Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 25


Hi guys…..24th update………
In Mumbai,
Ishu comes with Nyonika to meet Mr.Ashish. She sees Rv and smiles.Rv also smile.
Ashish:Hi Mrs.khurana and Mr.Arora………I couldn’t attend the meeting sorry.
Ishu turns and is shocked to see Mr.Ashish
Ishu runs from there……Rv is confused.Nyonika doesn’t mind.
Rv:Sir….plz excuse me.
Ashish nods.Ishu calls Manik and he gets shocked hearing about tht person,
Manik (in phone):Should I come?
Ishu:No need
Manik(laughs):Arre yaar Ishu u are gonna get screwed.
RV comes there worried and asks:Ishani y did u run from there?
Ishani:Looong story……

3yrs before.Ishu and Manik were on Manik’s new car.They were so excited……they had kept music on high volume and was going through a place where there is less people.
Ishu:Woow Manik Car is too good.
Manik:Afterall selection is mine.
Ishu Btw y didn’t u ask Nandu?
Manik:She is my gf u are my bff.
Ishu:Wow….if Nandu get to know tht she will kill u.
Manik:God! Dnt tll her.
Ishu:Rash drive.
Manik:Noo Ishu… (screams)
Ishu turns the steering
Manik:Ishu……. (screams)
Ishu:Manik Drive(screams)
Manik:Yahh… (screams)
Manik drives rashly and hits an old man who was riding a bicycle. The person falls down but nothing hapens to him as Manik had put the break on right time.
Manish get out and keeps his cycle straight and asks for forgiveness. The person is revealed to be Mr.Ashish.Mehta.
Ashish:U ppl cant see people or what? Are u ppl blind?
Manish:Sorry sir.

Ashish:Whats the use of telling u ppl.Ur parents should be blamed.
Ishu:Dont blame my parents budde (old man)
Ashish:Whom did u call budda?
Ishu:Cant u hear or what? Urself Mr.Budde.
Ashish:U girl…..dont mess with me.
Manik:Dhamki mat dena (dont warn us)
Ashish:Dont be too smart.Smartness is good but oversmartness makes a person die…dnt forget.
Ishu:Dont gve advice and nothing happened to u…so dont make a big scene here.U are too old.Go take rest dear.
Ashish:Mind ur tongue
Manik:Dnt lash out on her.
Manik hits on his face.He fall down.Manish escape frm there.
Flashback ends.

Rv laughs.
Ishu:Sh…i am gonna get screwed.
Rv:he must hav forgot u.
Ishu:What if he still remember?
Rv:Stay calm…we wil face to together.
Ishveer lost in eachother……….kabhi jo badal barse plays.

Nandu:Oh god tht budda? Tht was 3ys b4 so he must hav forgot.
Manik:I wish so.
Nandu holds his hand and says:Everything will be alright.
Manik:I hope she doesn’t lose her job
Nandu hugs him.
Manik:I am enjoying this.
Manik:Huggy koochi koo
Nandu laughs and says:Naughty Manu.
Manik:Chi….dnt call me Manu
Nandu:Teek hai… (winks).
Manik:Ok thn…. I am gng.
Nandu:Tussi jaa rahe g
ho? Tussi na jaao.
Manik:Dont do the drama again.
Nandu smiles.Nandu hugs him and leave to her hse.Manik also leave. They see Karthik with Ritika.Manik moves towards them but Nandu stop him and says lets talk to Ishveer also let thm come back.
In Mumbai,
Ishu enter with Rv.Ashish see Ishu and changes expression. He tries to remember but is unable to recollect.
Rv:Hi Mr.Mehta
Ashish:Hi…was there any emergency? I can help u if there is any inconvenience caused by the staffs
Rv:I am perfectly alright. Just went to attend an emergency call.
Ashish:Whose the girl?
Ishu gets relieved.
Nyonika:She is my assistant and Mr.Arora’s to be wife.
Ishveer get shocked. Ashish congratulates them.Ishveer smile with mixed emotions.
Sharman laugh at their expression. Rv shows his fist.

Precap:After 5 days
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Credit to: Divanshi

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  1. nice going sissy……..and ISHU’s old man part was dangerously fantastic

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    1. nestle joseph


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    yes so nice . i love it dear . butwhy the old man is in bicycle as he i a bigan to deal with ranvi .???
    last part was suuppperr . sharman to laugh all that super.keep rocking

  4. Super dii!!!!ur rocking ishveer scenes are Awsomeeee❤

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    Me also have the same doubt of rookey and arham.
    Ur episode was nice.

  8. @ Arham and @rookey rookers. The man was cycling in the evening…….like exercise

  9. IshuRV(Pranjali ka mast Goa)

    nice epi ha….

  10. sorry no update today I am busy with entrance. …..sry again

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