Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 11

So here it is 10th epi….
hope you all love this and plzz do comment.
Cavya’s marriage is done. They are leaving to Bangalore. Nandu Ishu and Navya hug eachother and cry.
Navya:Ruladiya na pagal (crqzy made me cry right)
Ishu:Dhi! yeh kushi ka aasu hai. (this is tears of happiness)
Nandu:poor cabir bhai. How can he handle you? Humne 18yrs se aapko jeela hai (we have beared to for 18yrs)
All 3 hug and cry.Cabir -Raman-RV hug and say bye.Cavya leave in car to airport. Murty’s cry.

After an Year,
In hospital,
Ishita is in cabin somebdy calls her n says:Mam there is an emergency in room506.Actually Raman sir need your help.
Ishita leaves to room 506 and sees a lady in black frock talking with Raman & Raman flirting with her.
Ishi gets furious and goes in and says:you cheat Raman.
Raman (surprised):Ishi.Hi
Ishi(controlling herself):Y did you call me here
Girl:Raman y did she call you cheat?
Raman: I dnt noe darling. She is my Bff nothing else .Dont misunderstand
Ishi:Yah just for fun
Raman goes to ishi and says in her ear:I have called you here to do my heart transplantation into her heart You understood right?
And holds his collar.
Ishi:I will not leave you so easily. Transplantation. foot. go to hell
Raman: Yaar help me plzz
Girl:wats happening here Ram baby.
Ishi:whaat baby?
Raman:Nothing darling. I love you
Ishi surprised and shocked. She is about to cry. Tht girl runs to Raman and hugs her.
Girl:I love you too Raman
She tries to kiss on his lips.Ishi pushes her and Kiss Raman. Raman is shocked.
Ishi:Sry….but I cant lose you and…I…I
Ishi:I love you
Raman smiles and hugs and says: I tooo….love that girl.
Ishi beats him
Raman:Just kidding Baba, I love you sooooo much.
Manan Ishveer enter.
Nandu:This our plan di
Rv:Yahh….tum logon ko tho ho gaya.(Its set for you ppl now)
Manik-Rv:Ab hamara kya (Wat abt us)
Nandu and Ishu blush
Ishi(holds Rv and Manik ear):Pehle 12th tho pasa hi jaavo phir dekthe hai (1st pass 12th.Thn lets see)
All laugh

Same time Romika are in Mumbai. They meet in cafe.
Romi:Its been a Year right since we have been in a relationship. My first looooooooooooooonggggggg relationship.
Ritika:Yah…but its not my first looong relationship. I hav had 1serious one
Romi (jelous):oh…who was it.
Ritika:His name is Sharman (Matsh char)
Romi:oh…tht guy in your maths tuition class in 10-12 right?
Ritika:God! U remember a lot abt me.
Romi:Yah.Tell me abt yours and Sharmans
Ritika:Y?? Anyways I will say just for you.He proposed me and we were in relationship for 2yrs.Thn we broke up.
Romi:oh…acha…u had any other bf’s?
Ritika:Nothng long
Romi:Oh so u had short relationships. Do you remember how many?
Ritika:Are you getting jelous? ?
Romi:No not at all. Its very interesting to know abt gf’s ex right?
Ritika:whaat?? Romi u have changed a lot. Nowadays you are not caring.You didnt understand that I have become fat.My weight has increased by 3kgs.And u didnt realise that I hav worn the dress which you gave me last year.And my….
Romi(loudly):Stop it yaar. I dont like the way you are-I mean the way you are now. I loved the old Tweetu who was free-spirited carefree innocent.You have changed I am sorry
Ritika:Now u understood I hav changed. Dude you were not realising it.It was all my acting just to make you understand how much YOU have changed.
Romi gets thinking and after some time says:Lets break up
Ritika:Yah….but not break up may be a break. Once I get my Romi back.I will be the old Tweetu…….ur Tweetu.
she cries and leaves.Romi is sad.
Precap: 10yrs later
Dnt panic abt Romika breakup.There will be Ishveer and Manan scenes now onwards and Ishra nok-joks.
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  1. It was awesome…. yrr plzzz continue

  2. Its just amazing yr……
    But include some manan scene……
    Thanx for such a beautiful update….

  3. nice episode yar

  4. oh shit 10 years leap is too long. make it a year or 10 month. i hope u understand. because when we read any fanfic, we imagine the scene by ourselves & 10 years of leap make me feel like they are getting old. please DIVANSHI mam reduce the leap. it’s my request. but by the way ur fanfic is too awesome

  5. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice.waiting for ishveer scenes.

  6. Ya i totally agree wid prince…and the happy thng is now our ishveer’s romanc and manan too..oh i am really waiting for next epi..plzz mak it soon dr..u r owsom

  7. amazing prt dear…. really excited…

  8. IshuRV(Pranjali)

    yes it’s too good but reduce that leap timing from 10years to 2years

  9. yup… i also think tht it should be reduced a bit….cuz its too long…

  10. So nice dr

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