yeh hai rishta (Episode – 3)

Hi friends this is varshini . i think u have forgotten me and my ff yeh hai rishta .first of all sorry i left this ff yeh hai rishta .since i was writing another ff i could not write this ff ,so very very sorry and please comment since i want to know whether i should continue or not. If u don’t like i will stop writing .
I will give a brief summary on what i have written so far .so that those who have not read this ff yeh hai rishta can also understand the story .
Ishita and akshara are sisters . akshara has finished her college and comes to work in raman’s company meanwhile in bhalla house naitik is raman’s younger brother . raman wants naitik to hide his identity while working in his office as naitik wants to work in raman’s office first .
Naitik and akshara who were college class mates meet in raman’s office . akshara and naitik get selected in interview . when naitik was in college he has met ishita as akshara’s sister .
So far the bonding between raman naitik and gayathri(naitik raman’s mother )is shown .and the bonding between ishita (a dentist )and akshara her sister is shown Now the present story

Yeh hai rishta (epi 3)
Ishita gets up the next day . she sees akshara worried . ishita asks her what happened . akshara says i am nervous because today is my first day in officeand . ishita says akshara u r behaving like a kindergarden kid . this is not ur first day in school its ur first day in office . ok akshara bye i am going to clinic now . akshara says can u please drop me . ishita says sure and takes akshara in car . akshara

Comes into the office . naitik also comes the same way .akshara and naitik collide . akshara falls in naitiks arm. They have an eyelock . akshara then realises what she is doing . she gets up . she says thanq . she asks in which department u r in . naitik says i am now in production department . i think i will slowly go to higher level . akshara says i am too in production only . then i think we will be working together . ok saying this akshara leaves the place . naitik keeps staring at her till she leaves the place .
At home naitik says bhai all in office are afraid of u , i think u r not a good boss bhai . and bhai u no some girls were talking to each other that u r very handsome and all that . naitik says kya ma we will marry raman bhai to some girl in his office itslf . gayathri says double ok . raman says i don’t have time for all this ma and u naitik concentrate on ur work and not on my marriage ok. Naitik laughs he says u r blushing han

To be continued

Friends this episode is a very short one . please comment so that i can decide whether to continue or not . and once again sorry i could not post for these many days

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