Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 28


Sorry my friends for not updating the last month…..I was out of station…..bglre….goa…..pune…..munnar……off I was so busy.My father had meeting’s in all these places.So a busy month.I know sorry is tooo small…..Plz do forgive me friends.I am Varsha….hope u remember my ff on Ishveer, Manan and Ishra….So my 27th update. I will gve u a small recap :
Manik-Ishita are siblings. Ishani-Nandini are twins.RV-Raman-Ritika are also siblings.Raman marries Ishita.They hav a daughter Ruhi.Romi is Ishi’s czin bro.Ritika and Romi are dating eachother just like Ishveer and Manan.Romika’s marriage is fixed.Manan and Ishveer are on a weekend trip…..
Story continues.Hope u all remember me…..:-P 🙂
Manik:All set girls?
Ishu:Nandu! I forgot my cherry red lipstick on our table.Lemme get tht.
Nandu:Thn take my blue wedges please.
RV:Its the 4th time…….I cant believe…..impossible task….
Nandu (shouts):Ishu take my I-Pod charger please. And U took phone charger.Take 3-pin also.
Manik:I hav charger and 3-pin and all….
Nandu:So what? I want one more…..
RV:Kyu panga leh rahe ho bhai(y are u fighting bro?)….just chill
Manik:Shut up idiot.
Manik lifts Nandu and puts her inside. Nandu opens her mouth and widens her eye.Manik winks.Nandu blush.
Rv:Dont do the same with Ishu…she is ur babi ok?
Manik laugh and say:Yes mera bhai!
Ishu comes with all the things and keep it in Car.
Ishu:God! I think I forgot to take my brush…..
Rv:Use mine….brand new one……Pepsodent’s.U want?
Ishu:Chi! What yaar Rv…..
Manik:We will buy it on the way….I also hav to buy.
Ishu:So nw.Mr.Manik.Malhotra u were teasing us right….
Manik:I hav a brush…..But what if Rv use it….I dont wanna die of fungus in mouth
Rv:Will I ever think of spoiling my mouth and die by using your brush….?
Rv-Ishu give hifi.Manik make pout face.
Nandu:Dont tease my bf.U know na he is very bad in cracking joke.
Manik nods making pout face.
Ishu:way to go brother…..
Rv:I will take joke class for u ok?
Ishu:Shut up Rv…come on guys lets leave.
They reach their destination in 1 hr.They enter the hotel.
Rv:I am Ranveer.Arora.I had a booking for 2 rooms.tmw afternoon checkout.
Lady:Sir…sorry we only hav one room left…we have NRI Seminar here.So sir….we hav only one room for you.The manager had sent a message into ur phone regarding this
Rv:Miss Neena(looking at her ID)…..cant u do anything for us…..or me…..afterall from ur face I understand tht u are a problem solver…..u hav a beautiful heart……So I hope u can help
Lady (blush); So sweet! but sorry sir I cant do anything.
Ishu was boiling in anger by now.
Manik:Rv beta come this side.U handle urs now….we will get tht room.
Nandu:I am also coming
Manik:Ok my gal.
Nandu:Can we get tht room please?
Lady:Sure maam
Abt to Hand over the keys to Manik but Nandu grabs it from her hand nd says thanks.The lady smiles.
Manan enter the room.The room was quite big.A family roomNandu:Nice….
Manik:I know right….Where is Rv?
Nandu:Gone behind my sissy…
Manik close the door.Hugs Nandu from behind.
Nandu:What yaar?
Manik:Nothing just felt like hugging.
Nandu turns to his side.Puts her hands on his shoulder.
Nandu:Manik beta…..what do u want….
Manik:I wanna marry you
Nandu:Oh great….but after a year…..
Manik:I can wait for u my whole life Nandini.Murty.
Nandu:Mr.Manik.Malhotra for ur satisfaction I can gve u a hug and a kiss on cheek.
Before Nandu kiss his cheek.Manik kiss her cheek and hug.
Nazar laye na plays……

