Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 26


25U.So sorry for the late update.I had some personal works. Maaf kardo sisters…Mannichidunga thozhikale(I know koncham tamil)………Kshamiku kootukare…..!
The 1st time I am typing in mal, Hindi and tamil……Thnq all for ur support and encourage me through comments

After 5 days,
Manan, Ishveer meet.Ishra wr on the way.
Manik:Guys hw was ur trip?
Rv:Good.Ishu u dont say awesome after a meeting. U say its good.
Nandu:Dont be too formal(imitating Rv)-Dont say awesome.
Manik laugh.Rv stare at him.
Ishu:Bada aaya

Rv holds Ishu’s hand and says:What bada aaya? I was making u a business girl. (winks)
Ishu:Leave my hand.I dnt want to be a business girl.I am happy with my job
Manik:Btw guys.I….I mean we saw Ritika talking to Karthik.Any problem?
Rv:Tht idiot Karthik. He has not got over with it or what? Idiot, Fool.
Ishu:U call Ritika dhi here we will tlk to her.
Nandu:Yah…jiju will also come by tht time.
Raman:I think somebody is missing me.
Nandu turns and see Raman,
Nandu:Hi jiju.
Rv:Devil ka naam liya devil aa gaya.
Raman:But none of us took ur name.

All laugh
Ishi comes:Tell me the joke I also want to laugh.
Raman:Nandu was asking abt devil
Nandu:Not me Rv
Manik:Yah di Rv said tht u are devil
Ishi (angry):Ranveer.Do I look like devil to u?
Rv:No babi I was calling bhai devil.Manik is simply makin stories
Ishi stares at Raman:I know its Raavan’s plan
Raman:Madrassan dont create scene here.

Ishi finds a stick and runs behind Raman.
She runs saying:U think i look like devil.My day was so bad….I thought u will make me happy but u are a stupid idiot donkey.U are a cheater.
Raman:Yaar y are u beating me if ur day was bad.
Raman runs fast and hides somewhere. Ishi comes and stands there cleaning sweat with her pallu.Raman moves close to her.She was standing with her back to him.Raman holds her from behind and throws the stick away. She turns her towards him.He kiss on her cheeks and says sorry.
Ishi:I am also sorry for beating u.I was so pissed of the whole day.And….the way u called me devil I became more frustrated.
Raman:And my touch made u…….
Ishi:¡Shut up Raman.
Raman:Madrassan tell no.
Ishi moving Raman following her asking to tell.Ishi asks him to shut up but he is not listening to her.

In park,
Ritika comes.
Rv:Di what were u doing with Karthik last day? .
Ritika:Oh…he was saying sorry for his deeds.
Ishu:Dont believe him
Ritika:Dont worry he is married.
Manan-Ishveer; Whaat? So quick.
Ritika:5 months before. He was ashamed of himself thts y he didn’t call anybody
Manik:Uff…I thought….he was back with some othr plans.
Rv:now its alright. What happened Nandu?
Nandu:I dont believe in him completely
Ishu:Mee to
Manveer:Take a chill mill gal.
Rv:Lets look at him afterwards now lets play cricket.
Ritika:I will call Romi.
Ishu:Whn did Romi come?
Nandu:2 days before.
They play cricket and after 1.5hrs get back home.

Next day morning,
Nandu and Ishani didnt have office they decided to gofor shopping. Nandu was in a white crop top with red jacket and blue jeans.Ishani was in a black jacket and blue top with black jeans.Ishani had her glasses on.Ishu drove the car to veromoda.They enter there and saw Ritika. 3 of them together went for lunch.
Parallel scene,
Rv was in office. He didn’t hav much wrk so he decided to call Manik.,
Manik:Hi bro.Hws life?
Rv:Boring.Lets meet up in mall for lunch what say?
Manik:Ok after 1pm I am free.My boss is gng out.
Rv:The grls?
Manik:They are out shopping.No work dear.
Rv (laughs):Yahh.Bichare hum (poor us).
Manik :Ok thn will meet in mall.

