Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 23


22nd update is here.And sorry for not replying to ur comments.And priya dear sorry if I hurt u.
Manik and Rv are behind Nandu and Ishu.
Manik:Yaar Nandu tht was just a Prank.
Ishu:Oh plzz……this was too much.I mean it was too bad….these type of jokes make a person half dead.
Nandu:I am not gonna talk with Ishra…….And dont think tht I forgave u Manik.
Manveer:U are my honey bunch sugar plum plumpy umpy umkin
Nandish:We are not gonna forgive. (smiles inside)
Rv:Ishu….u are my sweety pie

Manik:Nandini u are my world plz dont stay angry baby
Ishu:U ppl better dont talk.
Manveer were following the galz and they are lost.Ishveer realise tht.
Ishu:U understood.
Rv:Yaa…..Guys we are lost.
Nandu:Nothing is impossible when I am there.Lets take the way back so we will get there.They trace their way back and after 1/2 hr they reach the same place where they realised they had lost their way.
Nandu hugs Manik and says:Actually. …I hav a bad feeling.
Manik comforts her saying:Dont worry Nandu…I am there.And whats bad feeling in it?
Nandu:What if we wont get food here.
Ishu:U are worried abt food?
Rv:U are unbelievable Nandu.
Ishu:Guys we will have to part ways…..or else we wont get the way.Manik and Nandu gotogether.I wil go with Ranveer. And if u ppl dint find way out come back here and follow our path.Mark the way on ur journey. And if we both find.Thn we will come n the place where Ishi di’s car was parked.
Manik:Yah…good idea.

Rv:As far as I know the only way out is the way we came.One of the route is leading to a forest.
Nandu:Whhat? Manik I am scared.
Manik:So girls….did u forgive us? I swear we wont repeat this.
Ishu:Good for u…and forgiveness. …. (looks at Nandu).
Nandu:Yah…..we will think.
Manveer:Plz 1 sorry?
Manan and Ishveer hug.
Ishu:Dont dare do such prank. Rv:We swear
Manik nods.
They part ways.
They are going deep.Nandu asks Manik to rest.Nandu look for a stick.First she take a stick and find a dead snake.She screams. Manik asks her what happened. Nandu shows the dead snake.
Manik (smiles):Its dead Nandu. ..see.
Nandu:There is snake here.
Manik:No u hav Taj hotel, Oberoi Mall, H&M, Veromoda, Splash, Donout factory here.
Manik:Yah….dont act like an Idiot.Its a forest Nandini and we are stuck here.
Nandu:I know tht.And dont call me an Idiot.
Manik:Oh meri maa! Lets go.

They start walking and reach near a cliff.
Nandu:Woah its been 24 yrs since I am in Delhi.And I haven’t seen a bful place like this.
Manik:Becareful its a cliff.
Nandu:See its going to be 5:00 or something. Lets rest for a while and move ahead.
Manik:Yah…u are right its 5:00.But baby we hav to reach home.
Nandu :Whn u are there I am sure we will reach on time.But if we go now we will miss this funtastic view.So lets better not miss the Solid view…. (winks)
Manik smiles.He puts his hand around her shoulder. She rest her head on it moving close to Manik. Covering herself in his chest.Manik kiss her forehead.
Nandu:Tht was cheating.
Manik:Everything is fair in love and war.
Ishq wala love plays…
Nandu smiles.
They get up and move further.
(Author note:Guys…I am updating Manan scenes full first and then Ishveer.Hope u all dont mind )
Ishani and Ranveer travel so much but doesn’t find the way.
Ishu:Rv I think its not the right path.
Rv:But lets continue walking what if we reach there.Geographically speaking, ……
Ishu:Dude…u and geography.
Rv:Yaar……y cant I show some maturity
Ishu laughs:U even know the meaning of maturity?
Rv:Oh….plzz….I am well-versed in English.

