hiding something. and asks her whether she is hiding something. Ishi nods no without turning to Manik. This makes Manik more doubtful.Manik makes Ishi turn and see the wound in her head. He touches it she scream in pain,
Manik:dhi! Is it so painful?
Ishi nods

Manik again touch there and laughs. Ishi hugs him.
Manik:Plz do take care of yourself okay?
Ishi nods. Romi comes and see them hugging. He also hug them They share a group hug.

Its evening,
Wedding preps are going on in Arora house and Murty house (Navya is Murty cum Arora. Mom-Arora, Dad-Murty)

Ishi Romi and Manik are in Arora house with the Murtys.

Raman and Ishi meet eachother.
Raman:Lets execute our plan.
Ishi: Yah…but did cabir call Karthik?
Raman:yes today morning. he will come for today’s party just to see Ritika. I am damn sure.
Manik, Ishu, Rv , Ritika, Romi and Nandu are talking. Rv and Manik are not talking to eachother
Just then Karthik enters. Nandu and Ishu see him and are puzzled. Rv and Manik wave at him. Raman and Ishi are planning. Cavya are with their relatives.

Precap:Ishra execute their plan. Ishveer , Ishra, Ritomi and Manan dance. Karthik looks on. Cavya are happy

Hope you guys like..I know its really boring but just comment guys plzz…I beg you
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  1. Hiii….im a silent reader and luv to read all ur epis………..waiting for manik nd rv to realise what karthick did……….. nd awesome update…….plzz dont beg yaar ur doing very well….
    Keep it up….
    Lots of love…nd God bless you dear….

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    U write pretty well
    Loving ur ff:*:*

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    #maNan ….awsm!!:*:*

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    It’s really entraining…..
    Keep going….

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    Its amazing yaar but just make some ishveer scenes also pls……and ya I love that you’re uploading daily keep it up….!!!!

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    good going.good going……..

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    i dont know any other char. expect my ishveer but now i am watching tht too very interestly very nice

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  15. hi divanshi… actually i am new hear… i am a big manan fan… actually i read all ur episodes today only… they r really awsm n intresting… plzz continue dear…

    1. Thnq yaar and welcome to TU

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  17. I have updated 7th epi. It may take time

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