Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 19


18th update. I am quite disappointed….I mean plzz say if my ff is boring.
All reached Ishu’s bungalow.
Rv:Woah bhabi its bful.Joint family right?
Ishi nods.
Mr.Murty:Laksmi babhi we are leaving to our house.
(Ps.Ishu’s house is next to Ishi’s house both looks similar just some changes inside.Ishu is related to Manik through Abhimanyu.As they all are staying as a joint family.Everybody consider eachother as cousins.So guys dont worry about Manik-Nandu being couple.They are long relatives.)
Rv:Ishani u ppl aren’t staying here?
Ishi:Dont worry dewar ji.We will go and stay there.Lets have bacha party there.What say?
Ruhi:good Idea.
Ishra, Ruhi, Manveer enter the house and finds Ishi’s auntys and uncles there. All come and hug her.They are surprised to see Romi there as they thought he will only reach tmw.
Romi:Whatsup guys?

Ishi hugs him.Raman and Manik also hug him.Rv goes near him and ask about Ritika.
Romi:She is coming with ur mom nd dad .
Rv:Acha. Everything alright?
Romi:Same to same.
Rv:It will be alright dosth dont worry.
Rv pats on his shoulder.
Ishi’s chachi:Ishi beta.Ur daughter is soo cute.She is like her papa I think. Look wise.
Ishi:Haan chachi.she is exact copy of Raman.Btw chachi where is Shagun?
Shagun:Miss attitude. I am here.
Ishi:When did I became Miss attitude? U where the one who married without informing me.
Shagun:U must hav also called me right?
Ishi-Shagun with wet eyes.

Ishi:Y are u crying for this stupid reason
Shagun:U are also crying right?
Ishi (wiping her tears):It some allergy
Shagun (wiping her tears):I was cutting onion.
Ishi:Kitna choot bolegi.?
Shagun:Dont know.
Ishi:Sorry my jaan
Shagun-Ishu laugh and hug

Ruhi:Ishima so this is Shagun aunty?
Ishi nods.
Shagun:Whose this cutie?
Ruhi:I am Ruhanika.Raman.Arora.Those who are close to me call me Ruhi.U can also call me
Shagun tickles Ruhi saying u are a real dramebaaz.
Ruhi:I know.Afterall I am Ishita.Malhotra’s daughter.
Everybody laugh at her cute naughty answer.
Ishi:Where is your son.

Shagun:Adi betaaa.Make me meet ur husband.
Adi comes.Ishi meets Adi.Ruhi meets, Adi and shravan.Shagun goes to meet Raman.
In Ishi’s room,
Shagun (looking at Raman):Woah!Sissy he is good lookin yaar.
Raman(hearing everything):I know.Plz dont flatter me.
Shagun laugh:Btw not as bful as my sis.And Raman no need of keeping ur bags here as u cant be with Ishi these days.Anyways there is party for us in Nandu’s house.
Raman:God! I cant spent time with my wife on a holiday also?
Ishi:Stay in Manik’s room.I think only Romi, Rv and Manik are there.
Raman:acha.only these many ppl.So wht abt Ruhi?
Shagun:Ah…with Ishita.
Raman nods and leave to Manik’s room.Shagun-Ishi giggle.
Its evening,

Everybody are ready for party. As all were making there way To Ishu’s hse.The bell rang and it was Mukbhi.Manik hugged thm.Ishi ,Shagun also hugged them. Ishi introduced her to everybody.
Mukti:I badly missed u all.
Abhi:Not I we.
Ishi:Its been days since we all hav met.Come on lets go to Ishu’s house for party
Mukti:Woow party lets go.
Just then Raman’s family entered with Ritika.Ritika-Romi share glances.But turn their faces.They all leave to Ishu’s house finally.Mr.&Mrs. Murty went for a movie.And are gonna stay in Mrs.Murty’s sisters house.Cavya are there in Murty Mansion.
All greet eachother and hug.All are elited to meet eachother after soo long.
Rv:Where is shikar sir?
Shagun:Sir? Dude he s only ur bros age u can call him bhai.He s actually on the way from Coimbatore.
Rv:koi…? What?
Ishi:Neva mind dewar ji.
Rv smiles.
Ishi:Ok now guys lets play Antakshari.Plzz I badly wanna play tht.
All nod in agreement.
Ishi:Ok then girls v/s boys

Mukti:No di something intrestng not boys v/s girls.Lets make group of 7.
Navya:can I decide?
Nandu:Ok but u cant choose jiju.
Navya:Who cares to?
All laugh.Cabir show faces.
Navya:So Manik, Ishu, Mukti, Nandu And Shagun in my team.And Ishi, Raman, Romi, Ritika, Cabir, Abhi, and Rv in Ishita’s team.Ishu:Perfect.
Rv show faces.Seeing which Ishu feels bad.
Ishu:I mean…I wanna be in Ishi di’s team.

