Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 3

Hello guys here i am with a new episode of yeh hai yaarian and aashiqui. So to clear all your confusions i am using ishu for ishani and ishi for ishita. I think there will be no confusions hereafter.

The episode starts with ishu and nandu getting ready, Ishu is in a blue frock with black net design over it, Nandu in a black frock with blue stripes.(my own imagination-design). The theme of the party was blue and black. Manik got ready in a black half-sleeve shirt and denim blue jeans. Ranveer in a blue shirt and black jeans. Everybody were ready except Ishita and Raman , both of them were late from hospital. Manik didn’t wanna go without his sister and Ranveer didn’t wanna go without his bro. Ishita came home by 5.45pm and Raman by 5.30pm.

Ishita: sorry Manik. I had an important work. So so sorry.
Manik: thats all right dhi. Now go and get ready fast. Chalo chalo(go go)

In Raman’s hse,
RV: Bhai! Where were you i have been waiting for a long time. Nandu is gonna kill me if i not reach there by 6 sharp.
Raman: sorry yaar. Btw what’s the theme. Blue-white?
RV: Blue-black. Now go get ready fast.
Raman: ok ok. I am going.
Rv pushes Raman inside his room. Ishi gets ready in a Blue salwar with black leggings. Raman was wearing Black shirt and blue jeans. Ishita and Manik reached Nandu’s house by 6:15. They saw Ishu and Nandu in anger mode.

Ishita to Manik: manik beta. Gift laya hein na. Abhi hum in dono ke mood gift ke saath hi teek kar sakte hai.(you have bought the gifts right? We can only make them happy through gifts)
Manik was mesmerised by seeing Nandu. He didn’t hear what Ishi said
Manik: yes dhi. I hav brought the gifts.

Ishita: Happy bday beauties…… how was your day.
Ishu: tum log waha darwaaze ke paas kya phus-phus kar rahe the?(what were you people murmuring near the door)
Ishita: wooh….woh.. kuch nahin bas aise hi…….bytheway mere bhai hai me kuch bhi pooch sakti hoon.(thats nothing. And btw he is my bro i can ask him anything)
Nandu: meine kya time bola tha aap logon se. Abhi yeh Ranveer bhi nahin aaya.(what was the time i told you? Now this Rv also didn’t come)

Manik gets irritated hearing Ranveer’s name. Manik in mind: oho. So usse bhi bhulaya hai. GOD! Ab usko jelna padega. Manik beta thayyar raho ek fight keliye(smiles mishchiveously){so he is also invited. God now i will have to baer him also. Manic beta be ready for a fight)

Manik ,Nandini, Ishani and Ishita talk about their childhood days and gets sad. Thinking about all their b’ful moments. Ishita gets a phone call (its her mom). Manik and Ishita excuse themselves from there and moves to the garden to talk.
At that time Ranveer and Raman come.
Raman and Ranveer wish both of them and give gifts. Nandu is angry on Ranveer. Rv doesnot notice this because he was so lost in Ishani who was waiting for Ishi and Manik.
Nandu(in anger): Tum kaha dekh rahe ho. Mein tumse naaraz hoon dikhayi nahin detha kya?( where the hell are you looking. I am angry at you cant you see that?)
Raman was laughing but his eyes were looking for Ishita.
RV: sorry meri maa. Plzz forgive. Raman bhai was late thats why.
Raman hearing this: Nahin yaar Nandu. Yeh saab ne der kardi(i wasn’t the reason for being late it was Ranveer who became late)
Nandu: tum mujhse choot bholne bhi lage? Poor Raman bhai unke upar ilzaam laga diya. So Cheap RV. ( now you are lying to me?poor raman you are blaming him now)
Raman laughs uncontrollably

