yeh hai rishta (Episode – 4)


Naitik goes to sleep . the next day ishita goes to clinic . she treats her patients . though ishita was young she was the best dentist . many people used to come to her only for any teeth problem .

In office
Raman is in a meeting where akshara and naitik are also present , when raman is talking raman suddenly goes out of the conference room , naitik is shocked he thinks this can never happen , raman bhai can never leave this meeting in middle ,but what happened to raman bhai . naitik goes out . raman is in his cabin , naitik comes there he asks what happened bhai why did u leave meeting in the middle of the meeting . raman says i have tooth pain naitik ,i don’t know why but my tooth is paining . just then akshara comes inside , she sees naitik there and says naitik u go i will take him to doctor , naitik says what i will be with he is about to say bhai but stops and says sir . he says i will also be with sir please .akshara says naitik this is not time to be with sir it is time to take him to a good dentist . naitik says ok . he searches for best dentist in delhi , the first name comes ishita . he doesnot even ask akshara he takes raman to ishita’s clinic . akshara also goes with them. First naitik goes in then wid him raman, then comes akshara . ishita smiles seeing akshara . naitik sees her and thinks i have seen this lady somewhere but i don’t know where .he does not remember that he has seen her in his college when ishita came to farewell party . he says kuch kijiye but make sir alright . akshara thinks why is naitik over reacting for a third person. Ishita treats raman .akshara says sir this is my sister and shows ishita .raman says is it ,and what is ur name , i have never seen u in office , new comer is it . akshara says yes . ok miss . akshara says akshara . ok miss akshara i am going in car . u come wid naitik ok . akshara says ok . naitik thinks now raman bhai car bhi leke chale gaye ab mein keise office pohochhun itni dup hai . i always go in car everywhere except when i used to go to college i used to go in college bus .that too air conditioned , i have to do this much now to hide my identity to stay in my brother’s office.akshara asks what are u thinking naitik , i told u already na this is my di , she is great dentist as u saw , and di u also know him already this is naitik my classmate , now my colleage. naitik says hi dr.ishita . nice to meet u again . akshara and naitik leave from ishita’s clinic. They go in a taxi . the driver puts an sudden break . akshara falls on naitik . she says sorry naitik .naitik says its ok . they go to office.

The next day is Sunday . akshara gets up late . she sees ishita sitting there with no emotions . she goes to ishita and asks what happened di . ishita says again akshara ,it happened again .
Akshara asks really , ishita says yes akshara amma has sent me some photos of bride grooms , again amma is compelling me to marry ,i don’t know why . akshara says don’t worry di amma will keep on sending u photos then she will stop . actually i wanted to ask u something . if u like somebody tell me i will help u . ishita says shaitan and twists akshara’s ears , then she hugs her . ishita says i will get my dream prince some day , u don’t need to help me ok .
I was quite busy so this epi was also very short .but please do comment so that i know how my ff is

Credit to: varshini

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    Its Superbbbbbbbb……….

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    r u the one who wrote the ff Ishra’s reunion?

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