Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 12

So here it is my 11th update.I actually didn’t like the 10th update(romika part). So will make this more intresting.
10 years later,
(Ishra are married and Ruhi is their daughter who is 5 years.Manik-Rv-Ishra are staying in Ishita’s house. Manik is an engineer Nandini works in an NGO which takes care of children who are forced to beg. Others also help her. Ishani works in a company as accounts head.Rv works in his fathers company as Manager.Cavya are in Banglore and hav 2 children (twins).Romika havnt patched up yet. All are upset)
A girl is seen waking up and she tie her hair. She prays to God and says:Raman….Raman…get up
The girl is Ishita. Raman wakes up and pulls Ishi closer and says:I had soo much fun last night (winks)
Ishi::Leave me Raman. I hav to make food for everyone.
Raman holds her more and kiss on her cheek

Raman:this is morning kiss.
Ishita leaves from there she stops on the door and say:I will give night kiss .
Ishi run. Raman smiles
Manik wakes up and prays. He get ready for jogging . Manik enters Rv’s room.
Manik:Saale… get up…lazy crap….get up
Rv(in sleep):Ishani leave me alone. It has been only 2days since our marriage is over. Dont make me cook
Ishita hear this and Manik and Ishi laugh. Raman comes there and ask them. They explain everything and all laugh
Ishita:Rv sir. Shaadi nahin hue aapki(you are not married yet)
Rv in shock and is embarrassed.

Rv-Manik go for jogging and see Nandu-Ishu parents with their dog.
Rv (scared):Woh kutta! Crap maan. I am sure it will bark at us for ydays incident.
Manik:Lets take a U turn.
Mr. Murty:Manik beta.
Manik turns:Yes appa.
Mr.M: Can you take Lakshmi(Mrs Murty) to Mall today Nandini will accompany you.
Rv:What happ….
Manik:Its ok uncle I will drop them
Manik smiles
Rv:Appa. If Ishu wants to go somewhere I can drop her.

Lakshmi:Ayyo.No thanks beta. She have her scooty
Manik laughs uncontrollably.
Suddenly the dog starts barking.
Mr. M:Rufoo…….stop it. Yday also you were disturbing others
Last night. In Murty house,
Manik and Rv got in and where going to Nandini and Ishani room.The dog saw them and it barked. All the people colony heard the dog and thought that Theif has entered the colony. All came to Murty house. By that time Manik-Rv had left.Mr.M had to say sorry to everybody as they didnt see anyone there.

In Malhotra house,
Ishita:Ruhi beta….Ruhi beta….u have to go to school get ready. Ruhi woke up and prays. She comes to hall. Raman was reading newspaper.Ruhi went and hugged him.Both of them were lying on sofa.
Ishi:Raman….plzz make Ruhi ready.
He ask Ruhi to take bath and goes to kitchen
Raman:Do u need any help?
Ishi (busy):No.Did you send Ruhi to bath
Raman hugs Ishi from behind. Ishi gets shocked and makes the wooden jug fall and it hits Ramans leg.
Raman:Ah….Arre yaar samhal nahin sakti kya. (Cant hold it or what)
Ishi :Sorry.. so…so..sorry

Raman:Its okay but I will take revenge for this…….ah…today night.
Ishi:Raman….no…I wont allow
Raman: Who will stop me?
Ishi gets tensed. Raman leaves

Rv-Manik come with Ishu.
Ishu:Bhai. What happend to your leg its swelling.
Rv:bhai….Bhabi ne kuch kiya. (Did ishi di do anythng)
Raman: Notng.wood jug fell on my leg. When I went to take water.
Manik:Ishi di usually have the habit of taking something and making it fall on her leg or somebody else leg.
Rv-Ishu laugh
Raman:Dont make fun of my wife
Ishu:Pyaare patidev (Lovely husband )
Rv:no……scaryy patidev.
All laugh.

Precap:Manan shopping fun.Ishveer get stuck in lift

Hope you guys liked the leap.If you dont like this plz comment I will continue the other one. Sorry that I didnt give imp. to Ishveer and Manan.
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#Love all.

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  1. It’s amazing dii……can’t wait for next update……..

  2. Ya dr..u did’nt gav imp to ishveer..but i lyk tat portion” rv told mr.murthy tat if ishu wants to go somewhere then i drop her na”.. and the rv-monster’s theif portion.. then rv’s dream these all r really owsom dr..whch std rvu study in yaar?

    1. 10th @ arham (soul of ishveer).Thnq for ur support.

  3. Hii the leap is just awesome . don’t change it . this is just amazing wonderful. I mean or ff’s r wow

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    Pls yaar update it soon mean l want to see ishveer stuck in lift……will be awesome…..

  7. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Really superb dr.Ranvi was rocking.I loved Ranvi’s dream was so funny.go ahead dr.update next fast.

  8. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    yaar it is so nice . ishveer stuck in lift super . love it

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  10. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    this is awesome but from now don’t take any leap . I just loved ranveer’s dream part and please update the next part soon . I want ishveer romance in lift

    1. No leap from now.I just wanted to make all a little older so tht i can include some romance.

  11. Hi divanshi….unlike daily soaps, without so much dragging ur update is running like horse in race (race gurram)..include manan scenes yar…manik as engineer omg its so different to think…but guitar suits him the most…manik doesn’t have that much attitude unlike kyy right…add some ruhi dialogues also…

  12. So cute yaar

  13. My name is actually varsha.Divanshi is a name which i found by connecting my bffs name. Di-Divya ,Va-Varsha, N-Nisha,S-Siddharth, H-Harry,I-Irene. These are my bffs. I want to thank all of younfor supporting me.

  14. it an amazing part dear….
    Damn cute…. i luved each n evry bit of it..
    plzz show some special bond between ruhi n manik..
    coz u know he is d cutest mamu afterall…
    nd thanks fr d quick updates…

  15. I love the leap specially and rv manik friendship its awesome

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