yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 7


scene 1
mrs bhalla scolds sesha for bringing shagun here. shagun defends sesha that she came here for her sister’s marriage and simmi took her mistakenly and asks them to forgive her. all says ok and asks ishu to dance with raman…they both dance for dil de……..and all claps for them….shivanya feels sad as she could not dance with rithik…so rithik makes an excuse and goes from there, shivanya also follows him..he goes to an isolated place and prposes shivanya in a dramatic way and dances for tum hi ho…..sesha comes there and chnages into snake and goes to bite shivanya but she didnt as shivanya is her sister and cant harm her…she cries and goes from there…

scene 2
at night
sesha and shagun discusses about their plan…sesha tells shagun that she is a naagin. shagun gets scared and asks her not to bite her. sesha tells she wont do anything wrong to her and tells her the motive of shivanya who is to kill rithik’s parents. shagun asks her if naagin is danger to rithik.. she tells her that if she is with rithik for night then she will become human. shagun agrees and hugs her….shagun tells her idea which is muted. after telling her, she goes to parking,, suddenly she sees up where raman and ishu are talking and hugging each other, ishu tells him that this is like a fairy tale…and laughs, he too tells that this is a magic ,and lies on her lap. she kisses his forehead and tells him that she, he, ruhi and adi make a perfect family….shagun fumes and says that yes it will make a perfect family if 1 correction is done..that is shagun in place of ishu and leaves…

scene 3
next day
rithik asks shivanya that can they go for a movie..shivanya also says yes and goes to get ready…then rithik changes to sesha…then she goes to rithik and changes to shivanya and asks him to take her for a movie.he also gladly says yes…sesha then takes her original form and thinks that her plan is done…no one is there in both ishu and raman house….so she locks ishu’s house from outside….and takes shivanya’s form and goes with rithik

precap: sesha changes into naagin form which shocks rithik. ishu and Raman go for a lunch

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