Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 34


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Marriage day,
Ishita was getting ready for marriage.Raman hugs her from behind and kiss on her cheeks,
Ishita: Raman! Leave now I have to go.
Raman:Itni jaldi kya hai? (Whats the hurry?) baby….
Ishita:Raman….I hate it when u call me baby.
Raman:I was just irritating you.
Ishita:Ok now leave me I have to go.
Raman leaves her.Ishita gives a peck on his cheeks and runs.Raman looks on smilingly.

Manveer are ready and go inside Nandish’s room.Nandini and Ishani were not ready. They had just worn their lehenga. Red-white-golden lehenga. When Manveer entered The girls were searching something inside the room.Manveer smiles at this sight.
Manik:Girls what hav u ppl lost?
Nandu:My necklace.
Ishu:My bracelet.
Rv notice a box and opens it.
Rv:Girls is the box this (shows the box)
Ishu (relief ):Oh….Thank u love
Ishveer blush.
Rv:Ok.For a change Me and Manik will make u ppl wear jewelry.
Nandu:Not here.
Ishu:Yah…..We will wear it ourselves. Rv gve the box
Rv:No I will make u wear it
Manik:Me too
Manik takes necklace frm the box and Rv takes the bracelet.
Manik moves closer to Nandu…moving closer…..closer…..and pins her to the wall.
Nandu:Manik I will do it.
Manik:Not easily
Nandu:Whatever u are not gonna change.
Manik:So Ms.Nandini.Murty. Please turn…..(Nandu turns)……Ur hair (She put her hair aside.Manik slowly makes her wear necklace. For tightening the necklace Manik bites on the hook of the necklace. Nandu feels ticklish. She blush.Manik moves.Nandu turns and says thank you)
Rv moves closer to Ishu and pins her to the wall.
Ishu:Rv its just my bracelet. I will wear it.
Rv:My love…..I will make u wear it….dont say a word.
Rv holds Ishu facing her back to him.He then takes her hand and rests his head on her shoulder. Ishu blush.Rv slowly opens the Bracelet and makes her wear it.He give a soft peck on her cheeks. She leaves him and goes to Nandu who was with Manik.
Ishu coughs.
Manan move away
Nandu:Ishu lets do make up.
Ishu:Manik. leave from here take Rv with u too.
Manik:Come on lets go then
Rv:Ok bro lets leave.
Manveer leave.

Marriage hall,
Romi comes and sits in mandap followed by Ritika. Ritika was brought by Ishu, Nandu and Ishita.She looked gorgeous in the red-golden lehenga. She sits near Romi.The Pandit recites Mantras. Just then a voice interrupt them”Stop it!”.All get shocked to see the person.
Romika stand up.Ritika’s face turn pale.She gets angry.

Precap:Ishveer and Manan get married


Sorry for late update and short update.

Credit to: Divanshi

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  1. Marvelous sis… r u????

  2. Kaha rokh di tumne fool.It was short.But cute.Ishveer were nice.Manan the best.I liked ur explanation.All the best tashu.Eager to know abt the girl

  3. Ayre yaar ! Who is the guy to interrupt marriage.. So curious..
    Manan ishveer superb…
    Keep smiling..

  4. Amazing episode Varsha dear!! ISHVEER AND MANAN WEDDING!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!! I CANT WAIT!!! PLS UPDATE SOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! Anyway, you are a SUPERB writer!! And how are you?

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Adipoli!!! Adutha episode update cheyyu dear.

  6. nestle joseph

    dude maranamaaas atto than.sooooooorryyyy kurekkalamayi commend cheyyan pattiyilla.kshamikku priya koottukari…pinne precap polichu.manannte wedding ho feelings paranjariyikkan pattoolla..

  7. ohh my dear…wlcm back..hw r u sweetty…any wayzz precap..really want it now…ishveer manan marrag??? wow

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