Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 14

13th update here.Thanq allll for ur comments and happy to see malayalees.#Proud mallu #Luv all.
Its 12am,
Manik, Nandu, Ishu, Ishi,Raman, Ruhi are infront of Rv’s room waiting to give him surprise. Rv opens the door.All wish him.Manik and Raman hug him.Nandu gives him gift and says:From both of us. Rvs gets sad tht Ishu didn’t gift him anything spcl.Ishi and Ruhi notice this.
Ruhi:Happy birthday boy friend.
Rv:Thank u girlfriend.
Ruhi:kya treat de rahe ho? (whats the treat)
Rv:I will prepare lunch today.And…..
Rv:A song for my sweet heart (Looks at Ishu)
Ruhi:Sweetheart yahan hai sofa mein nahin (Sweetheart is here not on sofa)
Everybody laugh.
Ishi:Party is there today right?
Raman:Yah.But y are you gettin so much excited?
Ishi:I hav to call my boy friend.

fd,,llll ++r
Raman stares.
Manik:Sis! Kaunsa bf? school wala yah college wala?(which bf? school one or college one? )
Ishi:New one bro
Ruhi laugh and say:Ishima is tht the mall one
Ishi nods.
Raman:Ruhi u too.
Ruhi:Papa sach ko kyun chupau (y should v hide the truth)
Raman(Irritated):I am gng to my room to Sleep.Ishi if u want u come or else stay with ur mall bf.
Ishi laughs nd goes behind him
Manik and Rv go with Nandish to drop them.
On the way,
Ishu:Btw whats the treat ?

Rv:Bas…dekhte rahja (Wait and watch)
Manik:Nandu! I forgot my wallet in ur house today evening. So I am coming wid u to take it.Guys plz wait here
Rv:Ok bro
Ishu:Come fast
Manan go in
Rv:Are u planning to give me anything spcl?
Ishu:Excuse me…Nandu gave that on my behalf. It was actually my gift.
Rv get excited and in excitement he kiss her on her cheek.Ishu is shocked. Rv realises what he did and gets shy.
Ishu:What the……u crazy fool.What did u do know?
Rv:Just excitement.
Ishu:U kiss when u get excited? I didn’t know that.
Manan were standing behind and gets stunned hearing the word”KISS”.
Manik(fake anger):Rv u kissed Ishu.(smiles) sach bolo kaha kiss kiya tha (tell me truth where did u kiss)
Ishu:Manik I will kill u.

Rv:Bro. Now just cheek
Nandu(Angry):Guys. Shut up
All stunned.
Nandu (Smiles):Ishu.y are u gettin angry.You wanted him to kiss somwhere else or what?
Manik-Rv-Nandu give hifi
Ishu gets angry and leaves
Manik:Ishu wait yaar.
Ishu turns and smiles then she runs to her room
Manan doesn’t see this.Manik-Rv leave.
Rv:Do u know something?
Manik:If u tell me I will get to know.
Rv:Tht crazy girl really love me just like the way I do.

Manik:How do u kno that?
Rv:Just turn and look up (Ishus room)
Manik turns and look up and see that Ishu is standing behind the curtains (shadow).
Manik:Oh teri! Ishu likes u.
Rv:aaj kuch aisa hone wala hai ki Ishani will confess her love for me.(Something will happen today because of whivh Ishani will comfess her feelings.)
Manik :Whats ur plan?
Ishu:Tum itni kush kyun ho rahi thi jab Manik ne bola ki he forgot his wallet (Y were u happy when Manik told that he forgot his wallet)

Nandu:Dont behave as if you dont know anything,.

Ishu:Yaar go tell ur feelings he love u.
Ishu:U need proof for these silly things.Its not any theorem in maths
Nandu:Ofcourse its a theorem.Its easy to love somebody without telling them. u know crush types.But it takes courage to say I love you to the person u love deeply.
Ishu:God! Nandu dont take class on love.Ok proof is Cavya’s Marriage album.Manik is looking at you in all photos of us.
Nandu:oh Teri! u are right. I will make him confess today before 24hrs get over.
Ishu yawn:whatever lemme sleep. Rv might come n dream today also
She remember abt the kiss incident and smiles and sleeps. Nandu also sleep

Manik give Rv gift.Rv goes to room and opens gift given by Ruhi and finds a bracelet which Rv liked .He opens Ishras gift and finds a Rado watch which he had asked Raman to buy when he went to Singapore. He gets glad.He open Maniks gift and finds a collage work of Manik-His-Ishu-Nandu photos. He gets soo happy seeing that.He then opens Ishus gift and find a Neck chain which.There was a letter with that.He opens it and reads that,
Rv… .so sorry I couldn’t buy anything else theres a krishna locket with this but I will give it tmw only -Ishu.
He gets thinking. He wear tht chain and sleeps.

Its evening (party time),
Rv has only invited Nandu and Ishani. Raman and Ishi arr still fighting abt the bf case.The theme is green-white. Nandu is in a light green top and white skirt.Ishu in green frock. Ishita in Green saree with white lace blouse.Raman is n Green shirt white blazer and white pants.Ruhi In a white frock which green net covered.Manik in a green shirt and black jeans.Rv is in a green tshirt and white jeans with a white blazer (looks stunning).
All are enjoying.Rv sings subanallah(YJHD) staring at Ishu. All ask Manik also to sing he takes his guitar and sings Khabar Nahin (Dostana).All dance keeping song.Raman and Ishi solve their silly fight during party.All enjoy dancing. Ishita goes to make Ruhi sleep.Raman follow her,
Ishi:Raman Ruhi is sleeping plz dont make noise.

He holds her from behind and places his head on her shoulder and kiss on her cheeks.She asks him to leave. He say tht u are my wife.I can kiss my wife only right.Can I go and kiss Mrs.Murty.
Ishi:If u dare think about it I will kill u.Btw she s ur moms age.
Raman laughs .


Haa…wait and watch for confession. Be patient.Next update only on Monday
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