@1:30 ,
Manveer enter the mall and goes towards foodcourt direction.Ishandika were in lift.The lift opens. Ishu hits man and was abt to fall.The man holds her.The man was Rv.Ishveer are lost in eachother.
Sanam re plays……….
Rv makes Ishani stand.
Ritika:Wht are u ppl doing here?
Manik:Di….just on a date (winks)
Nandu:What date?
Manik shows some random girl hi.Surprisingly she also waves back at him.
Manik to Nandu:She is my date
Ishu:Wow.Manik she looks better than Nandu.
Ritika:Thts Romi right?
Rv:God jiju is cheating on u di
Said Rv looking into the direction wer Ritika told.Ritika beat on his shoulder. They move close and find Karthik there.While moving Nandu was shouting at Manik saying:How dare u……how dare u cheat.I will make u in jail for rape case.
Manik:Sorry meri ma I was just kidding
Nandu:Kidding? U find this funny ah?.U wer playing with Nandini. Murty’s life.Understand?
Manik:I will not repeat it Nandini. Murty(winks).
Nandu in mind:God! I was doing too much drama infront of everybody
Manik:Yah it was high drama
Nandu in mind:How can he read my mind?
Manik:Dont waste ur time thinking bakwaas
Nandu widens her eye.Manik asks her to close her eyes.All of them spy on Romi-Karthik.

All confront Romarthik.
Karthik:U guys.
Ishu:Ah………hum wht happened?
Rv:Ishu dont overact.
Ishu:ok….we wanna know y are u behind us.1st u wer talking to Ritika. Now Romi?
Karthik:Is there any problem if ppl talk?
Manveer laugh silently.
Ishu:Ah….there is no problem if ppl talk….but there is problem if u talk.
Nandu:Yah….whats ur nxt plan? U wanna break Romika? Aha?
Karthik:Guys I hav moved on and I feel bad for seperating Manveer
Manveer:Its o…
Nandu:Its not ok.U seperated our bffs
Manik:But Nandu now everything is set.
Karthik:I hav a family now.I am happy.And I am really sorry for my stupidity in school. Plz forgive me
All meet Karthik’s family they hav lunch together.

In parking,
Nandu:Now stop this relation here.U are no longer our frnd.I hav not yet believed u.
Karthik:Yah….I swear
Ishu:Nandu dont be tht rude.U dont meet us.If bychance we see we will enjoy ok?
Karthik nods and thanks them.The day ends with Manan, Ishveer and Ishra in dining table.
PS.Ishu and Nandu were at Manik’s hse because Mr and Mrs.Murty had gone for movie.

Guys I dnt hav any idea for next epi.Plz suggest something. And really sorry for not updating.My laptop was off.I was out of station and my entrance. So sorry
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Credit to: Divanshi

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  1. today’s epi is good ……….but pls sissy don’t drag it sooo much ………..just give ISHVEER romance……..pls pls

    1. Sure.I hav updated my 26th epi.But no romance and all.But aftee tht only Ishveer and Manan

  2. Yes pls give ishveer a little more romance! I know you have been focusing on them a little more and you are doing an AMAZING JOB!

    1. I will gve the space and thnq soo much

  3. ohh sissy..really miss ur ff….i thnk…now romika marrag…i mean now tak romika marrag…then hide karthik charecter…..then apply more romanc between ishveer and manan….whr is ruhi..really miss her…

    1. I missed u too.Ruhi will be on the scene soon.And romance after nxt update sorry

  4. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Superb episode.ya want ishveer romance.Adutha episodil adh pradeeshikkaamallo? Ishuvum nanduvum manikinte veetilalle!

    1. Nxt update kazhinjitu pratheekshicholu.Korachu kazhijal Romika mrg nadukum

  5. y nandu and ishani r not working….. they didn’t have office …….add some more manan scenes….. keep some twists and suspenses ………add some scenes of weekend outings……

    1. Wil surely give manan the space. No worries.Thnx for the weekend outing idea.Twists after Romika marriage.

  6. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    hey what is that epi no.256?????????????

    1. haaaa……..dnt know yaar.some problem with TU

  7. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    oh .. so cool … nice . waiting for next … i missed ur ff lot sis … thax god u updated it …

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