yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 8

Sasha in shivanya form goes to movie with rithik. shivanya comes and shocked to see the locked door. she shouts for rithik, ishu and others but no one respond. so she takes her naag form And goes out through the window. she sees rithik with sesha And gets worried. rithik and sesha leaves in car

scene 2
Raman and ishu goes for a lunch .ishu tells him that before marriage they should. not see each other. Raman tells her that she is his lover and this rituals are nothing infornt of their love…she gets shy and they both feed each other. shagun sees this from far and tells ishu your chapter is going to end soon…..

scene 3
rithik and sesha comes out of the theatre .
it is late eve and suddenly they hear the naagini sound nearby. sesh gets affected And her skin starts to change which shocks rithik. she changes Into sesha and then naag form… seeing a. naag the snake catchers catch her and go…. rithik stands there by shock
precap:rithik informs everyone about sesha..
.ishu finds shagun sleeping with Raman

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  1. Wow fantastic

  2. You like rivanya or you like risha

    1. I like rivanya..

  3. Siddhi

    Really awesome episode

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