Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 4

Hi guys!! Here I am with the 3rd episode of yeh hai yaariyan and aashiqui. Hope you guys love this.
Ishita, Manik, Raman, RV are on the way to their homes. Ishi and Manik are walking Rv and Raman in car.
Rv to Raman who s driving: Party was too good. Aap aur bhabhi ek saat bohat cute lagthe ho. (u and ishi look cute together as a couple)
Raman: I know. Tum Ishani ke saath kya dance kar rahe the. Romance nd all beta!! Nw you are only n 11th dont forget tht. ( the way you danced with Ishu was soo romantic)
Rv: Bhai, she s just my bestfriend now. so much to go for being her bf
Raman: Acha!
Rv: waise bhi, pehle uski behen se patana hoga naa ( anyways, I will have to tell her sister first know)
Raman: By the way, Manik was also dancing well……I mean it was just mind blowing. He is a nice guy.
Rv: You dont know him bhai. He was my bestfriend till 10.
Raman stopped his car and asked: whaaaaaaaat????
Rv: yah. Dont freak out. gaadi chalao (drive the car)
Raman in mind: Ishita dear! abhi toh in logon ko milvana bohat easy hai. bagwan
At the same time Ishita and Manik who were walking,
Manik: Dhi, it was too much fun right. Was the best bday party.
Ishi who was looking for the keys n her purse: yah! It was too much fun.
They reached their house. Ishi got qn idea for asking Manik abt him and RV,
Ishi: Tumhe toh bohat maza aaya hoga right? After all you were with Nandu (in teasing manner) (you had lot of fun right?)
Manik: DHI!! She is my bestfriend. Aur aap toh Raman bhai ke saath romance kar rahe the. uska kya??? (you were romancing with Raman right? what about that?
Ishita: arre beta this is not the first time we are dancing like this. college dance mania ka 3times champions the hum. And starting mein everyone says that we are good friends thats it and all. ( we were 3 times champions for dance mania in my college)
Manik: acha! you know jiju from college????
Ishi: whaaat?? jiju??
Manik: yah .dhi’s to be husband is my jiju right??
Ishi: I dont mind. you just wanted a reason to tease me right. Raman ki naam hi sahi. And Raman’s bro dance was really good.
Manik: hmmm. I know him he just pretends to be like tht.
Ishi: how do you know that??
Manik: he was my bff till 10th
Ishi: whaat?? aur tum log aise kyun lad rahe the?? kya hua?? ( y were you people behaving like that?? what hapnd?)
Manik: Looooong story
Ishi: Bolna(tell know)
Manik: ok fine
flashback starts,
Class 10-B
year :2014-15

Manik and Rv were sitting together behind Ishu and dia (imaginary char- no importance). Nandu was in another class (10-C). Rv, Manik, Ishu and karthik (imaginary char) were very good friends, karthik was just a friend nothing much. Karthik was sitting behind Rv and Manik. Nandu is also a member but unfortunately in other class.
Manik: its so boring will do some prank
Dia: guys plzz stop talking. cant you see sir is taking class.
Rv shows Manik Ishu who was sleeping. They decide to wake her up. Rv shouts in Ishu’s ear. She got scared and says: sir. maine kuch nahin kiya. I am sorry for sleeping during class hours ( I didnot do anuthing)
Sir: Ishani, what nonsense is this and Rv and Manik what were you people doing there.
Ishani realises what happ and stares at both of them.
Sir: three of you get out
Three of them go out and finds Nandu standing there with a girl. Four of them come closer and say abt that funny incident which happend in class.
Nandu: I was asking that girl for my pen and books, actually I changed my place. It was the 15th time I am changing my place so miss made me out. such an outstanding student right??
All of them laughed silently.
That day afternoon Manik was called out by some teachers after 5 mins Manik came back to Rv and Ishani excited.
Manik: I am selected for State Music fest for solo performance. I am so much excited.
Ishani: congrats Manik. all the best give it your best.
Rv: Thts a good news broo. all the best. Nandu se batana hain na? (we hav to tell this to nandu right)
Manik: yah. first u people thn dhi. she will be soo happy.
Ishu: yah…..we need treat.
RV: yah
Days passed. Ishi, Nandu, Ishu, Rv all where encouraging Manik for his performance.
on the day of the performance Manik was practising in school in the music room, suddenly he heard a sound in the corridor nearby and goes to check it . While going he notices somebody in RV’s jacket (Karthik) going inside the music room. Manik thinks of calling him but decides to check for the sound. It was Ishu dancing the sound of music was high.

