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Hi guys…..sorry for not updating last 2days.And the function went well.My sissy Vinnie has thanked all for ur blessings. Missed u all.And here goes my 20th update. Yipee….20th update. Thnq once again all for ur love
All reach Delhi,
Suddenly they realise today is holi.All go to get ready in white dressesIshu-Manik dress up first. And come to the holi ground.Just then from 2 sides Nandu and Rv splash colour water.Manish are furious on Randini.
Ishu:I am not gonna leave you Ranveer.
Manik run behind Nandu with colours same as Ishveer.
Ishani gets tired.She stops and decide to go home to change dress.Ishani wear a white saree with maroon border and maroon blouse.Rv is mesmerised seeing her.He moves towards her and holds her elbow and drags her to the backside of her house.He colour her. Ishu transfer some colour to his cheeks by rubbing. Lahu muh lag gaya plays.Rv smiles.Ishu winks and tries to run but Rv holds her hand and pulls her closer her back to him.He rests his head on her shoulder. She blinks.Rv kiss on her cheeks.She gets shy, push him and runs from there.
Rv:Ishani stop.

Ishu turns and smiles and Runs.Rv rubs the colour on his cheeks with fingers.
Rv (to himself):She is very cunning. ……I should be in control (smiles)
Manik colour Nandu when she was talking with her friends.
Friend 1:Woah! Nandu he is good looking. ….I mean handsome.Make me meet him.
Nandu :He already has a gf.And he is not ur types.
Girl:so what? I just want a selfie with him.And yah…..his number also.
Nandu is heating with jealousy. Manik again comes there and holds Nandu close to him sideways. Nandu was happy now.
Manik:Nandu actually I wanna say something to u.
Manik:Baby…something personal
Girl:Baby? (make crying face).
Nandu winks at her and says:Guys.Sorry he wanna talk to me.Byee.
Girl:All the best Nandu.
Manik takes Nandu to his house pool.He removes his shirt.
Nandu(bit nervous):Why are u removing ur shirt. Why dd u call me?
Manik moving closer:Will say baby.
Nandu:Ah…ah…y are u….
Manik keeps his fingers on her lips and ask her to shut up. He then holds by waist and pulls her closer.She gets nervous. He smiles.
Manik:Dont worry Nandu? Nothing is gonna happen.

He then push her and jump himself in to the pool.
Nandu (shocked):WTH Manik.
Manik:U colored me with water.Now I wont leave u from here.Just a water Revenge.
Nandu:I will scream then Ishraru and Ishveer will come.
Manik:Then scream.
Nandu (in mind):Acha beta now see my tit for tat.
Nandu moves closer to Manik and says:What are gonna do darling.(running her finger through his face) I love water excitements. (s*xy voice)
Manik understands she s trying to make him nervous. He again holds her by waist. She now gets tensed but is happy tht its Manik.
Manik:U love water excitement right.
Tu jo hai to main hoon plays.
Manik kiss Nandu on her neck.She gets moved and kiss on his cheeks. She hugs him, he lifts her.He tries to kiss her but his phone rings and its Rv.
Manik(before taking the call):Idiot! Zaara mood karab kardi.
Rv askes Manan to come to the hall.

Raman brings some colour to apply on Ishita.
Ishi: Raman.I am allergic to it plz dont do this.
Raman:Mrs Beauty queen.These are organic colours.
Ishi:But I am allergic to all colours.
Raman pulls her closer and says:But not to me.
Ishi blush.
Raman:God! My Jhansi ki rani is blushing.
Ishi:I am a girl. I also hav the right to blush.
Raman pulls her closer and kiss on her cheeks and says:U look gorgeous today.
Ishi:Tnx sweetheart.
Raman:Shall we go down?
They go to the hall and find everybody playing. Manveer and Raman take Ishi in arms and put in colour pool.Ishi get furious. But her face is not coloured yet.Raman thinks to do it 1st by himself.
Ishi gets up from there and goes under a tree.She opens her hair.A guy from behind touch Ishi on her shoulder. She turns and the person throws colour on her face
Subbu:Yes love…..I am ur subbu.
Subbu was Ishita’s first boyfriend.They both were bffs In school but subbu went for Mba.Subbu’s marriage was almost fixed with Ishu but he backed off saying he is not ready. And Manik askd Ishi to forget him .

Ishu:Wht are u dng here?
Subbu:I came to marry u.I know u were waiting for me all these years right?
Ishi:U are my past.And I hav forgotten ur love the day u backed off for marriage just because u wanted freedom tht u think I cant gve after marriage. (she cries)
Raman see all this and Run to her to comfort her.Subbu is abt to touch her.Raman comes and holds his hand.Raman holds Ishita. She covers her face in his chest.
Subbu:Who are u? Stay away…its our personal matter.
Raman:She is Ishita. Raman.Arora now.And I am her husband. And……u just stay away from us.
Raman cups Ishi’s face and says:I am here dear….dont cry.
Ishi hugs him and says:I thought I might lose u.I dont know y.But my mind said I will loose u.
Raman hugs her and says:I am there for u always now stop crying my girl.
Subbu was boiling with anger.
Subbu:U did wrng with me Ishita. I was waiting for u all these years and u just married some random guy.How can u do this to me? How can u easily forget my love? I know this kameena must have provoked u right?
Ishita:Dont utter a word against him.I love him and he is my world.U are nothing to mee.Just an old chapter in my life book.I have moved on.And plzz dont give me more pain.I am happy now.I hav an husband, my daughter, my love is them.Plz leave me alone.
Subbu:I cant live without u Ishita.
Raman:Just get lost.
Subbu holds his collar and says:U hav snatched my Ishi from me.I will make u suffer.
Manan and Ishveer come there with Ruhi.Ishi gets tensed seeing Ruhi with them.She goes to Ruhi and hugs her tight.Raman also leave himself from subbu’s hand and goes towards Ishita and Ruhi. Manik asks subbu to get out. Ishu and Nandu also ask him.Ranveer goes to get water for Ishi. Ishu moves towards Manik to support him Nandu also moves forward.Subbu leave seeing them but warns them.
Ishita leave Ruhi. Ruhi goes with Manik to mr and Mrs Murty. Ishi break down and weeps on Raman’s chest.Raman comfort her.
Ishi:I am getting bad feeling Raman. What if he try to harm u or Ruhi?.I cant lose both of u.I will die if….
Raman keeps his fingers on her lips and says:Dont even say like tht.When I am there nothing will happen to u all okay?.Now smile.
Ishi smiles.
Nandu:What a cute hubby? I wish I get an husband like jiju.
Manik:I can actually be a very good hubby.Jiju has taught me.
All laugh.Manik winks.

Precap:Subbu kidnap Ishita.Raman, Ishveer and Manan to save her.
Did u all enjoy ?keep commenting guys.Dont get worried abt the kidnapping thingy.I will not separate anybody.
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Credit to: Divanshi

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