Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 10

Hi guys…here I am with 9th episode. Dont wrry abt the leap. I hav already told that I will not separate these ppl but there will be some funny misunderstandings between them.
The episode starts with Ishveer and Manan’s group hug.Ishi and Raman come near them.(Only their planA was over before plan how come they become friends.-this was gng in their mind)
Manik see them and says:Di! I came to know the truth?
Raman: But how?
Manik: I saw Karthik behaving strange while we were dancing. That time when all of us went to drink water. I saw him there :
Manik:You didn’t go till now?

Karthik (drunk state):How can I go without ruining Romi
Manik shocked:Romi? but y?
Karthik:I ruined yours and Rv’s friendship just because I loved Ritika.
Manik is shocked and holds his collar and push him out.

Rv:Tht Karthik was the reason for all these. Btw how come Raman bhai and Ishi di knew abt this?
Nandu and Ishu:we told them.
Ishu:He had confessed that to me before.
Manik:Ok .So that was the reason y u ppl were behaving so weirdly with him.
Ishu nods
Nandu:Anyways I am the happiest person today.As I have got my bffs.

Days passed its Cavya’s marriage,
Navya is in a gold red and white lehenga.
Cabir is in red-white sherwani.

Nandu and Ishu in same dress a blue-cream net chudi with ligh peach shawl.
Manik in White shirt and Beige pants. Rv is in Maroon-beige kurti. (I dnt know what you call for tht ).Raman is in Red-white kurti.
Ishi is in pink-Gold-peach net chudi.Ritika in Blue-White long skirt and top with a blue bordered white shawl.Romi is in a Red shirt and blue jeans.
Marriage rituals are taking place Nandu and Ishu cry Manik-Rv make fun of them, Ishra and Romika are together.
Romi:God! yeh shaadi-vaadi kitna boring hai. (Shaadi is really boring).I dont understand. Why does people wanna marry.
Ritika:for kids
Ishi laughs
Romi:Tweetu if you want kids. I am ready now.
Ritika beats him

Ishi explains:Romi beta you will not be always 20 or 24. someday you will be 60 or 70 at that time you will need somebdy to look after you right. Old-stooping Romi
Romi:Dhi! Uss din bhi jawaani ka keeda mere anthar rahega (youth will be there with me at tht time also)
Raman looks at Ishi who is arguing with Romi
Ishveer and Manan join them
Raman (infront of everyone):Ishita…you look veru beautiful today
Ishi widens her eyes but control herself:Thanq Raman.
Manik to RV:Are you having any doubt on these two?
Rv: not doubt. I am sure that they love eachother.
Ishu:Phir se phus-phus. (Again murmmering)
Manik:Nothng yaar.
Ishu:U ppl are playing here and look at my sis. poor Navya she is getting traped.
RV:Hamara Cabir bhai kya trap nahin hue. Look at his face bechara dar raha he(cabir is also getting trapped right.Look at his face he is scared) (cabir sits there tired)
Ishu:Thats because he is tired.
Nandu:Stop it guys. Both of them are marrying coz they love eachother. They are not getting trapped or something.
Rv and Manik:Nandu
Manik:Nandu -The Angry Bird
Manik and Rv give hi-fi.

Raman notice Romika talking holding their hands
Raman:Ek taraf angry bird upar se ud rahe he or doosri taraf love birds Neechese ud rahe he. (One side angry bird is flying above and other side love birds are flying below)
Romika leave their hand and Others laugh.

Precap:Ishra confession. Romika decide to break-up

Hope u guys liked this. Dont worry abt break-up .

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    Wow yaar you are an awesome writer dear….pls keep going like this…..and pls yaar add some ishveer scene……

  2. It’s really amazing yar….
    Keep going….

  3. keep entertaining us dude. u r awesome

  4. its really nic dear… keep writing… n u r vry talented n artistic dear…. keep smiling…. stay blessed…. luv u loads…

  5. Very nice good going

  6. What brokeup why

  7. It was awesome dr.when ishveer confess their love.keep updating.

  8. muahhhhhh….. what an epi . keep it up

  9. Superb!! CaVya wedding!! Please keep them in the story too! At least our cabira! He’s a pro in teasing manan?
    Everyone were adorable! ! Loved all!! Especially manik n rv! Their frienfship is awesome!!! Haww nandu the angry bird toh manik.. u monster!!
    The previous too was awesome!! Just read all of them now! Missed it these days coz of prelims! Sorry! Manik’s 1st crush n rv’s 1st love were mind blowing n manik’s crush was hilarious ?????? manik n rv just got flown by the game!?
    Your doing a very good job dear!
    Stay blessed. Stay happy☺

  10. Interested in the leap! Wanna see everyone’s relationships! Cont soon.

  11. Arey wrds to by day ur ff making roczz…keep updat yaar..i won’t wait for nxt epi..plzz post soon divanu..

  12. can u upload the next episode

  13. Deepu i have updated it today. telly updates was not accepting any articles till 24th

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