Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 13

My 12th epi is here.There is no Ishra scene in this.But Ruhis dialogue will be there.By the way how many malayalees here??We can have some small talks.
The episode starts with Manik, Nandu, Mrs.Murty and Ruhi reaching Mall.
Ruhi:Mamu I want a candy
Nandu:Haan yaar mee to
Mrs.Murty:I am going on 2nd floor u ppl hav candy and stay here.I will call you when my shopping is done.Manik beta take care of Ruhi and Nandu
Manik nods.Mrs.Murty leaves.
Ruhi:Nandu…..ayyo….yeh tum kya kar rahi ho (What are you doing? ).Amma ko akela chod diya (Left your mom alone)
Nandu:Arre ohh dramebaaz.My mom is sweet 52.Dont underestimate the power of an 53yr old beauty.
Manik:Ruhi beta.Can we go and eat candy.Phirse ladna shuru mat karo tum dono. (Dont start your fight again)
Nandu and Ruhi nods.
They reach near a stage set up by the mall authorities and finds that people are singing for their loved ones.
Ruhi:Mamu.I think its time for you to sing.
Ruhi winks.Nandu blush
Nandu:Manik y dont u go and sing.
Manik:Oh.plzz. Its been a long time since I hav sang.
Ruhi:Kal hi tho aapne gaya tha.I mean bathroom mein (You sang yday only right in bathroom)
Nandu laughs.Manik lifts Ruhi and tell her:You are just like my di.Simply irritating.
Ruhi Beti kiski hai (Whose daughter)
Manik smiles and he decides to give his name.

In Rv’s office,
Rv arrives and finds Ishani there.He gets surprised but was happy inside.They see eachother
Ishani:Thank god you came.I was waiting for you.
Rv:ok.But y are u here?
Ishani:I came her for my boss.He told tht he want urs and ur dads signature for tht contract.As his lawyer told.
Rv Okk.
Ishu:Whats this ok ok? Come lets go in to ur cabin.
They enter lift and power goes.They get stuck in lift.Ishu gets scared and hugs Rv.
Rv In mind:I wish power kabhi na aaye.
Ishu:Did u say something?
Rv (lost in Ishu):Yah…I love
Power comes and Rv realise what he was abt to tell.He moves away from Ishu and says:I didnt say anything.
Ishu:Oh..thn what was that …..I……lo…etccc.
Power again Ishu again hugs him.
Rv:I lo…and all nothng.Just for fun
Ishu hugs Rv tight.
Tere liye hi jiya mein……(tum hi ho) plays.
Ishu looks time and says:Bappa.Its already 5:30 I dont know whn will I reach home after this.
Rv in mind:When I am here whats the big deal. You are lucky to get an Husband like me.
Rv(lost in ishu):I will drop you gorgeous.
Rv:yah…You are gorgeous right?
Ishu:What happened to u these days?You are behaving like you are my husband.Its …..its really strange.
Rv:Nothing. I will tell everything when its right time.
Power comes.Ishu gets the signatures and leave to home with Rv.On the way,
Ishu :Did u feel bad when I shouted at u n the lift.
Rv:No yaar.Afterall, I know what I am doing and the reason behind it also.
They reach home.
In the mall,
Manik’s name is called.Manik sings…Mitwa (Kabhi alvida naa kehna).Nandu and Ruhi clap.Ishra come there to pick Ruhi.
Ruhi:Ishima.Did u hear mamu sing.
Ishi:Yah…beta come lets go.
Ruhi Ishita and Raman leave.
Nandu:Amma ki shopping abi tak katam nahin huyi (ammas shopping is not over yet)
Manik:Lets wait yaar.
Nandu:I am getting bored.lets do something weird
Manik:No nandu.We will do it.
Nandu sees a see-saw and signs Manik. Both of them go out to the park and play n the see-saw.
Nandu whose on top:Yaar Manik you are so tall and fat.See I am always on top.
Manik:Arre oh choti.Just because you are short and is slim dont blame me. Ofcourse height toda zyada hai (I am a little taller) but its all right.
Nandu:I wanna go down.
Manik gets up from there casually and Nandu falls on the ground aching her back.
Nandu:Ouch….my ass….its really paining.
Manik laughs.Mrs.Murty come and they head to leave.They reach Nandus house Manik help them with the bags.And holds Nandu whose walking holding her hips.
Ishu laugh seeing her like that.
Ishu:pregnant hai kya (are u pregnant? )
Nandu sits In sofa near Ishu and pulls her ear.Manik laughs and explains everything.
Manik reach back home and hides a cover from everybody and keeps in his room.Ishra-Rv looks on.
Rv-Manik lie down in their room thinking about Ishu-Nandu.

Precap:Rv’s bday.Confession
Guess whose confession.options:
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  1. nestle joseph

    njan malayaliyattooo.

  2. Ishveer scenes ….. suuperb ….!!!

    i think ishveer confession …

  3. ishra ka scene ko kam karke manan ishveer ka scenes pace bada dho yar

    1. yes dear.After the next epi u can see ishveer and manan scene

      1. when will u update the next episode

  4. So nice couples

  5. I think it’s ishveer’s confession.Am I right? and then it’s really cute story u know.???

  6. realy nic epi dear…. it was amazing…
    thanks for manan scenes n manik nd ruhi’s scenes…. they were really cute….
    thanks again dear…

  7. Put some more manan scenes plzz

  8. Nice yar..I guess it’s ishveer confession

  9. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    It was superb varsha.l think it was ishveer confession.If it is like that I am really happy.
    Njan malayaliyanh.

  10. Helloo…njan malayali aan…didn’t knw that this was being done by a malayali…:). I’m from calicut…I like your storyline verymuch…:)

  11. And I think(I wish) it’s gonna be a manan confession since I’m a fan of kyy…yeah I like all the others but kyy is my fav of them all…:)…


    I think ishveer…….

  13. Nice episode but,I am a ishra fan and also I am a malayali too

  14. Njan malayaliyaa

  15. Dear malayalees,
    I am a malayali but i am studyng in Mumbai.

  16. Happy to know that there are malayalees here.
    Love all

  17. Manan confession pls and I like the d way ur taking the story thank u

  18. Not a ishveer’s confession..coz the b’day is myy hotty rv’s….really waiting for ishveer’s hot romanc….

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