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yeh hai rishta (Intro)


Raman at a very young age looses his father so he respects his mother very much(because his mother worked hard to make raman come to this level ). But he does not want to marry . his does not know what love is , he thinks money and work can only make life beautiful. He likes his younger brother very much .he is a very very successful business man
Naitik is ramans younger brother who follows his steps everywhere. He is studying in a college(last year).

Naitik loves and respects his brother very much . but is totally different from him. He is chirpy , cool.he hopes someday akshara will accept his love for her.
Akshara is in the same college and in the same class . naitik had not yet prosed to her. She is a very bright student.she hopes someday she will find her dream prince.
Ishita is a dentist and akshara’s elder sister . she likes her sister and family very much.
Gayathri bhalla is raman and naitik’s mother
Rashmi is raman and naitiks sister

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Credit to: varshini

  1. superrrrrr…………… but plzzzzzz make it long…. episode nd update regularly……… ff…… niceeeeee

  2. superr…. make it long. plz nd update dailyy… veryy nice

  3. Superb…… Nice story line………….Plzzzzz continue…………….

  4. Nice
    Plzz be regular in updating ur ff….

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