Manik switched off the player and stared at her.
Ishu: Why did you stop it??
Manik: my practice is getting disturbed.
Ishu: ok sorry. I just felt like dancing. sorry I didnt know that you were practising.
Manik: its all right. Btw dance was too good asusual
Rv comes there
Ishu and Manik: Hi Rv. Tum yaha.(Rv you here?)
Rv: mein aur karthik Manik ki practice dhekne aaye the.( me and karthik came to see Manik’s practice)
Ishu: Acha. Then where is Karthik
Rv: Dont know. He went searching for Manik. I heard sound from here so came to check it.
Ishu: We all will go to see Manik’s practice then. okay?
Manik: fine. lets go.
At that time karthil comes and says:Rv your jacket was fallen infront of the music room.
Ishani doubts on Karthik
Rv: Thanks buddy
All the 4 reach music room and finds that Manik’s guitar and vocals were destroyed. Manik gets furious on RV as he saw him getting inside.
Manik: Y the hell did you do this Rv?? why (louder) ??
Rv: I didnt do anything bro. mujhe sach mein pata yaar (I dont know anything)
Manik: I saw you getting inside the music room dnt lie nw. you didnt want me to perform and get good future right?? I will not leave you.
Ishani who was watching Karthik understands that it was all done by him. But she need proof. Manik leave from there and meets the teachers in charge and they give him another guitar. Manik was so angry and didn’t except RV will do like this. He lost all his confidence. It was time for his performance. Manik was completely shattered as his fav guitar was destroyed by his bestfriend. Manik climbed the stage and sang MANCHALA…..(Hasee toh phasee). Ishu and Rv were sad and Rv had tears in his eyes. Ishu noticed all these. She said Nandu all these, both tried their best but couldn’t succeed.
Flashback ends.
PS. The real story is this but Manik says to Ishita as if Rv did this.

Precap: Ishra discuss this issue. Nandini-Ishani to help them solve it.

Hope you guys liked this long update. Will update only on next Tuesday. sorry. till then
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  1. SuperbDivanshi.l like it. So manik is in misunderstanding.poor rv.that funny moment in class was nice.why next epsd is only on tuesday.waiting…

  2. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Ya Divanshi I love thing long update…….and for the first time I loved other characters also as I love my ishveer……..but then also update it daily….. and today episode was too good yaar but when will all couples would be together I’m eagerly waiting for that……..!!!!!!

  3. Ohhh so this is the rivalry part betwwn boys

  4. What did the guy karthik want?? Did he wish to break manik n RV’s friendship or he wished manik fail in the fest?
    The flashback was awesome… So RV is not at fault!! Ab aaye humare manik baba.. Yeh ladka sunta kahan hai?? He doesn’t let the other speak then khudko hurt karo n hum becharon ko bhi hurt karo..huh!! Monster!! But srsly.. D manchala n manik went well 2gthr.. RV ws in tears.. Arghh karthik!! I feel lyk killin him!!
    RV- Raman n manik-ishi part ws nice.. Teasing.. Hehe..
    10th B.. Lol im in 10th B too! N der r enemies like manik n rv!
    Want a MaNan talk.. They shud b alone as most of d times they’re surrounded by their frnz…
    Good going dear.. N pta nai kyu evry1 likes to destroy manik’s instruments on d compo day.. N on d show aur yahan pe bhi.. He’s shattered while singing..! Wah! Nicely incorporated dear 🙂
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    Waiting for the cooldude and madhubala’s entryyy!!!! Arre CaVya!! Haha these get me crazy each tym!!
    Ur doin awesome divanshi!!

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    so nice i love this story . my ranvi will not do any wrong at anytime for any cost . love ishveer and others too nice. waiting for next epi . fast pls .

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