Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 6

Hi guys here I am with the 5th epi of yeh hai yaariyan and aashiqui. Introducing Ritika, Romi (1st year CA). Navya and Cabir(going to get married soon)
The episode starts with Raman and Ishi reaching home.
Rv: where were you??
Raman: mein tumhari bhabhi se milne gaya tha. (I went to meet your sister-in-law.)
Rv: oh oh…..bhai romance and all ah ,that too at night. what was the topic?
Raman: Marriage. hamari marriage kaise karu. that was the topic. (how should we do our marriage)
Rv: seriously? Oh bhai your marriage with Ishi dhi. God! me and Manik…. (stops)
Raman smiles

Rv: I mean….ah….nothing bhai.
Raman didn’t respond. After sometime
Raman:Tmw is Valentine’s day. Are you planning something for Ishu
Rv: god! I forgot abt that. I will gift Ishu Nandu and Ishi dhi.
Raman:Ishi dhi?? y??
Rv: you can express your love to anyone not compulsory that only gf’s.
Raman: oh oh! philosophy and all. By the way Ritika is coming tmw.
Rv: God! Ritika di. par kyu?(but y?)
Raman: Cabir bhai’s marriage.
Rv: God! woh bhi bholgaya.(forgot about that also)
Raman: go and sleep now. Valentine’s day spcl plan karna hain na.
Rv: Yahh.

Ishi reach home and find Manik sleeping again. Ishi smiles and goes to make dinner.

In Murty house,
Ishu and Nandu in their room,
Nandu: Tmw is Valentine’s day. I will gve gift to Rv, Ishi di, Manik, Raman.
Ishu: Rv??
Nandu: should I ask you permission from you?
Ishu: No I mean he is your bff and y are you giving to these many people.
Nandu tells the same what RV says.
Nandu: I know I know. Btw lumch break mein canteen mein tum uske haath pakdkar kya kar rahi dhi. (what were you doing by holding his hand)
Ishu: woh… accidently lag gaya
Nandu: oh! accident.

Ishu: Why were you blushing when Manik said that you were looking gorgeous yday.
Nandu: blush? and me? no way
Ishu: oh plzz I know how you blush.
Both argue about this. after so much of argument.
Ishu: I wish Raman bhai and Ishu di unite our bffs.
Nandu: yah.
Suddenly someone knocks on the door.
Ishu and Nandu together:come in
Navya comes in and says: guys!! surprise.
Ishu: oh my dulhan…..
Nandu: Were is your fiance
Navya: guys. stop it. Its my marriage in a week and I hav come here to see Cabir’s family and Ofcourse our marriage is here in Delhi. So…I had to come here and stay with you. My bad luck.

Ishu: dhiii.
Nandu: just leave that baby
Navya: ok guys. so tmw Valentine’s day cabir have kept a party for all of us and some of our friends.
They spent some good time and sleep.

Everybody meet in Murty house.
Navya is in a red crop top and white skirt which is just below knee
Nandu in black jeans and red white t-shirt.
Ishu in deep blue frock
Ishi in Red kurti and black pants.
Manik in Blue shirt and black jeans
Rv in Red shirt and blue jeans

Raman in Black shirt and blue jeans.
Cabir in Red t-shirt and light cream shorts.
PS.Ritika and Romi are on their way. Ritika is Rv’s and Raman’s sis. Navya is Nandu and Ishu cousin sis. Cabir is Rv’s and Raman’s cousin bro. Romi is Ishita and Manik’s closest cousin bro. Manik Ishi and Romi are staying together.

All leave to Cabir’s place for party. Romi calls Manik and says that he has reached Delhi. Manik asks him to come to the party place. Similarly Raman says to Ritika.
Romi and Ritika reach there. Both of them are in casual wear.
Ishi sees Romi and goes to hug him. Raman doesn’t recognize Romi and gets jelous. Manik also comes and hugs Romi. Raman thinks everybody know about her relation with Tht guy. Nandu and Ishu also come and talk with him even Rv does. Raman gets more irritated.

Ishi introduce Raman to Romi.Raman gets relieved. Ritika come there and sees Raman and runs to hug him. Raman and Ritika stand there hugging eachother infront of Ishi. Ishi understand tht its Ritika. Raman introduce Ritika to them, she turns and sees Romi. she hugs Romi
Ritu:Honey yoy here??
Romi: This is my sis.
Ritu: wait…Ishita di right??
Ishita and Raman shocked at their convo.
Ishita holds Romi’s ear and says: Ok so u go to college for flirting and not for studies?
Romi: dhi leave. dont embarrass me infront of my gf plz.
Raman and Ritika laugh. others join them. Before leaving. Cabir and Navya say about their marriage which is on 21st feb. Everybody gets glad.
Nandu,Rv, Ishu,Manik give gifts to everyone. Raman and Ishi forgot about the gift. They move aside
to talk to eachother. Nandu gifts Manik and says: Dont open infront of Ishi di or anyone. open it when u are alone.

Manik gets excited
Ishu gifts Rv and says: I have done something weird in it so plzz do open it only when there is noone with you.
Rv also gets excited.
Rv and Manik move to the garden to open the gift. They sit in two benches which were kept adjacent to eachother.Both open their gifts and finds a box inside it and opens that box and suddenly

a hand comes and kicks their nose.
Both together:ouch.
Rv turns and finds Manik there .Both laugh seeing their nose turned red.
Nandu and Ishu see that and come there. Manik see them and Run behind them.
Manik: bro U get hold of Ishu. I will see Nandu.
Rv: Yah bro.
Both run behind them.

Raman and Ishi who were talking abt Manik and Rv gets an Idea to unite them-Cavya’s marriage.
They see Manik and Rv having fun with Ishu and Nandu. They go there.
Ishi: Guys wow. what are you people playing.
Suddenly Manik and Rv realises what they did and leave from there.Ishra and Nanish looks on.

Precap: Cavya’s marriage preparation. Karthik’s entry.

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  1. Yeah karthik kaun hein yaar

    1. Imaginary character dude.

    2. hayathi dear its just an imaginary character

  2. It’s mind blowing dr……
    Plz continue…..
    It’s really entertaining…..
    Love u

  3. Very nice dr.oh karthik’s entry? Pls make him tell the truth soon.

  4. very nice ff and guys please do comment in ranaji’s ff Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi (IshVeer Forever) Season-2 Epi-34 he is thinking of ending his ff due to less comments

  5. nice episode yar.. punching manik with that gift is funny…….. and why this cabir and navya are getting married now itself… it will be nice if there are manik’s or nandu’s classmates or friends….if cabir is older than these nok jok will be missing…. whos this karthik…… raman ,ishita part is nice and rv and ishaani its good. I generally hate rithika…but romi and rithika pair its ok… it is nice…… good going…….. sorry I wrote what I felt… if I hurt ur feelings am sorry……..keep updating

  6. nice divanshi ishveer ,my sweat heart manan and raman ishita I don’t watch the show of Raman and ishi but heard lot about it ya going good cavya too r just fab going good ………… keep writing

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