Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 16

16th update here…..hope u all like this.Thnq janvi, Prince, Dhruva,Sruthi and alll for ur comments.
The epi strts wid Nandu coming downstairs and surprised to see Ishu reading newspaper,
Nandu:Maa…..aaj baarish hone wala hai (Its gonna rain today mom)
Mrs.Murty:Weather doc aa gayi? Tumne aise kyun bola (Weather doc has come?Y did u say like that?)
Nandu:Maa..cant u see Ishu is reading and tht to……NEWSPAPER! !
Ishu (Irritated):Arre oh! NGO ki rani aaj Meri company ka naam newspaper mein dekha isliye pad rahi hoon.And btw newspaper is not only for u (Oh! Queen of NGO .I saw my company name on newspaper thts y I am reading)
Nandu (moving forward):I thought. ..

She slips on the floor and falls down because of her glass sandals.While she was falling Rv and Manik entered and saw her falling. They started laughing.
Ishu:Zyada sochna mat…nahim toh…..gir jaaogi (Dont think too much…if not….u will fall down)
Nandu gets up and leave to her room irritated. Manik follows her.
Rv comes near Ishu:Kya baat hai aaj toh Ishani madam subah-subah newspaper and all (What a surprise Ishani madam s reading newspaper early mrng)
Rv:See my companies name n the newspaper.
Rv takes tht and keep it aside and holds her hand.
Ishu:Leave yaar.maa will see
Mrs Murty:I am going upstairs.
Ishveer smile.
Manik:Nandu…..Nandu stop yaar
Manik:For me
Nandu:U wer also laughing right?
Nandu:leave it.Y did u come here?
Manik:To invite u both for

Saturday party. Today night frm 8pm-3am.
Mrs.Murty:Nandu I hav given u both permission. You ppl may go.
Nandu hugs her mom.Manik also hug them.
Mrs Murty:Kahin dekho to romance. Chod mujhe. (Everywhere romance. Leave me)
Ishu:What should I wear for todays party?
Rv:Anything. u look bful always.
Ishu:Will u pick me up?
Rv:Moti! U cant even walk till club house ?
Ishu make a puppy face.
Rv(cups her face):Sorry baba! we will go together.
Ishu:Thnk u (hugs him)
Rv:Come in blue-black combo dress.U look so bful….I mean gorgeous in tht colour dresses.
Ishu:ok! I thought of wearing purple colour. But its ok as u wish.
Rv:Thnq sweetheart.
Ishu:We both are talking so sweetly right?
Ishu:like…anything-for-u types.So gf-bf like.Its so awkward.
Rv (laugh):Haan yaar! I was also thinking the same.
Both laugh thinking their stupid flirty talks.
Raman and Ishita get ready and goes to Ruhi and finds tht she is already dressed.
Ishi:Wow! my princess is ready.
Raman(teasing):My girl has become big.

Ishi looks at Raman.
Raman:Haan yar! Y are talking to her like this .She know to do her things better than u.
Ruhi:yes papa.Make Ishima understand. Always say my princess, my baby, my girl etc.what s this Ishima?
Ishi:Acha beta.with ur papa today. Think abt it.Tmw u both will need me.
Ishi turns being angry (fake)
Ruhi and Raman sign eachother.
Ruhi-Raman:Ishima.Will forgive Ruhi.Coz Ishima loves Ruhi and Raman.
Ishita turns and smiles both hug her and Raman kisson her cheek.Ishu blush.They leave to temple.
At night, Rv forgot to pick Ishu.Nandu-Ishu come.Ishu turns her face when Rv comes.
Ishu:Dont Make new stories.its ok.I understand
Rv hugs her:Thnk god.
Ishu nods.
Ishu goes inside the club house and drinks vodka thinking it to be water as it was kept in an mineral water bottle.Nandu saw this and understand tht it was vodka as Manik kept it there.She hopes to see some drama.
Ishu is drunk and is out of control. She goes to Rv and says:Rv….Rv…
Ishu:I love u.
Rv:I luv u too.But…

Ishu:But wut…nothing.Lets go out this party is so boring.
Rv(understand tht she s drunk): Ishu…try to understand u are out of….
Ishu:Sh….u love me na?
Ishu:Sh….I want to go out thts it Mr.Ranveer. Arora.
Rv:Ok miss universe.We Will go.Lemme call Manan.
Ishu:Bhudu! dont disturb them they might create disturbance for us.
Rv smiles. Both go in Rvs bike.
On the way,
Ishi:Wow! Ranveer stop the car….I mean bike.
Rv stops the bike .Ishu get down and runs towards a bridge from where u can see lights of buildings and stars.Ishu loved the sight.She kiss Rv on cheek.Rv gets surprised to c Ishus drunkhard side.
Ishu:Zara sa jhoom loo mein
Rv:Arre nare nare naa
Ishu:plzz…zara jhoom loo Mein
Rv:nare nare na
Ishu:Tujhe choom loon mein.
Rv:Arre nare baba na
Ishu runs:Mein chali banke hawa….
Rv runs behind:Rabba mere….meinu bhacha.
(DDLJ song).

Ishu stops and turns and runs to Rv.hug him.He hugsher back.She looks at him.And pulls him more close.They share a passionate kiss.
Ishu:It was my 1st kiss ever.And tht too n roadside.Drunk. (winks)
Rv:U are n ur senses??
Ishu:Yaah…I drank vodka mixed n water.Water content was high.Thts y…nothing much happened.
Rv:Drama queen….
Ishu hug him.They share some good happy time….

Precap:Manan masti.

Plzz do comment all.And thnks again for ur support. Nxt update will be on 21st.Till then stay tuned.

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  2. did u all like it???Plzz do comment.And thnq all 4 ur wishes for my exams.My 1st exm is ovr and it was easy.Thnq once again for all ur support and prayers

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  3. very lovely ff ………. but why u updated so late?

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  9. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    too good…. Naughty Ishu did it intentionally…loved it…. waiting for the next… my exams r also approaching… will start from 22 March

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