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Hi guys. Here i am with the 16th episode. Thnq all for your support.
In the party,
Manik:Nandu. where s our love birds??
Nandu:Kahin ud gaye hoge?(flew somewhere)
Manik:come yaar we will also fly somewhere
Nandu:yah…..but tmw.
Manik:its not fair. Come we will go now
Nandu:ok baba. but we will just walk to our homes. I am tired.
Manik:But u cant go without your Ishu right?
Nandu:when you are here y should i care about her(winks)
Ishu was standing behnd Nandu thats why Nandu said like that.
Ishu:acha dont want me now? just ur Manik.DONT DARE TALK TO ME
RV:Ishu come we will go.Let them fly or walk or do whatever they want.
Manik:Teek hai bhai. u go and have fun. we will fly and walk and….
Nnadu:drink votka (winks)

Ishu:oh madam. i am in my senses okay!
Nandu:yah… sa jhoom loon mein
Manik:nare nare na
Ishveer confused
RV:how come you guys know.
Manik:divya drishti(divine sight).
Nandu:yah…divya rishti mein kuch aur bhi bekha tha…..(we saw something else also in our divine sight)
Ishu(bit nervous but doesnt show though Nandu understand):what did u see.
Nanadu sings KISS tharaf hai asmaan(Kabar bahin)
Manik:Yaah…….(Manan give hifi)
Ishveer feel embarassed
Nandu:dont feel embarassed or shy. Just do whatever you want. afterall its only us who saw. Never mind Di and Jiju.
Ishu:whaat?dhi?dont forget you are my dhi.
RV:Yah… so Manik is Ishus jiju.yuck the word jiju sucks.
Mnaik:then Ishu is my bhabi right?

Nandu:guys dont go further we might become sisters and brothers at last.
Manik-ishveer laugh.
They all leave Ishveer in bike.Manan are walking.on the way, RV asks Ishani on a date for which she refuses saying next time as she have some work in office.Manik also asks Nandu thinking tht she will say she have some work. But surprisingly Nandu said yes. Manik was feeling ontop of the world as it was his first date.being an handsome hunk, Outstanding singer he couldn’t think about anybody else other than Nandu.Nandu also havent dated anybody.But have got so many proposals which she has always rejected. Manik used to threaten them, sometimes even just BANG!Manik was soo much excited. When he reached home he saw Ishita waiting for him in anger . But didnt mind cause his excitement had made him mad.He kissed Ishi on her cheeks hugged her and lifted her.
Ishi:Leave me bro.
Raman came down so this and was smiling.

Manik puts her down:di u have gained weight.
Ishi:Who Cares.
Raman:Manik. Just make her understand yaar.She is saying tht I hav become boring I hav become unromantic and all.Tell me dear how can I lift her.
Ishi :Budda ho gaya kya (have u become old or what?)
Manik laughs at their cute fight.

Rv comes:whats happening here guys?
Ishi:I was looking for u Ranveer.
Rv:Tell me babi
Ishi:next week is our 7th wedding anniversary and Ruhis 6th bday.There s problem. Actually u know right my mom is a south Indian.She tld she wants to do our 7th wedding anniversary Rituals which she couldn’t do on the 1st one because I was pregnant.We all will have to go to chennai for completing rituals as my auntys and uncles cant travel.So….can u take 2 weeks leave?
Rv:Ok babi.anyways papa will look after it.
Manik:Ur dad and mum are also coming. Murty family is also coming.
Rv:Then I am 100% coming. When are we going.

Raman:Day after tmw.
All leave to their room.Manik is super excited abt date.
Ishi is busy packing. Raman is sleepy but cant sleep cause Ishi is not there.
Raman:Ishita…come nd sleep yaar.
Ishi:Raman….wait lemme complete my work.
Raman:Shut up yaar! (pulls her)
She falls on the bed and the bed breaks.She is on top of Raman.Their eyes lock them.
Suraj hua madham plays……
Ruhi comes there and cunningly goes near them and shouts.They regain their senses. Ishi moves.Raman screams because of back pain.Rv and Manik come.They see the bed broken and Ishi’s Kajal spread and kajal in Ramans cheeks.They laugh.
Ruhi:Manik mamu….u are right My mom has gained weight.
Manik-Rv laugh

Ishi:Ruhi….. (ruhi runs).
Ishi:Be careful…dont run.
Raman(imitating):Be careful…dont run..First come and help me get up.
Ishi:If u stop teasing me then u can avoid all these.Afterall u need my help for everything.
Raman:Yahh…For EVERYTHING.
Ishi:Y are u stressing on Everything? .And Manik-Rv go and sleep I will lookafter this.
Manik-Rv leave smiling.
Raman (pulling her closer-She is over him-just little space left between them):Y I stressed on everything right?