Ishu:Tht I know.I hav read ur 10th std. letter to..ah…forgot.
Rv:Collector (smiles)
Ishu:I even remember the sentences.
Respectful sir,
I have problem with water.My water tank was fixed by the GOVT. last week.But then also it is out of control………
Ishu:God…the letter was a joke book for us.
Rv:Thnk god tht u ppl didn’t show tht to anyone else…….even tht Karthik
Ishu: I cant see somebody else laughing on u.
Ishveer eye lock. Tera hone laga hoon plays….
Ishani slips and sprains her leg.Ranveer lifts her.
Aankhon ko choone ki baahein tarasthi hain dil ne pukara hai ha….
Ab toh chale aao (Tera hone laga hoon stanza-Not sure abt lyrics) plays…
Ishu:I am fat and is 65kg. U will have a tough time carrying me.
Rv:But I cant see u in Pain.
Ishu :Wait Rv lets rest for a while.
Rv keeps hr down on a rock.And he stretch himself.
Ishu (in mind):God plzz dont seperate him from me.I know I am becoming selfish but plzz got…I can get a better person in life than him.
Rv:Ishani y are u staring at me? Are u alright?
Ishu:I am alright what will happen to me.And I wasnt staring.I was think in which all ways can I torture u.
Rv laughs and says:I know u from past 20yrs.U will torture or rag somebody and feel rude on yourself for doing like tht

Ishu:But not with everybody.
Rv:Yah…..those ppl whom u dont like u dont feel bad for them
Ishu:U know me well ah?
Rv:20 yrs expereince.But I dont know abt u as much as Manik knows.U ppl where diaper friends right?
Ishu:Diaper friends?
Rv:I mean like u ppl know eachother from tht age right.
Ishu laughs.Rv kiss on her cheeks.
Ishu(shocked):Here also?
Rv:Its complete privacy dear.
Ishu:Animals will see.
Rv laugh.They move further and reach the highway and find Ishi’s car there.Manan, Ishra waiting for them there.
Ishita(teasing):Dewar ji….
Rv: Bhabi actually she slipped and her leg got sprain…so I had to lift her.
Ishu:I am not gonna talk to Ishi di for doing such a stupid prank.
Nandu:Me too.
Ishi:Ok….sorry girls. I know it was too bad.Plz forgive me.Aftrall how many mins can u ppl stay without me?
Nandish cry and hug Ishita

Precap:Ishveer go on a business trip unknown tht they both are going for same conference.

So so so sorry if I hav hurt anybody today.I was feeling so stupid for writing like tht after reading ur comment priya.I make sure I will not repeat it.Thnq all for ur support
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Credit to: Divanshi

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  1. wow ISHVEER romance in a forest……’s an uncommon experience for them………but i love it soooo much

    1. Tnx Prince. I know its uncommon for them….thts y

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  3. Divanshi today’s part is so nice….am just suggesting you….no hard feelings….don’t be upset and don’t feel bad abt wat I mentioned after all u r a fabulous writer and narrator….

    1. No hard feelings dear. And I am flattered after whatever u wrote for me….I mean its like a cloud 9 moment whn somebody compliments u tht way
      …Thnq for keeping me motivated

  4. IshuRV(mast Goa)

    ishveer sence………….just amazing…..

  5. wow yaar..ishveer scenes mind blowing..and i really laugh abt 10 th std letter written by rv..u r amazing yaar..keep rocking still waiting for precap..???

    1. Ikr…….thnq soo much dear.I updated my ff soon just to read urs , priya and Prince comment. ….and Ishu Rv too
      Rookey rookers ur commt also makes me motivated to write.But arham dear ur comment is onr of a kind.Did ur head hit the roof?Ha.. ..just kidding.

  6. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Ishveer scenes r awesome dr.Ranvi’s letter was so funny.keep rocking.

    1. Tmq so much dear………eNikku keralathil varaan ee vacationil patilla

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