Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 20


So my 19th update s here.Thnq lisa arham Reena prince nestle joseph, Ishu RV….for ur support. I will not stop writing till all of u say its boring.

Morning 4:45am,
Rv, Ritika and Raman are still in sleepy mode.Rest all are on energy mode.Rv is trying his best to keep his eyes open. Ishu is watching him and laughing.Rv understand tht she is laughing at him but is mesmerised seeing her in saree in south Indian style.
Rv(in mind):God! Y do u make people beautiful? I mean…see now I cant take my eyes of her…..I wanna kiss her……cant control.
God:Rv beta…
Rv(Scared):Whose this?
God:I am god…And dear plz dont lose ur control wait for license bro!
Rv:God? Anyways thnx bro.
Ishu comes near him and says:Rv darling!
Ishu:Ok…then….Mr.Whatever. study all these u will need it in future.
Rv(excited):So u will pakka marry me?
Ishu:Of course.
Rv:I will be the luckiest guy in the world.

Rv:I found my pyaar and dost for life….and married her.
Ishu:Then…I am also equally lucky.
Rv smiles…..Ishveer eye lock.
Yehi doobe dil mere
yehi hote hai sawere
Yehi marna or jeena
Yehi mandir or madeena……..
Teri galiyaan…..plays.
Nandu comes and screams.They regain their senses. Ishveer blush.
Ishita and Raman were made to sit in opposite direction.Raman was smiling flirtatiously.Ishita was blushing. Shagun was sitting beside her.
Shagun:Shikar just move the curtain.

Shikar obeys her.Raman’s view was blocked.
Manik(in Raman’s ears):Jiju it its hard to see her when Shagun di is sitting beside her.I know her very well…..She wont break the rules.And….jiju my sissy is looking too good.
Manik laugh.Rv comes there and asks what is the matter and Manik explains everything.Rv also laugh.
The rituals where abt to over.
Ishi’s Mom:Any 4 people dance and somebody sing.Manik-Rv raise hand and take Ishu-Nandu with them.Ishu-Nandu confused.Mukbhi also join them.Romika were askd to sing.Ishveer Manan and Mukbhi dance on the song…..bole chudiya bole kangana….Which was sung by Romika.
While dancing all 3couples sign eachother abt Romika’s patchup.Manveer are excited.
After dance,
Cast:Ishveer, Manan, Mukbhi.
Manik:Sid bhai…we tried a lot for their patchup but nothing happnd
Rv:Tweetu dhi is so stubborn.
Mukti :So as our Romi.Both are egoistic.
Ishu:Guys…stop saying abt them.Make a plan we hav only 2 more days.
Abhi:Romi will confess within 2 days.But can I know the reason….
Suddenly Ruhi enter,
Ruhi:Chachu’s Chachi’s and Mama-Mami’s Shagun aunty is leaving to London.
Mukti:Whaat ? So early?
All go down to bid adieu. All the galz were so sad

Mukti :Di stay for 2 more days plzz.
Shagun (sad tone):sorry dear…I cant as I hav imp work in ofc.Shikar has a conference. And Adi has school so we hav to go.
They leave.
Ishi to Raman:I am gonna miss her
Raman:Its alright baby (hugs her)
Ishi:The baby word is so awkward.
Raman:Baby….Ishi baby(taunts)
Ishi:Stop it Raman.
Ishi gets n her room and close door Raman from outside:Baby…open the door…Ishita darlu…baby open the door yaar.
Ishi shuts Raman’s mouth with her hands and pulls him inside her room
Raman:What are u doing somebody will see.Its not our house
Ishi:What am I doing? I was just trying to stop you.
Raman:I will not stop till I get a kiss.

Ishi goes to kiss on cheeks…Raman stops :Not here…I want something Passionate.
Ishu kiss on his cheeks and runs.
Raman:jhansi ki Rani… (laughs)
The terrace couples were back in same place.
Abhi:Ok guys….so the plan is….We will brainwash Romi.As we all know nobody can beat Nandish in brainwashing they will do it with the help of Rv-Manik.
Manik-Rv (in mind):chance mil gaya.
Nandish took it up seriously. But Manveer had some other plans too………………….ROMANCE IN THE DARK.Manveer smile and smirk.
Manan And Ishveer were standing in opposite directions near the staircase. Romi and Ritika were coming from opposite directions. Both of them hit eachother. Ritika is abt to fall but Romi holds her

.sayya ra mein sayya ra.plays….
Ritika:Leave me.
Romi leaves ritika and she falls down.Ishveer, Manan laugh.Romi give his hand for help but Ritika refuses.
Ritika:I know how to get up…but….ah…..its paining.
Romi lifts Ritika in his arms.Raman see this and is thunderstuck.Romi takes Ritika to her room.Romi is abt to leave but Ritika holds his hand and says Sorry
Romi:Its alright
Ritika:Akhdoo Romi
Romi smilesRomi:Ok meri ma….I am also sorry….chappi de de (Give me a hug).

Ritika hugs him.
Ishu:Nooi….its not fair.I hav to brainwash him then only u ppl can patchup.
All laugh.Rv hits on her head.She realises her stupidity.
Nandu:Anyways now I am happy……finally Romi bhai will marry Ritika babhi.
Ritika:Babhi?…..Plz dnt embarass me.
All together:Tweetu babhi……
Ishra join them and taunt Romika.
Sorry guys no update on Friday Saturday and Sunday as I am little busy with my sisters marriage.we have to go to jiju’s excited to see him.keep commenting.I wil update a promo for next week when I hav time.

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Credit to: Divanshi

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  1. ohh baby…nyc epi..and raavoo hit him’s head portion was really owsm…don’t do lyk this sis..pzzz ehenever u hav tym na then plzz post the nxt epi..i really wanna miss it alot..and ya ofcourse ..enjoy ur dis marrag and happy to c ur jijju…and we r also dua for ur sis and jijju’s lyf dr…bye..plzz soon wapus aagaya yaar….

  2. IshuRV(bindasst Goa)

    too good…a request , don’t introduce ishveer and manan marriage track soon…we r enjoying this track very much….

  3. fabulous story dude

  4. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    good continue and have a good time

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    So nice varsha.will wait for next.enjoy ur sis marriage well.

  6. nestle joseph

    angane romika onnayi.chechiyude marriage nannayi enjoy cheyyu…

    1. Chechyude marriage nammal podi podikum.And marriage is only on July.Now its just some pre-Marriage function (dnt know much abt it).Ellarkum manasilaakan vendiyaanu English type cheythu kashtapette.. (wink).

  7. Tnx everybody for ur love and support. And Arham thnx for ur prayer and blessings (from vinnie aka my sis and Ryan aka my jiju)……. ..Thnq The couple, Prince, Arham, Ishu RV, Rookey rookers, Sana for ur support and encouragement
    #spread smiles
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