Rv go behind Ishu saying sorry.
Ishu:How dare u flirt with a girl infront of me….I mean how can u Ranveer.
Rv:Plz my darling….plz plz…..forgive me know.
Ishu:No…u hav insulted my love…..u dont love me na…..u are time passing I know.
These lines hurt RV.As Rv cant withstand anybody hurting his feeling towards Ishu.Rv slaps Ishu hard.He takes a safety pin from Ishu’s bag and hurts himself by injecting it into his thumb.He push the blood and is abt to fill it in Ishani’s forehead but Ishu stops him.She hugs him and cries saying:Sorry Rv I said all tht in anger…I am really sorry for hurting u tht much….forgive me my dear…
Rv:Its ok….(cups her face)… onwards dont dare say anything like this…I will die Ishu….
Ishveer hug
Hamari adhuri kahani plays…. (slomo)..

Precap:Ishveer and Manan on a date…Romika marriage gets fixed
Any Ishra and Arshi fans here? Then go read Veronica’s Hatred to love a Bful journey. She has reached 25th update. Its really good.All of u will surely like it.And again sorry friends for not posting.Today’s epi is quite boring I know.But tmw u will get a wonderful treat……

Veronica is my neighbour and bffs sis….So a friend like family. Those who love Ishra and Arshi do read the ff…

Credit to: Divanshi

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  1. Hey Divanshi Dhi! I am so happy you are back!! I missed ur ff! I liked today’s episode! It was cute with ishu getting jealous.. I am not trying to make you feel bad but did Ranveer really hit Ishani!? I am just wondering.. I liked the episode and missed you! Eagerly waiting for the next episode!!

    1. No no dear Rv cant hit Ishu its just tht he got angry by her wrds….Thnq Reena

      1. No problem sissy!

  2. Hai Divashini, i am waited for ur ff long time. Today epi very nice, loved ishveer & manan scenes.plz update regularly

    1. tysm shalini…..will update regularly shalini

  3. Nice update Tashu. ……Happy tht u are back. ….Love u sissy

    1. Tnq Vero di… u too…
      ..I am waiting for ur 25th update… excited. I know u wont disappoint me or Ishra and Arshi fans

  4. Rewa (Ishra ♡ Arshi)

    I hav just started reading ur ff and to be frank its really good.Today’s epi was awesome

    1. Tnq Rewa. Is ur real name Rewa??

      1. Rewa (Ishra ♡ Arshi)

        My name is Harshita.My friends call me Arshi….u can call me Arshi

  5. Marvelous update….. How r u sis?? I missed u soooo much

    1. Tnq Prince dea.I am fine.How are you? I missed u all a loot

  6. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    now adayzz..i didn’t read anyone of ‘s ff..but..i read ur’ bfor dayzz..i can’t come to this site…so i don’t know abt therie stry line..but u started today i started to read ur blog…really luv ishveer’s part…and manan too..

    1. Tnq Arham I am happy tht u still remember me nd my ff

  7. Its really good yaar….

    1. Tnx Manu

  8. Hai Divanshi. I’m a silent reader. ur story is very nice… luv manan & ishveer parts..speacially last parts.. i’m a very big fan of manan & ishveer.. BTW njanum malayaliyaa..

    1. Nanni und friend.My name is Varsha.Divanshi is a name which I found by connecting frnds name

  9. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    hi divanshi di , i can remember ur ff by seeing the cover pic itself di , i hope u had a gud journey . ishveer part , no words to xpress and u said , its boring , it is not at all boring especially brush scene and last part super …..

    1. thnk you rookey rookers i am happy tht u remember my ff.i had a very good time in all these places.Especially in pune and munnar…………goa was fun for my brothers and sistrs.NOT Meeeeee .Thn bglre is a place where i go often.So it was also fun……but i missed u all

  10. after a long time nice episode. thank you for updating
    waiting for next update.

    1. thnk you bindu dea

  11. Rocking comeback divyanshi.. Welcome back..
    Keep smiling..

    1. thnk you sooo much vrutika

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