yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 9


rithik informs everyone that sesha is a naagin. yamini and mrsbhalla gets scared. adi silently hears this…Mrs.bhalla tells if sesha is a naagin then Shaun also should be a naagin as they told that they are sisters. Raman and ishu calm Mrs.bhalla and tells her nothing like that.but she continues telling that shagun is a naagin. adi gets angry and tells if shagun is a naagin then he and ruhi would also have been naagin and asks Mrs.bhalla to talk in limits.all gets shocked with this behaviour of adi.ishu calms him but he scolda her that she is not his mum and a bunch. only because of her his mom is suffering.ishu cries.ruhi takes her side and children fight. rithik then shouts to shut up.everyone stop and thinks about rithik life and marriage. yamini tells that she has an idea. all look her

scene 2
shagun gets to know what happened in bhalla house and thinks what to do. then she decides something and calls her friend who is a reporter and asks her to come to an isolated place the next morning.shagun says sorry ishita, I have to do this to save my broken marriage and my family.she then calls someine and asks the to tell Raman to come there. Raman gets a message to come to that place orelse his whole family will get murdered. he gets shocked and leaves there.

yamini tells that they can’t stop wedding as it will affect rithik and their families reputation. she then tells that she will accept shivanya as her bahu.all gets glad. ishu and shivanya hugs and rithik thanks yamini.
the next morning ishu gets a call and Seine asks her to come to that same place. and finds Raman sleeping with shagun and shocked. she wakes raman and he also sees shagun and he topless and sees the room decorted with flowers. shagun also gets up and thanks Raman for accepting her back in his life. Raman and ishu shocked to hear this. he aaka her to stop this rubbish nd asks ishu to leave. shagun says what’s this Raman and shows him a video clip in which raman b proposes shagun and they both romance intimately. ramab scolds her calling shameless as she even recoded this. shagunn tells what to do this is safety and you people will tell that this did not even happen. suddenly reporters come and take shagun and Raman pictures in tat state. ishi cries and Raman tells her that he doesn’t remember anything. he then remembers someone giving a juice to him and he lost His senses. the screen freezes

precap: shagun asks the public to give her justice
rithik and shivanya celebrate their sugharat. shagun and Raman sleeps together in the same room. ishu and sesha cries loudly

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