Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 5

Hi guyss my 4th epi is here. Thnq plumpyy hayathi sana (sorry I remember only these many names).Enjoy this.
Morning 6am
Ishi calling Raman,
Ishi: Meet me n Shell park (near her house) today evening.
Raman: ok. I also wanted to meet u
Ishi: Manik?
Raman: yah both.
Ishi: ok then will see at 6
Raman in mind: I wish Ishi came to know something about them.

Manik left to school with Nandu and Ishu. Nandu and Ishu were chatting chatting and chatting but Manik was silent. Nandu noticed this.
Nandu : Manik how was yesterday’s party?? Did you like it??
Manik: Ofcourse both of you looked gorgeous.
Ishu: seriously??
Manik: yah. sachi yaar you ppl were too good
Ishu: Who was the most bful?
Manik:Ofcourse my dhi(winks)
Ishu: no among us
Nandu blushed.
Ishu: oh oh mere behnaaa dnt blush.(my sis)
Nandu:I am not blushing.
Manik: oh plzz girls. shut up.
Ishu: oh god! Manik in angry mode
Nandu in Ishu’s ears: lagta hai Manik gusse mein hai ( I think he is angry)
Ishu nods
All of them walk silently.

Ishi and Raman in office. They are soo busy in their work. Ishi and Raman see each other. They sign eachother about meeting at 6.
Raman shows thumbs. Ishi smiles.

Manik and Rv meet in canteen. Both of them doesn’t mind eachother. Manik in mind: Kya isse sorry kehthu kal ki incident keliye?? kyun Manik? He didn’t accept his mistake right??(should u say sorry to him?? why?)

Rv to Ishu and Nandu: Party was tooo good. I really enjoyed it.

Ishu keeps her left hand on Rv’s hand. Rv stares at her. Ishu talk about her funny class moments still keeping her hand on his……tum hi ho (kismat konnection) plays.
Manik: Ranveer.
Ranveer shocked to hear from Manik his name: yes
Manik: I am….ah….ahh.
.actually sorry for whatever I said yday.
Girls and Rv shocked
Rv: that was all right.
Ishu and Nandu: woahhhhh. awesome. friends???
Manik gets up and leave
RV: Mein bhi chaltha hoon (I am also going). I hav some work in economics. Byee
Rv leaves. Ishu and Nandu happy that Manik and Rv talked to eachother politely.
Rv comes out of canteen and sees Manik standing outside.
Rv: Hi.
Manik: yah.. hi (angrily)
Rv: I am also sorry for whatever I said last day
Manik: jiske liye sorry bolna tha uskeliye nahin kaha abb kya?? (For what you had to tell sorry you didn’t tell. thn now?)
Rv: Manik. you dont trust me now also.

Manik: trust? Do you even know the meaning??
Rv: Manik dont do this. plzz
Manik: I am also not interested in this drama but you have made me do this. I am sorry.
Rv and stare at eachother thinking about their good times with Nandu and Ishu. Both leave in opposite direction and are sad.
Its evening, Raman and Ishi finally meet in the parking Ishi and Raman’s car are near. Nobody was there in the parking.

Raman: Babes so shaam 6pm naa?
Ishu: yah. Btw whats this babes and all??
Raman: kyun? Tumhe babes nahin bhula sakta? (why? I cant call you babes?)
And pulles her closer. Ishi shocked. Raman winks.

He pulls her more closer, Ishi closes her eyes. Raman moves his head closer to her cheeks and says in her ear: Chal ready hokar aaja. Maazak kar raha tha ( Go and get ready
I was just playing with you) Raman laughs. Ishi stares being irritated and is about to leave in her car. Just then Raman holds her hand and says sorry.Ishi smiles. They leave.
Ishi reach home and find Manik sleeping.
Ishi calls Manik and wakes him up.
Manik: dhi! Ithni jaldi aa gayi. (You came early today)
Ishi: Kisi aur ka intezaar tha (were you waiting for somebody else)
Manik: kaun? (who)
Ishi sings Nanare Nanare (guru){she meant Nandu}
Manik: Oh dhi! Nothing like that.
Ishi: teek hai beta.

Manik lays down again. Ishi throws pillow.Manik wakes up and starts fighting with Ishi. They both fight with pillows. Both get tired and laughs at eachother seeing their hair.
Ishi: That was too much fun.
Ishi look at the time it was 5:50pm.
Ishi: Mata rani. Its 5:50pm. Manik I have to meet a friend in shell park. I am goin byee.
Manik: Byee.
Manik again lay down to sleep.

Its 6:00pm
Ishi reach the park and find Raman waiting for her.
Ishi: sorry Raman. I didnt know the time
Raman: Its all right babes.
Ishi stared.
Raman: Baby. Why dont we go to some cafe? Yaha toh sab bache and budde hai. (here there are only children and grandparents. )
Ishi: kabhi kabhi zindagi ka pal aise bhi bitao BABY ( sometimes u have to live your life like this also)
Raman: Whaaat?? Baby??I was just irritating you.
Ishi: I was also just irritating you. And dont freak out.
Raman: ok whatever. Y did you wanna meet me
Ishi explains the whole story and says: I know Rv will never do this. May be Ishu and Nandu know about this.
Ishu hear their talk and confronts them. she was sitting on the other side of the bench but they didn’t notice.
Ishu: Ishita di I will tell the true story (ishu explains the whole true story). that scoundrel karthik was the problem maker.

Raman:are you sure?
Ishu:yes. but I didnt have proof to all these. Me and Nandu even confronted him. He said the truth. But we couldn’t prove that to Manik. Both Rv and Manik blindly believed him.
Ishi: where is this Karthik now??
Raman: why did he do this?
Ishu :he is now in Prathap International school. Bhai. He did all these because he liked ur sister Ritika (entry).Karthik, RV, Manik, me and Nandu in Rv’s house . Raman bhai was out for studies. Ritika was studying in 12th std. . Manik was close to Ritika as she was his bffs sis. Karthik was jelous of their relation he thought that there is something between Ritika dhi and Manik. He had only one way to be close to Ritika that was splitting Rv and Manik. It hurts me inside that I know all the truth but cant say to them Karthik got best chance to split them on that performance night. I always had a doubt on him and didn’t like his behavior also.
Nandu comes there Ishu tells her everything. Raman and Ishi are thinking. Both get an Idea.
Ishi: are u thinking the same Raman?

Raman: yah. We will have to call Ritika.
4 of them join hands. They discuss about their plan.
Guysssss plzz do comment. silent readers plzz atleast say that wether its good or bad. Tomorrow I will update the next one. which will be Valentine’s update. Tmrws update you can see Ritika Romi and cabir and Navya’s entry

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