Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 30


29th update. Thnq all for ur support…..I cant stop thanking all of u for ur support……
The next day morning, Manan and Ishveer are getting ready to leave.
Ishani:I had very good time….Now back to work.
Manik:Yah….I hate it….
RV:I can go on holidays whenever I want….
Nandu:Me too…..But my NGO children are imp for me….
Manik:I dnt know what I am going to suffer after marriage.
Ishveer laugh. Nandu make pout face.She leaves from there to the parking……Manik follows her…….
Manik:Nandini it was a joke….y are u making a big fuss out of this?
Nandu:Ok now you mean I am a problem maker………
Manik:Ofcourse no..I meant tht u should not fight for silly things…
Nandu:Ok now I get it (Manik smiles)……u think I am a fighting box….ah? (Manik’s smile disappear)
Manik:No….I didn’t mean tht u are a fighter box nor a problem maker……what I exactly meant is u dont think wisely….dont behave like a kid….
Nandu:Wow… u think I am a kid and cant live wisely.Go and marry someone else Manik…….
Manik:Meri ma! I am gng……
Manik goes to take car Nandu goes to sit on opposite side….Manik hear truck horn and turns bck and see it nearing Nandu. He runs to her and pulls her close to him.Nandu is in shock and is dumbstruck.Manik hugs Nandu and kiss her forehead 3-4 times.Ishveer comes there and see Manan hugging.Rv understand something wrng happened by seeing Manik’s face same as with Ishu.
Rv:Kya hua bhai ? (wht happened bro?)
Manik explains whatever happened. Ishu hugs Nandu and thanks god and Manik. Nandu hugs Ishu.They settle themselves in car.Ishveer are n the front seat.Manan on the back seat.Rv is driving half-distance. Nandu is still in shock.Rv shakes her by shoulder. Nandu regains her senses. She hugs Manik and cries. Manik console her.Nandu kiss on his cheeks.
Nandu:Manik I cant imagine what just happened few minutes before……God! Thnq for gving me Manik.
Ishveer:Kitna Drama yaar(Too much drama yaar.)
Nandu smiles.Manik looks outside feeling relieved as Nandu is alright now……
They are abt to reach their house in an hour.
Ishu:I wanna stretch lets hav a coffee?
They get down and drink coffee.Ishu and Nandu insists on eating samosa and pani puri.They hav tht.Ishu goes to wash her hands.Rv follow her.While she was washing her hands.RV comes behind her hugging her from back….He washes his hand.Ishu blush. She turns to his side.He holds her by waist.He slowly takes his jacket and make her wear it.
Ishu (confused):What?
Rv touch her belly….Ishu widens her eyes…..
Ishu hugs Rv and says:I love you.
Rv:I love you too…..
Ishu comes outside wearing Rv’s jacket.
Rv:what happened?
Manik:Ur jacket her jacket…..
Nandu:What was happening inside the washroom. Ah?Which left my sissy blushing
Ishu(blushing):I am not blushing.
Manik:Jhooti (liar).
Rv: I just made her wear my Jacket thts it.Whats the big deal.?
Rv:Lets go then…come.Manik :I will drive..
Rv nods.They reach home after sometime.Ishita welcomes them.She makes them have her made kheer….
Ishu:Wow di…..its tasty
Nandu:Hmm…soo tasty
Manik:I dont think so.I make it better than her.
Rv:What u make Kheer? Nandu think once more u wanna live ur life in a bathroom?
All laugh
Ishi:Thnq all….but to be frank Manik makes Kheer better than me.. .
Manik; Dekha….suna (Saw…heard)
Ishu:Di is right Manik’s kheer is too delicious. I hav had tht once.
Nandu:U didn’t gve me know?
Manik:Next time whn I make I will gve u first. Ok?
Nandu smiles.
Rv:Whatever. Make for me also…
Manik:Think once more u wanna spend rest of ur life in toilet?
Others Laugh.
Manik smirks.
Ruhi comes running to Manik
Ruhi:boy friend….hw was ur trip I missed u both..
Manik (placing her in lap):It was awesome girlfriend. We all will go one day ok?
Ruhi nods.
Ishita:Ruhi…go do ur homework……
Manik:Di…what yaar…never let her sit idle.She was playing till now.just now only I bathed her and made her sit for studies….
Ruhi:Ishima plzz
Ishita:Ok but u will not get icecream at night.
Ruhi:I want ice cream.Byee I hav to study boyfriends.Bye Ishu chachi and Nandu mami
Ishi:After marriage. It will be like tht.Ok?
Manveer and Ishita laugh.Ishu and Nandu go back home.Manveer goes to drop them.
At home,
Ishi is wrking in kitchen.Raman comes there from hospital.He hugs her from behind. He touches her soft bellyIshita blush.She turns to his side.Kiss on his cheeks.He kiss on her both cheeks and forehead slowly.She hugs him shyly. Raman pulls Ishi closer.
Ishi (shyly):Raman! someone will come now…….
Raman:Nobody will come…..
Raman:Sh….nobody will come….
Ishi:What if someone calls on ur phone?
Raman:Its on silent mode….
Ishra are engrossed in their hug.He kiss her neck she get moved.They share some romantic time in kitchen. Their cute romance was intruppted by Manik’s voice. Who was asking for a chai…..

Precap:Romika marriage preparation.Ishveer-Manan dance practice fun fight….

Thnk u all for ur support.
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Credit to: Divanshi

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      chachu and mamu like this……u know na how my mamu is………

      1. hi vero di………………..ha ha i know how your mamu is a typical army maan…………but your chachu is really sweet atleast to me.And thnk you sooo much for reading. Ur comment means a loooooooooooooot

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  6. Yo m back ! Hey lovelies ! Any1 remembers me ??? Hi newbies

  7. Yo m back ! Hey lovelies ! Any1 remembers me ??? Hi newbies by the way nice epi yaar … 🙂

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  8. Superb episode dhi! I loved it!

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    really luvabl part varshuu.. in cafe ishveer’s romanc was too cute..i lyk ur way of writing

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