Ishi:Ok we will give cabir u give us Ishu.
Navya:I dnt want cabir.We will take Raman.
Raman:Yah its ok.
Navya winks.
Ishita:Ek musibath se chutkara mil gaya. (Got relief from one big trouble)

Raman:Now u will think that I am making trouble. And btw lets make a change n the groups.Manik, Ishi, Ishu, Shagun, Mukti, Navya, Ritika in one team.And rest all in other.Because the focus will be on romance rather than on game.
All laugh.
Ishu:Ok we will start.Ishu sing……….Pehechaan the hi nahin ab log
tarah mujhe meri nigahon mein
bhi gai doond the woh tujhe……looking at Rv
Rv blush.
Ishi:Yah so the letter is….Th…like tujhse….th
Romi sings Tujhe bula diya ho phir kyun teri aankhon ne mujhe rula diya…..Looking at Ritika. A tear drop appears on her cheeks.

Rv:Dha….for u
Ritika sings…..Doop se nikhal ke chaav se phislke hum mile jahan par lamha tham gaya..Duniya bulake tumse mila hoon nikhli hai dilse yeh duah….
Mukbhi finds something wrong between both.Mukti signs Abhi.Abhi nods.
Abhi:Ok now our turn.The letter is A right?
Navya nods.
Raman’s team sings Acha to hum chalthe hai….
Ishita’s team:Phir kab miloge
Raman’s team:Jab tum kahoge
Ishi’s T:Kab?
R.T:Yahi jahan koyi aata jata nahin.
All laugh and enjoy the time together.
Ishu:I hav laughed a lot today.God! My stomach is aching.
Rv in Ishu’s ears:U look too good while laughing.Dont stop keep laughing.
Ishu:Ish….filmy dialogue?
Rv winks.Ishu laughs.Rv holds Ishu’s hand.
Ishu:Leave my hand.They wil tease us.

Rv:No worries look at Manan and Ishra.
Manik was holding Nandu’s hand and talking. Ishita and Raman were also holding hands and talking with shagun.Raman was moving his Hands on Ishi’s back as she wore a backless blouse with her sari.
Ishu:But Raman bhai has license right.
Rv:Yah….I just forgot tht…plzz dear just because they hav license doesn’t mean they can do like this Infront of us.
Ishu:Shut up!
Rv keeps his Index finger on lips.Ishu laughs.
Manik stares.
Nandu:I mean Manik….I wanna dance.
Manik:Come on lets dance.
Nandu:Not with you with Ishu.
Manik:whaat? Ishu? U can dance with her anytime right?
Nandu:But I wanna dance with her now.
Manik:God! U girls are unpredictable.
Nandu laughs.
Nandu:Ishu I wanna dance with u.
Ishu(confuse):Yah….. ok
Rv:No Ishu we will dance.

Ishu:First my sissy then my Whatever. (winks )
Rv:Whatever? I am whatever. …Ishu…tell and then leave. ..Ishu(Ishu goes to Nandu)
Ishu-Nandu dance on the song Deewani Mastani.
Rv-Manik couldn’t take their eyes off.The song changes to Tune maari entryaan….Rv-Manik join the galz.All cheer them.Ruhi dance with Adi-Shravan.All hav happy family time.

Precap:Mukbhi-Manan-Ishra join hands to unite Romika.Shakar leave to London.

Hope u all liked this and plzz do comment.If u all comment I will continue orelse I am planning for another one with different story line.I will stop this ff on 25th update.
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Credit to: Divanshi

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  1. I don’t think your ff is boring!! Can you just add a little more romance with the couples?

    1. After next update dude

  2. Ur story narration skill is gud. As it is kky page, i think just like me many others r only interested in manan s story or prefer them more. As i even dont watched the other 2 serials more. So if u give special attention to only manan n show their scene more then i think many others will like it too

    1. My ff is getting updated on MATSH pg also.

      1. arham(a soul of ishveer)

        no yaar..don’t yak manan luv stry only..we want ishveer’s also…ishveer r our soul..plzz do some miracle romanc between them

      2. Ohhh.but yaar then focus only these two couples. Soo many people there. I forget the relationship of others. Bt its nice

  3. nestle joseph

    pavam manveer,randuperkkum ronancenoda thalparyam pakshe girls are crazy.ff niruthiyal njan karayum pinne orikkalum mindooolaa

    1. Thnq for tht sweet comment. And btw…karayanda njn ipozhonnum nirthoola.

    2. U are from which part in kerala? And are u a boy or girl?

    3. nestle joseph

      thank you.i am from pathanamthitta and njan oru penkuttiya.happy holy….

  4. it’s not boaring dude …’s fantastic

    1. Thnks.Are u a boy?or girl?

  5. arham(a soul of ishveer)

    no yaar..don’t stop it..i am big fan of ur’s..don’t tak commnts yaar..they have many silent reder sis..and plzz give some naughty romanc to ishveer..once u will give na then all my ishveer family memmbers commnt to ur page..plzz don’t thnk abt ending….and plzz tak only ishveer manan and ishra son…it’s only a nyc one..

    1. As u wish maaster….Just kidding….Ok yaar so from next episode all our couples will be back in place.Tmw I will show less Ishveer ishra nd Manan scenes ……sorry. …..Thnq so much for ur comment I feel motivated.

  6. IshuRV(bindasst Goa)

    I agree with reena I don’t think your ff is boring!! Can you just add a little more romance with the couples?especially ishveer

    1. Thnq for ur support dear. will add some romance..after next update.

  7. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    yes dear its so nice . its not boaring pls dont stop . .

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