yeh hai rishta (Episode – 5)

The next day ishita and raman are in their cars when there is a jam . raman sees ishita , he says hi dr.ishita how are u . ishita says hi mr.bhalla ,how r u . raman says yes dr.ishita i am fine .but i have little pain still .ishita says what really , but it should have been alright by now . raman says but i am not alright . ishita says come to my clinic mr.bhalla , i think it is a serious matter ,i thought its because of cavities .but i think u have to visit clinic once more .
The evening raman goes to ishita’s clinic after she had treated all patients and is about to go . raman just enters when ishita is about to lock the door of the clinic . she says mr.bhalla i told u to come by 5 thirty actually ,ok come . she checks raman .she says are yar what is this . raman says what happened dr.ishita why are u shocked . ishita says mr.bhalla u have a big problem in ur teeth . do u brush regularly . raman says yes . ishita says then i am sure that u drink a lot of energy drinks right .raman says yes .but how do u know that . ishita smiles . she says mr.bhalla i am a dentist . so… u have to consult me twice a week .

i have to get some advanced instruments for ur teeth . ur teeth is totally damaged from inside . u can come any day .ur teeth will become alright within two or three months if u can come twice a week . raman says i am very busy actually i cant come , can u tell me any other solution for this . ishita says mr.bhallas u can loose ur teeth for ever because of this .

Raman imagines him without his teeth ,he thinks my clients will go away , then what will happen to my business . he says ok i will come .saying this he goes . ishita says mr.bhalla one more thing ,this procedure is very long , so u cannot talk after treatment for 3 hours . so u can bring ur relative or somebody wid u ok . raman is shocked . she says ok mr.bhalla u can go . she goes to her home .

Ishita goes to her house
Raman and ishita are dancing very beautifully , romantically , gracefull but but somebody from back beats ishita’s head ,raman is shocked . ISHITA gets up as akshara is beating her . ishita says kitna achha dream ta yar . just then she realises who was in her dreams it was raman . she thinks why , hy RAMAN is coming in her dreams . akshara asks what di why were u so happy and now sad


Guys this not fair. Please comment yar then only i will no i should continue or not.

Credit to: varshini


  1. ude

    varshi of course u must continue it dr…………………never stop from middle………………..kk………..

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