Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 15

14th update (The much awaited epi) is here….again sorry for making u all wait till monday.Frm today till march 31st only one update a sorry.Exms….but i will try my best.
The episode starts with Ishita asking Raman to go and sleep as they had to go to a temple tomorrow for Ruhi.Raman nods and goes to sleep.Ishita goes to check in the hall for Manan and ishveer and finds tht they are not there.
Ishi calls Manik,
Manik:Heloo di.We have come out just some night fun car ride.
Ishi:Yah..tke care of yourself and others.
They cut the call.
Nandu:Manik! y did u lie to di.
Manik:Arre oh satya ke devi.Keep quiet and lemme keep an eye on them.

7hrs back,
Rv-Manik in a cafe talking to eachother about giving Ishu surprise for proposal.
Manik:Y dont u take her to the hills near tht lake…..I am sure she will love it.
Rv:Ok. but will u come with us till there.
Manik:I am ready but how?
Rv:During the party I will say tht I am gettin bored and we will go for a ride n bike.So…..
Rv:Anything for her.
Manik smiles thinking abt Nandini.
After party all reach the hill point. Rv-Ishu reach first,
Rv:Ishu I think they are on the way.
Manik to Nandu:Rv is gonna confess.
Nandu:Oh my god! Omg! woooooow
Manik:Nandini dont gett too much excited.
Nandu in excitement hugs Manik. He hugs her back.She tries to leave but Maniks eye locks her there.They share an eye lock.

Rv:Look up
Ishu(looking up and admiring the sky whichwas full with stars and the moon protecting them like a father):Its……..its just awesome. Amazing view.Gorgeous sky….no words to express.
Rv:Now turn to me.
Manik and Nandu move away and looks at Ishveer who were looking at the sky. Nandu also looks up and says to herself:Dear God, I love Manik from the bottom of my heart.Plz dont separate us I dont wanna lose him.
Rv: U are the moon and sun of my life.You show me light of education, Friendship and love…………
Ishu:Dont say tooo much dialogue. Jo bolna hai jaldi bol ( Whatever u wanna say.say fast)
Rv:Keep quiet lemme complete my dialogue. You are my lifes biggest gift.I cant get a better friend, a better neighbour than you.After all the hectic work of my day I need a person with me to energetise me, To party hard with me,To come with for a bike ride when I am bored.Will u be tht special person?
Ishu (surprised):Yes….no…..dont know….no no….yes.
Rv:Yes final?

Ishu nods
Rv (shouts):I love u Ishani
Tum hi ho plays….
Rv-Ishu hug.

Ishu:I love u tooo.
Manan come there and says congratz.
Manik:Nandu….you are my…
Nandu:Dont say the same dialogue.
Manik:Hello I am practicing for proposing a girl in future.Never think tht its you.
Nandu make a puppy face.
Rv:Manik just take her there.
Manik:Ok fine.Follow me guys

They leave in bike.Manik takes them to a flower shop which was near their college. He then takes them to a garden behind it.Nandu is stunned to see her NGO children with soo many roses.
Nandu runs to hug them.They all give her rose.One girl in that gives a letter asking her to turn back. She turns back and find Manik kneeling down with a rose in his hand.
Manik:Miss Nandini Murty you are the best thing tht ever happened to me I love you to the core.
Nandu runs to hug him and says:I love monsters… I mean Manik.
Tujhko jo paaya plays…
Manik-Nandu hug.Ishveer stand there holding eachother.
Saibo plays. ….
All return to their respective houses and are happy for whatever happened tht day………..
Precap:Ishveer moment

Hope u all like this.Sorry again for not being able to update daily till march 31st.Plzz do comment negative or positive doesn’t matter.
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