Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 22

Hi guys I am back with 21st episode.
Raman wakes up and finds a message from Ishi saying she left to Hospital early as she had some emergency.
Raman(in mind):Ishita…..I will miss ur morning kiss.
Manik wakes up and is surprised to find the msg from Ishita as she had already told him tht she wont be going to hospital today. Manik discuss this with Ishveer, Raman and Nandu and they all think tht Subbu has kidnapped Ishita.
Nandu:B4 going to conclusion. Lets check in hospital.
All nod in agreement. They go to hospital,
Rv to receptionist:Can I meet Dr.Ishita.Malhotra
Reception:She left 30mins before.

Rv:Tnx.I will call her.
Rv tell everyone.They get more tensed and think tht Ishita has got kidnapped. Rv check in internet abt godowns in Delhi. Nandish are confused. Raman is tensed. Manik calls in Subbu’s number.
Nandu:Lets complain in police.
Raman:Idiot’s first try Ishita’s mobile know.Here Manik is trying subbu’s number and Ranveer searching list of go downs.Are u all out of ur mind?
Ishu calls her:Jiju her phn is out of coverage area.
Ranveer:Now I am sure babhi is kidnapped.
Ishu:Shut up yaar! Its something important. Dont joke.
Manik:Tht subbu is a mental patient
Nandu:God! Raman jiju lets give complaint in police.
Rv:No yaar what if she is not kidnapped
Ishu:Then where is she?
Manik:I will call her friends and inquire.
Raman:I will call my friend Abhishek (yhm).He is an ACP

Raman call Acp.
Acp:Hello Raman yaar.Kaise ho? (how r u?)
Raman:Filhaal bohat tension mein hoon. (now I am tensed).Ishita is missing.
Acp:Where did she go?
Raman:Duffer.agar pata hota to tumhe kyun bulatha (If I knew thn y will I call U)
Acp:Oh…sorry.Explain everything.

Raman explains everything
Acp:Somebody keep trying her phone.
Raman:Ok….and meet me at the cross road near ur house.
Acp hangs up.Manik calls all her friends and inquire but doesn’t get any clue.Ishu keeps on trying on her but is not reachable.
Raman:Manik u called everybody?
Manik:I hav calld most of her friends.
Nandu:Jiju u know anybody from hospital.I mean Di’s friend?
Raman thinks:Yah…Aliya (KYY)
Ranveer:Alia Saxena?
Raman:Yah…how do u know her.
Ranveer:When I went inside hospital to check for babhi. I hit tht girl.She was in a hurry.
Raman :Lemme call her.

Raman call her and says:Her phone is switched off.
Manik:Did he kidnap both of them…no no…..Are they together?
Raman:No chance. Cause if Rv has seen her morning tht means she was leaving to her house……coz she has night duty.

Ishu:Ishita di’s phone is now ringing.
She puts it in speaker.Some1 picks it
A girl:Hello…yes Ishu.Tell me dear.
Ishu:Di were are u?
Manik:And wht happened to ur voice?
Raman:Y did u leave from hospital?
Girl:I am not Ishita.I am Alia…..I found her car and belonging on the highway.And saw her phone.I was abt to call Raman sir.But ur call came
Raman:Alia where are u now?
Alia:On highway near cross road
Raman:Ok wait there till I come.
Alia:Ok sir
Raman picks Acp and heads to leave to the highway and find Alia standing there.
Alia:Hi sir.I think Ishita went inside the jungle.
Acp:I also agree.The path looks just used.
They go deep in to the jungle and find an old house there.They get inside and find Ishita murdered by Subbu.Subbu had knife filled with blood with him.And Ishi’s in blood.
Raman runs and holds Ishi. She was not breathing.Raman asks her to wake up for him, wake up for Ruhi.But she is not responding. Manik is shocked he is standing like a statue.Ranveer and Nandish are crying. Raman winks at subbu.

Yday night,
Raman gets up from his bed and hugs Ishita.
Raman:Why are u awake till now?
Ruhi:I am also awake
Raman:Oh meri maa.
Ruhi:Btw Ishima u act well.I dont know y but I thought I will lose u Raman (imitating Ishita).
Raman:U dramebaaz it was all ur acting?
Ishi:Woh….actually. was mine and subbu’s and accidentally Ruhi heard our plan so we had to include her also.
Raman:Wht plan?

Ishi:Subbu wants to shock u all with his entry… tmw he will kidnap me and kill me.
Raman starts to laugh. Ishi get up and says:Not fair Raman. Y did u laugh.
Others are shocked.
Manik runs to hug Ishi and beats her.
Manik:Is this a joke?.Thn sry it was too bad.
Ishi hugs him and says:It was all subbu’s Idea u can kill him.
Manik cries saying:I thought. ……(winks)….I might lose u.I dont know y. (laughs)
Ishita and Subbu are confused. All laugh uncontrollably.But Nandish are confused.
Nandu:Can I know what is happening.
Manik:Tit for tat.
Subbu:Nandu and Ishani are now April fools.
Both stare at Manveer for hiding this and fooling them
Manik:Rv……band baj gayi.
Rv:Come on lets follow them.
Ishra, subbu, Acp and Alia smile.

Precap:Manik behind Nandu begging to forgive.Ishveer also same thing.But both couples get stuck in jungle.Couple’s argue.

Sorry for not giving Ishveer and Manan the space. The jungle scene will be only for Ishveer and Manan.Thnq all for ur support.
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  6. Omg!! Will anyone play games with life to fool others …how could u even think divanshi…..its not fun for me sorry……nandu will think like me nly..she won’t forgive manik so easily….

    1. So sorry priya if i hurt ur feelings.I didn’t know that it will hurt somebody. I am truly sorry if i hav hurt u badly……..Plss forgive me.

      1. Of course yar…I didn’t took it seriously… Don’t say sorry…it’s just a story ….I do agree…but I think in a practical way that’s y i mentioned….don’t take me negatively…

  7. ohh yaar..suddenly i am strucked to saw..but seems very very intresting..u r a owsm writr which age r u?..ur writing skill is amazing? nxt part as soon as possible..and eagirly waiting for precap..i mean ishveer and manan scenes?

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