Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 2

hello guys i am gonna update epi 1 once more to clear all the confusions. radhika will be changed to ishani and karan to raman. keep commrnting and there will be changes in this update and it will be a bit longer.
“tring tring….wake up manik wake up manik “ alarm rang, manik woke up and stretched and took hid phone. he found a message from his sis ishita:
dear bro,
plz do iron your clothes today by yourselves dont ask ishu or nandu to do that. i think u dint forget that today is their bday. plzz bhai go and buy some gifts for them and plzz dont ask radhika what to gift to nandu, and nandu what to gift for ishu plzz i plead you. now go have your break fast and get ready to school i have an important meeting in hospital.
“arre yaar dhi aaj bhi. nandu and ishu tum logon ke liye kya karidoon. soch na padeka manik beta. ab chal ready ho jaa nahin toh dhi ishu aur nandu tumhara watt laga dhenke.” said manik
manik goes to get ready

in ranveer’s house:
ranveer woke up and looked for his phone all over the room. raman came and gave rv’s phone and said,” gf kya aa gayi bhai ko bhool gaya. kal raat sone se pehle tumne mujhe apna phone diya tha na itni jaldi bhool gaye. dil aur dimag usko diya hai kya??”
rv: oh bhayya! plzz stop doing drama. nandu meri gf nahin hai she is my best friend.
raman: toh ishani kaun hai?
rv:bhai!aapbhi naa.(smiles thinking abt ishani).today is their bday.aaj shaam ko partyhai uske ghar pe aap ko bhi bhulaya hai..
raman smiles thinking about meeting ishita
raman: of course bro i will come
rv: bhabhi se milvana mujhe.mein bolunga ki aapki type ki hai yah nahin. atleast i can save a girl.
raman chases him . rv gets caught and they laugh.
rv: sorry bhayya! anyways shaam 6pm dnt forget.
raman: bhabhi ke bhaat hai boolunga nahin. byee i am leaving
in ishani’s house,
ishani and nandu woke up together hearing alarm. both hug and wish eachother.
ishani: nandu tumhara friends aa rahe hain na?
nandu: yah but only ranveer and his bro raman.
ishani gets glad hearing his name.
nandu: tumhari friends mein kaun kaun aa rahe hai
ishu: is that something to be asked? of course only manik and ishu di.

nandu checks her phone and finds rv’s 2 missed call.. she calls him back and puts the phone on speaker mode. rv picks up the call and hears nandu screaming ishani’s name asking ranveer for help. rv at first gets shocked and understands that it was nandini’s prank.
rv: oh drama queens! happy bday to you both
ishani and nandu together: thanq dada
rv: mein aur tum logon ki dada.?? kuch aur bolte
nandu: jaise ki?
rv: jaise ki bhai.
ishani: teek hai aaj se hum aapko bhai bhulayenge. no probs right
rv: ishani! tum mujhe bhai nahin bhula sakti(ranveer realised what he said)…….(ishani is puzzled).
nandu: kyon?(in teaising manner)
rv: kyun ki tum toh mere dadi hoon na(and smiles)
ishani: aaj tumhe chaand tare saare universe dikaungi mein. school aaja saale
rv: have fun galzz and ishu chaand taare and universe toh roz tumhare behen dikhati hai.
rv cuts the call. ishu laughs. nandu gets irritated.
ishani and nandu get ready and come down to have breakfat and finds manik there.ishani goes and hugs him nandini also hugs him. manik wishes both of them.
they have breakfast and take their parents blessings.on their way to school nandu askd manik “where is ishita di?”
manik:dhi has some imp case in hospital so left early.
nandini sees ranveer on the way and hugs him. they both walk together. manik and ranveer see eachother and turn their faces. ranverr gets irked seeing manik with ishani having fun and manik gets jealous seeing nandu hugging ranveer and being so close to him.
they reach school,

