Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 27

26th update……..
Its morning,
Ritika’s hse,
Prakash (Ritika’s dad):I think its time to get Tweetu married
Ahana(mother):Yes ji.What about…..
Prakash:Ahu… what abt.We will ask her whom she wants to marry?
Ahana:She will tell tht idiot Romi’s name.He dont even hav his own hse.
Prakash:He has a job.A very good family. What else do u want?
Ritika:I will not marry anyone other than Romi. And mom he has all the ability to look after me and he loves me a lot.

Prakash:I just want u to be happy nothing else.And who cares abt properties.
Ahana:I care.I want my daughter to live a luxurious life.
Ritika:Maa……y dont u understand I am happy with him
Prakash (angrily):I am gng to fix my daughter’s marriage with Romi.Let me tlk to Ishita.
Ritika hugs her dad.Ahana smirks.
Prakash with Ritika reach Ishi’s hse.
Prakash:Bahu… son doesn’t care abt me.But atleast u should have tld him(audible to Raman)
Raman:Ishi but others could also come and meet us.Daily they walk through this road.Meet kar sakte de.
Ishi:Jaisa baap waise beta…..Raman come this side.
Raman comes and sit near Ishi turning his face.
Ruhi:Offo….papa dont do drama like Nandish.
Prakash:Hi ruhi beta (takes her make her sit on his lap and feed her juice).
Ishi:Ruhi…….u hav no stomach ache nw?
Ruhi:Woh….actually Ishima school bell has rung.So my stomach ache is also gone.
Ritika laughs.Raman:Thts like my girl.School nahin jaana…..
Prakash(laughs):U are like ur father. He was also like this…..papa headache….papa stomach ache.After 9:00 He will be watching tv.Bcoz school starts @ 8:30.
Ruhi:Aakhir beti kiski hai
All laugh.Romi comes.
Ritika:No office?

Romi:Yah just leaving
Prakash:Dont be too formal beta.Actually I hav come here to tell tht Ritika’s marriage is gng to get fixed .
Romi shocked. Ishi looks at Romi. Raman is also shocked
Raman:But papa…
Prakash; But….Romi Will ur parents allow?
Romi gets relieved and hugs Ishita
Romi to Ishi:Thnk god di.I was literally broken
Ishi:I know
Ritika blush seeing Romi.Romi winks
Raman:We will talk to his parents.
Prakash:Next week we all will go
Ishi:Manveer will not come
Romika (sad face):Why?

Raman:Ishveer and Manan are gng for a weekend trip to the hill side.Friday afternoon to Sunday evening
Ruhi:Woow Ishima we r gng to chennai?
Ishi:No beta Calcutta his parents are staying there.
Raman:Calcutta?But tht day they were in Chennai
Romi:My parents are staying in Calcutta looking after business.
Raman:Ishi will ur father come for marriage?
Ishi (sadly):He didn’t attend his daughter’s marriage thn will he come for Romi’s marriage?
Ishi:Its alright.
Prakash and Ritika were in Raman’s hse the whole day.Evening,
Manik came saw all of thm sitting and discussing
Manik:Whats happening here? Wht are u discussing without me?
Ishi:Ur marriage

Manik:What? Whose the bride?
Ishi:Acha u wanna know the bride’s name.U dont hav any problem in leaving Nandu
Manik:Di I knew u were making fun of me.I know topic is Romika’s mrg right?Romi bhai already tld me.
Ishani reach there with a letter and says something to Manik in ears.Manik:Whhaaaat?
Manik:She has got promoted. Manager…….
All ccongratulate her.Her eyes search for RV
Manik:He hasn’t arrived yet.
Ishu smiles. Nandu comes there with sweet and gve to all.Rv comes and hugs Ishu and congratulate her.She is happy now.Rv give her gift
Ishu:But I didn’t tell u abt it thn how come u know?
Rv:Open the gift

Ishu opens the gift and see a necklace.She liked it so much.Rv asks her to wear it.Rv takes her to his room and makes her stand infront of his mirror. He ties her hair and makes her wear the necklace and then loosen her hair.Rests his head on her shoulder and says:u look gorgeous
Ishu:I am always……
Rv:But I wasnt complimenting u
Rv:The lady in the mirror
Ishu blush
Ishu:Ranveer…..tum bi na…
Rv:What? I love the grl in the mirror. Wish I got a chance to kiss her.
She turns to him
Ishu:U hav already kiss her once.
Rv sings Zara sa jhoom loon.Ishu push him and moves but he holds her hand and kiss on her cheeks.She runs from there.Rv rubs his head with his hands
Aada hai ishq plays……..

Manik holds Nandu’s hand and take her to the pool side.
Nandu:Are u planning to put me inside pool again?
Manik:No….I wanted to gve u something
Manik:A dress.Wear it whn we go to for the trip.
Nandu blush and nods.Manik ask her to open it.She opens it and finds a swimming suit.She widens her eyes. Manik see this and thinks she didn’t like tht.Nandu close tht quickly and says to Manik:Are u sure I should wear this on the trip?
Manik:U didn’t like it.I will get u another colour.
Just then Manik’s phn ring
Person:Sir…actually we had done a mistake. The box which u took was somebody else’s.
Person:Tht is a swimming suit and tht too bikni.Sorry sir
Manik:ok.Take it back.
He hangs up the call and strts laughing Nandu looks at him irritated

Nandu:Y are u laughing?
Manik:Woh….bikni inside the box.U must hav tld me know fool.Haa…Will I ever ask u to wear tht,? Pagal ho kya?
Nandu (feeling relieved):uff…..Manik I thought…..kair chod do
Manik moves closer to her and holds her by waist and asks:What did u think?
Manik:Something was there
Nandu:I thought u were making fun of me.
Manik cups her face and says:How can u evn think tht I will make fun of u.
SHe kiss on his cheeks and says:I know u wont do anything like tht (hugs him)

Precap:Fun with Manan and Ishveer

Thnq all for ur suggestion.#Romika mrg #Weekend trip
Thnq Prince, priya, Arham, Sana, Reena(sry if I hav forgot anybody’s name)

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  1. Amazing episode!! I cant wait for the next one! Superb job!!!

    1. Tnq soo much Reena

  2. Nice yar loved it ??

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  5. dhivuu sissy…y u didn’t upload it in matsh page..i got it in recent comment page only..plzz post it in matsh page it self….yaar thnx for accepting romika’s marrag….onr doubt…raman rv and rhithuu is not a own bro sis haa…y rhithuu in with her parents…thnx for adding ruhi charecter…really luv idhveer’s nevlsc portion….luv u dr

    1. Raman and Ishita ‘s mrg gift was tht hse….Ishita’s parents had already decided abt tht.Ritika is not yet married so staying with her parents. Rv wants to be with his friends and bro so he is staying with them but 5days in a month with his parents. I dont know why they didn’t upload it in Matsh page.These TU ppl…aggg….

  6. Nice yar…waiting for manan scenes in next episode…am also shocked initially like how come manik gift nandu a swimsuit…its so funny to imagine nandus expression…. Ruhi soo cute yar…when I was kid I did the same like bunking school with head ache or stomach upset reason ….till my school van had gone……

    1. We all did tht in school times.Tnx deae for ur encouragement

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