Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 33


Sorry guys I was busy last few days.And I am back.Here u go with the update,

Its Mehndi,
All are ready and are happy too.
Nandu:Uffo! Ruhi beta y are u behind me now.I told u na I have some work.
Ruhi:Mami please.A selfie. I want to take a selfie with u.
Ishani:Come Ruhi lets take.Let Nandu go
Nandu:Nahin…Ruhi we will take.
Ishani:No me.
Ruhi:Ok 3 of us will take.I just want to show my Mehndi thts it.
Ishu:I dont want to take with her…..
Ruhi:Have u people fought again?
Ishu:Oh plzz Ruhi….dont interfere in this.I dont want to solve this.
Nandu:Me too.It was ur fault.
Manik-Rv come there,
Manik:Oh my drama queens what happened?
Ruhi:I dont know.Anyways mamu and chachu I need a selfie with u both.
They take a selfie. Ruhi leaves
Manik:Come on guys tell know whats the matter.
Ishu:Manik u better stay away from all these.I am losing my control.
Rv:Nandu say na….guys dont behave like kids.
Nandu:Ok…..I will say.Yday night when I was talking to Ishita di about arrangements Ishu was asking me something I didn’t mind. She got angry. Like guys can somebody talk to 2 ppl at a time.She yelled at me for not listening. I got angry and threw an apple on her.Thts it.
Manveer control their laughter.
Manik:See guys….its a silly thing.Dont make it big.Ok?
Rv:Nandu-Ishu……….solve ur problem. We hav to dance na….Sangeet! .
Ishu-Nandu (excited):Yup….
Nandish looks at eachother.
Ishu:U idiot Nandu. I need a hug for solving
Manveer laugh
Nandu:I am sorry for throwing apple.I hate u idiot
Ishu:I hate u too (both hug eachother)
Phoolon ka thaaron ka sabka kehna hai ek hazaron mein meri behna hai plays……
Rv:So now guys lets go for The Mehndi……..
Manik:I dont understand y u girls are like this.
Nandu:Girls are hard to understand. So u better watch out.
Ishveer laugh.
They reach the venue and see Ritika and Romi seated opposite. Ritika putting Mehndi. Romi staring at her.The Mehndi wali writes Romi’s name.Ritika blush.Ishu and Nandu sit beside Ritika. RV nd Manik sit beside Romi.
Mehndi is put in everybody’s hands.Ishu and Nandu take pics with Ritika with their Mehndi’s Suddenly a song plays……Saree ke fall sa……Raman enter. He drags Ishita. Raman-Ishita dance for the song.

Next Dilliwali girlfriend plays….Manan and Ishveer shake legs…….Ishraru and Romika join them….All hav a quality family time.

Next was the competition between the dulha-dulhan.
Ritika and Romi shake legs for punjabi wedding song.All clap for their spectacular performance.
Rv to Ishu:Ishani.Actually ur mom called u.She is waiting near the parking…I mean the garden
Ishu:Ok…Rv I dont know this place well can u accompany me.?
Rv nods and smiles naughtily.
Manik also takes Nandu aside for something.
Ishveer reach the garden,
Rv sits in a chair and asks Ishu to sit.Ishu’s eyes search for her mom.
RV:Ur mom is not here.Its me here for u.
Ishu fake anger. :Rv what the hell….I thought it was my mom….I am leaving.
Ishu turns to leave. Rv holds her hand and make her sit on his lap.
Rv:Dont be angry.I hate it when u dont talk with me.I hate it when u dont give attention to me.I hate it when u talk with other boys. (Ishu smiles)….But I love it when u come near me and stand near me for no reason at all.
Ishu blush.
Rv takes Ishu’s hands in his keeping his chin on her shoulder. He looks at her Mehndi.
Rv:Its bful. Just like u
Ishu:How flirtish.
Rv:I know yaar.
Ishu:Ok tell me y did u call me here?
Rv:Just for cuddling
Ishu:Ok…so can I leave now.
Rv again looks at the Mehndi and writes something. Ishu couldn’t see.Then after finishing. Ishu saw it and she was blushing. Rv wrote his name.
Ishu:Ranveer I am going.
She push him and goes.Rv looks on.

Manik takes Nandu aside saying something like Rv said.She also search for the person and sit on the chair.
Manik:Nobody will come.I just wanted to spent time with u
Nandu:I knew it.
Manik-Nandu sit in the chair opposite to eachother. Manik takes her hands in his and looks at her Mehndi.He gets surprised ta find an M in her Mehndi.
Manik :Nandini….can I know what is the M for?
Nandu: Manik!
Manik lifts his left eyebrows.
Nandu:Woh….I mean…Manik! its M of Mehndi.
Manik:Ok.But Y Mehndi?
Nandu:Cause I love Mehndi (looking at Manik)
Manik:Y are u looking at me?
Nandu:Y cant I?
Manik:Y do u want to?
Nandu:Agg …I am leaving
Manik holds Nandu’s hand.He stands up and pulls her.She hits a stone and falls in Manik’sarm……Nazar laye na plays…..
The epi ends with Manan and Ishveer staring at eachother.

Precap:A big drama on marriage.

Thnk u sooo much Guys.I am really happy after reading ur comments.
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Credit to: Divanshi

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  1. Awesome episode! I loved all of it.. The Ishveer romance and the manan cuteness and then writing their names in mehendi.. You are an amazing writer!!!!

    1. Tnk u sooo much Reena.Sana.Rookey rookers. Manu.Bindu.DhruvaShalini. Vrutika…..thnk u soo much guys.I will try to update soon

      1. Thank you dhi!!

  2. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode dear.eagerly waiting for next.vegam update cheyyan shramikku..

  3. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    super dear . no words to xpress

  4. Wow nice update everything is good…


    Hii dear…..sorry for not commenting in earlier episodes….. actually I was not well but I read it all…..they are just superb and this one is mind blowing yaar…..just loved the silly fight between nandish…..and how always manveer tries to romance with their ladylove……but their bad luck…..!!!! You’re ff is just perfect yaar…..cause you give importance to all pairs equally which I liked the most !!!!

  6. Very nice epi. Eagerly waiting for next

  7. Awesome episode.. Loved it..
    Keep smiling..

  8. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    yaar..speech less..try to post next epi..soon..can’t wait here..ur spoiler..make me confused…but today part luv it ..ishveer scene(no one beat their cutt romanc..)

  9. Awesome tashu.U are really just awesome.I am amazed by ur writing talent. I never knew my tashu write so well

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