ishani and nandini are best dancers in the school. rv and manik singers. manik sings “hum rahe yah naa rahe kal, kal yaad aayenge yeh pal. pal yeh hai pyaar ki pal…” ishani smiles. rv sings,” yaaron dosti bade hi ajeeb….” nandini likes it. classmates wish nandu and ishu. they smile
in walken’s hospital.ishita was sitting in her cabin waiting for raman. she saw raman getting inside his cabin.
ishu in mind: god!yeh kadoos yaha aane wajah apni cabin mein chala gaya. yeh bhahwan best friend hai toh pehle bestfriend ko milthe hain na. blo*dy fool.
suddenly raman came in to her cabin,ishu was glad
raman: hello madam!bache aaye kya tumhare paas?(asked teasing her)
ishu(without understanding that he was teasing her): haan yaar 2-3 cases. it was important so ….wait a second where you teasing me??
raman:nahin yaar. i was serious. tumhari jaise pagal kho main aaj tak nahin dekha,
raman bursted out into laughter.ishu doesnt get so many cases because her head is handling almost all cases, she is just a assistant doctor.
ishu(in anger):ramann!!!i will kill you.
raman:ishu angry bird math banao tum bohat cute lagthi ho
ishi blushes
raman:mujhe tumhe dekkar apni nani ki yaad aati hai. i mean whenever you are angry.
ishu searches for a stick
ishu:stop being filmy. aaj kya baat hai aaj jaldi aa gaye.
raman:who doesnt like a change?
ishu: wah!woh change agar do saal pehle hota to doosri bhaar exam nahin likhna padta.
raman:nothing is impossible for raman arora.i can even lift a moti like you.
ishu(in hell anger): mein kis angle se moti lagthi hoon? bolo?
raman: tum moti bilkul nahin hoon bas food zyada khaati hain aur food mein jo fat hai woh tumhare body pe dikh jaate hai. thats it. tum moti bilkul nahin ho.
raman ran from there for saving his life ishu smiled

precap:nandu’s and ishu’s bday party. ranveer- manik fight, ishra to solve it.
keep commenting and encouraging me .love you all
#spred happiness
#love all

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  1. Love it man keep accelerating ur ff to the top. All the best man

  2. very nice and thanks yarrrrr u r giving equal importance to every couple

  3. Nice epi but make it in english because I don’t know. Please this is my humble request.??

  4. I mean I don’t know Hindi.

  5. Its nice yaar but little bit confusion.u writing ishani and ishita as ishu and pls update in english.

  6. I tak only ishani’s nam as ishu..plzz don’t tak ishitha’s nam as..this is a kind request..and very nyc epi..and thnx forbthe long episode..waiting for next….and u gave same importance to all..very nyc yaar..and don’t stop it…

  7. Yeah dono pagal hein yaar ha ha ha

  8. It’s awesome dr….
    Love u

  9. What is this my Ranveer….. How could u forget ur day with ur ishani……?

  10. guys!!! I will updte an episode today. and sorry for making you confuse again with ishani and Ishita. I will make it ishi and ishu.

  11. Nice,,,,episode yaar,,,,but pls write in English,,,,I don’t know Hindi,,,,

  12. Superbbbb!!!! This was far far better than d b4 one dea!!!!!!! Simply beautiful!
    First things first, love manan(no doubt).. Ishra were damn cute!!!!!!!!!! The way raman explained ki ishita moti nai dikhti was sooo adorable!!!!!!
    Happy bday nandu n ishani… Ishu will call rv bhai n rv got worked up.. Aww cute these are! To be honest I’ve never watched matsh! Not even a full one epi!!
    RV n raman part ws also cute… Wanna see more of manik n ishita bond.. And plz write ishani as ishu.. Nt ishita as i like d name ‘ishita’ lotz..
    Wanna see more of MaNan.. Seems less evry tym 😛
    manik n rv r singers.. Both r jealous..
    Haww.. Fight precap.. Our nandu’s monster.. He rocks with his guitar!!!! Love him!!!
    Good going dear.. 🙂

  13. rookey rookers

    very nice keep it up . ur responding to the comments . i like that . thax r all changes what we said . and pls. one more . pls make it english as i am a tamilian i dont know hindi . ishveer rocks . u r giving equal imporatance to all and my ishveer too . so i love this ff . very nice .

  14. thank you for all your support. I have updated my second epi. it will take time for updation. In this ff i havent given importance to ishani-rv and manan tht much. its just a friendship update. so so sooooo sorry. i have updated in hindi and english.

  15. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Love it yaar and most interesting was when Raman tease Ranveer …..just love it….love you ishveer

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