yeh hai rishta (Episode – 1)


A beautiful girl is shown she is sleeping , near her another girl is also sleeping that girl is also very beautiful but this girl looks little older than the first girl .the older girl is ishita , she wakes up,. she gets up baths, makes coffee for her and tea for akshara . (because there is no one in the house except them because akshara’s college and ishita’s clinic are in delhi , but their father’s office is in Chennai).

Ishita cooks food and wakes up akshara . akshara says aur thodi der sone do na di . ishita says no no no u should wake up . akshara wakes up . she gets dressed in a beautiful pink salwar and goes to college . she sees naitik starring at her in her class but she does not take it seriously because she knew naitik was always starring at her like that, she thougt only 5 days to go then this year will be over and she will get her graduation and get a nice job . she did not feel anything for naitik . she just considered him as a friend . meanwhile in ishita ‘s clinic many patients were waiting for her . she comes and treats all of them . then she eats lunch she calls akshara and says kana bahar se mat kana eat what i made for u . akshara says ok and starts eating . after college akshara and ishita come home they talk with their mother and go to sleep . akshara says ek horror movie dekhe and ishita and akshara watch the movie and go to sleep .the next morning ishita goes to clinic and akshara goes to college .

A beautiful young man is shown he gets ready in black suit. Naitik comes there and says raman bai aap ab thak office nahi gaye . raman says i am ready now i will go . he goes and takes gayathri’s blessings,raman did this everyday because his mother was god in the form of mother for him . raman was very close to gayathri . he shared his feelings only with her . he goes to office . everybody in the office greet him . he goes inside. He prays to his fathers photo. And starts his work. He talks to his client and says gayathri group of company does not need ur order mr. Sen . saying this he angrily switches off his phone.

the people who have graduated in dinstinction were to be honoured in the college . ishita comes with akshara and raman comes with naitik inspite of their busy schedules only for their respective siblings happiness.
At last after the function is over raman goes in car. Akshara just then sees raman going in car .she thinks the great raman bhalla , why is he here .


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Credit to: varshini

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  1. Wow nice but I’m a bit confused hoe does raman and akshara know each other???

    1. I thnk they both dont knw each other…only akshara knows raman as he is big business man..

  2. Nice one…….plzzz continue…..

  3. nicee…… nd plzzzzzzz continue ……plzzz make it long …..

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