Ishi (Trying to avoid eye-Contact and little nervous):No I dont want.
She was nervous coz she knows Raman will say anything.
Raman:Ruhi needs…..
Ishi (Moving away):Shut up!
She moves to the balcony. Raman slowly get up and go behind her.she hold him.
Raman:I am alright.Little back pain
Ishi:Now where will we sleep.
Raman:Ruhis room
Ishi:Ok lets go then.
Raman nods.
Next day morning,

Nandu and Manik didn’t go for morning walk.Ishu and Rv were jogging together.
Rv:So u are cmng to Chennai? Ishu:yah…I am so excited…..Sid bhai (suspense)will be there.
Rv:Sid bhai?whose tht?
Ishu was interrupted by Nandu. She left saying byee to Rv.Rv stood there thinking who is Sid?.
Manik calls Nandini and tells tht he will pick her.She gets super excited. Manik picks Nandu and reach a carnival near their school. Nandu atfirst feels awkward in tht crowd. But the feeling of being protected by him made her enjoy tht moment.Manan saw a shooting game.
Nandu:Manik lets play tht.

Manik:Its too overcrowded.
Nandu:Not tht this Doll game. Manik:Nandu. ….seriously. …doll?
Nandini:It will be damn fun.Anyways u hav found a place where u can save ur money.So lemme take some advantage of it yaar.
Manik:Ok baba…lets play.Btw did u indirectly mean tht I am Kanjoos?
Nandu smiles.
At the doll shop, much for 2 people?
Shopkeeper:rs.50 per person.
Manik:How many tries?

Nandu:Are u taking his maths examination? Mr.Engineer Malhotra
Manik smiles:Ok babes.Best of luck.
And hands over the gun.Nandu takes it up but finds it difficult to hold.Manik hugs Nandu from behind and keeps his hand on top of hers and helps her in focusing the gun
Tujhko jo paya plays….Both get lost in eachother eyes.
Sk:Laila fast.others are waiting.
Manan blush.Manik-Nandu together tries 10 times but didnt get any doll.But they added some more memories to their bags.Next they reached a giant wheel.Nandu was so excited to get in a giant after sooooo long.
Nandu:Manik……giant wheel? ?
Manik:yah…as you wish princess.
Nandu:Prince…take me in ur horse to the GIANT WHEEL.
Both laugh at their stupidity.

They give money to the person and got in the giant wheel.Manik shows thumbs to the person. The person starts rotating it Nandu gets scared and holds Maniks hand.They click selfies.The wheel stops when they were on the top and,
Manik:Nandu…..actually I couldn’t propose u was too simple right?
Nandu:Shut up yaar.The only thing is we love eachother.No need of this perfection proposal and all.
Manik:Shut up yaar.Spoiled ny mood right.
Nandu:Sorry Manu (Manik’s mom calls him like tht).
Manik:Sh…ok….thn I hav one more surprise for u….my first ever date should be memorable.
Nandu:Mr.Manik. Malhotra’s first ever date! Omg!.
Manik:Dont freak out baby……its the first ever date for u right?
Nandu:Yah… (blush)
Manik:Chal Nandu lets go.

They leave in bike.Suddenly, It starts raining drop by drop.Nandu lifts Her hands and enjoy the cool breeze and the smell of rain made her feel romantic.
Nandu:Manik! Can I…..ah… Can I get a ki. .

He stop the bike and turns to Nandu.
Nandu:Budu! start the bike.And dont fill up before finishing.Can I get a kiwi?
Manik:Whaat? Kiwi? this time of the day? Goddd Nandu u are unbelievable.
Nandu smiles.They stop in a fruit shop and have kiwi.Both try to spit out the seed just for fun but couldn’t succeed.Manik took Nandu to a place and thn to the terrace. where everything was red-green-white.Nandu loved the arrangements.The table was covered with a green plain sheet.On the table there was a bunch of flowers red-white and green. Nandu’s fav colour was green and Manik’s red.White showing how pure their love was.There was a red carpet just for Manan to walk.Manan chaaaaat a lot.They have food and leave to their house together…..both were happy on their first date.

In Chennai,
Ishi:Today is ki’s party.
Raman:Today is ka’s party
Rv-Manik:So when is kapoor and sons party?.
Nandu-Ishu:What about Fan?
Parents keep their hands on head.

Sorry for late update. And thnk u sooo much for ur comment.Btw there is a suspense in the next episode.And it will be the next day i.e. Tuesday. Hope u all remember my ff.
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Credit to: Divanshi

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  1. I think sid bhai means Siddharth Malhotra (actor)

    1. U are right it is siddharth Malhotra but not the actor. There is a twist in the tale.

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