Yeh hai #Yaariyan #aashiqui- episode 1

Guys this will be a short update.
…..” the phone rang. Manik woke up and found a msg from his sister Ishita:
Dear bro,
Plzz do iron your clothes yourselves at least today. I have an important case in hospital. Buy gift for Nandu dont forget, we have party in her house today evening. Be ready!!!

“oh yaar dhi! aaj bhi (today also)” said manik after reading the message. “Nandu ke liye kya karidoo.(what should I buy for nandu) Idea! wil ask Radhu”.

In Radhika’s house

“Hap-Hap- Happy Bday nandu baby”screamed radz on top of her voice to wake nandu. “arre yaaar! chup chup. plzzz lemme sleep”said nandu irritated.

Ranveer woke up and searched for his phone. Karan came with his phone and said “Bro your phone was with me yday sry”.
Ranveer: It’s okay bhai. I juat wanted to call nandu. Its her bday today. Aaj party hai uske ghar mein aap ko bhi bhulaya hai. (ther is party in her house today and you are also invited.
PS. Nandu and radz are twins but nandu on feb7 11:59pm and Radz on feb8 12:01am)

precap:RV and Manik fight in Nandu’s house.

I think you guys liked my update. plz plz plz do comment

Credit to: Divanshi


  1. Dhruva( Ishani loves Ranveer )

    Its quite interesting but yaar change the names as don’t make Ishani as Radz I don’t like sorry if anybody is hurted but I personally like Ishani ……more than radz…

    • Divanshi

      okay Ishu (RV).I will use Ishani. I wanted a name like Nandini -Just for a southIndian touch. Its okay if u all dont want Radhika I will make it Ishani

    • Divanshi

      Just wait for a week dude. I will update the next episode on next sunday.I am sorry for making you wait.

  2. Plumpyyy

    It was good.. Manik’s gonna buy gift fr nandu.. Kya dega?? So its her bday.. ILY itni jaldi nai bolegi manik ko.. Hehe.. In my MaNan world..!
    I agree wid others.. Plz change radhika into ishaani.. I got confused! And change karan into raman too plz..
    RV manik fight.. Lol. I love Monster Manik lotz!!
    Update wheneve you’re free dear.. No hurries 🙂

  3. Hope

    Okay…sooo d start is smooth..but d characters r still complicated…
    It’ll take time to get used to ’em..
    N yep..keep d names fixed..if Its ishani then keep it that only..smthg like dat..
    Anyways keep writing…
    Keep smiling!!

  4. divansh

    i have updated 1st episode once more. hope you like it. I forgot to write the episode number in the title hope you all dont mind

  5. Roma

    Lovely episode, loved it..happy bday to nandu, all r excited…let’s see what manik will buy for nandini’s gift…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.