Suddenly, Manik says: Cheap toh woh hai he(.of course he is cheap)
RV:Tum usme tang math laga. Its between me and my best friend.(don’t put your leg into this.)
Manik; woh meri bhi best friend hai jaise ki ISHANI hai.(she is my bestfriend too just like ishani)
RV: Par abhi yeh bhaat hum logon ke beech mein hai(but noe the issue is between us)
Manik: issues banana tho tumhara aadat haina?(making issues is your habit right?)
Raman: guys stop it!
RV and Manik together: bhayya plzz.
Rv to Raman: yeh hum dono ke beech rahane de.(let it be between us )
RV: tum abhi yahan issue create kar rahe ho. Okay? Hum yah enjoy karne aaye hai toh bus enjoy karna.(you are creating issue here. We have come here to enjoy, so just enjoy)
Manik; ok yaha toh issue meine banaya hai par school mein kisne banaya tha?(i have made issue here. But who made issue in school?)

RV: school ki baton ko bahar mat lekar aa.(don’t bring school fights here)
Manik: okay fine. Just for Nandu and Ishu i am leaving .
Ishita: Manik! Kya kar rahe ho?bus enjoy kar. Issue mat create karna.(wat are you doing. Just enjoy bro. Don’t make any issue here plzz)
Nandu: Thank god Ishi dhi aap aa gayi nahin toh mujhe nahin pata mein kya karti. Ishu upar chali gayi sab kuch set karne keliye. Mein akele un logon ko kaise samhalti.(thank god Ishi dhi that you came,i didn’t know what to do. Ishu went upstairs to set everything. I didn’t know how to handle these peple)
Ishi: now i am here don’t worry.
Manik went upstairs to help Ishu.

Nandu: Manik must have felt bad right? By the way this is Ranveer my bestie and this is Ranveer’s bro Raman, he is also a doctor.(Ishu surprised to see Raman). And guys this is
Manik’s sister Dr.Ishita.Arora.
Ranveer in mind : Manik’s sis?oh GOD! Bhai I cant let you marry her. Damn! Manik will become my bhabhi’s bro.
Nandu: kya hua???(wat hap0
RV: kuch nahin(nothing)
Ishita:Raman. Tum yaha aane wale the. Bataya kyun nahin(y didn’t you tell that you were coming here?)
Raman: Ishi. Yaar i didn’t know thay your house was here.
Nandu: you know eachother?
Raman and Ishita looked eachother and said together: Bestfriends
Nandu: goooooooood news.

Ishu came and called everyone for the party.Ishu and Nandu cut cakes. Ishveer dance,Mana dance,Ishra dance in the song khuda jaane …..(bachna ae haseena). All enjoyed thoroughly. Raman and Ishi came to a side and were talking to eachother.

Raman: Ishi. Did you notice something?
Ishi: what?
Raman: our bro’s are not friends. I think we should try to solve it.
Ishi; yes Raman you are right.
Raman: I think first we should know the reason for their enemity. Then only we can do something.
Ishi and Raman stare at eachother.

Precap:Ishi ask Manik whats the problem between him and RV. Similarly Raman ask RV whats the problem between him and Manik.Flashback

Sorry guys i didnt give Ishani importance in this episode because in the next update Nandini has less importance, so so so so sorry#Ishveer fans.Next update will be on next week (maybe). There will be no negative roles no separation but some funny misunderstandings in my story. I will be introducing Romi(yhm), Ritika(MATSH), Navya and Kabir(KYY) IN 4-5 EPISODES TILL THEN

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  2. What????? Next week???? Pls make it everyday

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    so nice . but its k . i enjoyed it because here my love ranvi’s part is much . no need r sry . thax r the eng. update so that i can understand . so nice waiting 4 next epi . soon pls yaar. ishveer the best in the world . and ineed matsh2 if it happens i will be in cloud 9

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  5. Awwiieeee…… RV n manik fight… Monster… Soooo cuteee he is!!!!!!! IshRa were awesome as usual… Manik lost in nandu.. Hehe majnu banja tu manik lol.. RV lost in ishu n nandu angry on him.. Hahaahahhhaha… Im lovin RV n nandu’s bond…
    Excited to kno manik n RV’s past!
    The thing i loved d most ws d precap!!! Cabiraaaa aur uski black n white madhubalaa!!!!! Yayyy CaVya!!!!!!! Thnx fr adding them dear!
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